US Marine Corps – history, structure, weapons

US Marines (US United States Marine Corps, USMC, US Marines) is highly mobile po­civilian troops­ground formations­conventional and nuclear weapons.

Marines, United States armed forces­Xia on constant alert and uses­Xia American military and political leadership­as a shock squad.

Marines perform police bases. In addition, there is a view to their participation in the “small war,”

The Marines are under the jurisdiction of the United States Naval Ministry. Essentially­It can be seen that the laws of the United States of America

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History of the United States Marine Corps

It was the time of the Continental Fleet.

In 1798, the United States Congress formally established the United States Marine Corps. During the 235-year history, it was recognized that the marines would be distinguished from the past and the assault of Faludjah. It has been confirmed that it has been the time of its release.

US Marine Corps Command

General James Conway – 34 in a row Commander US Marine Corps. He was an accomplished infantry registrar, he was a trainer of the marines, he was a trainer of the marines

Commander – the highest official of the Marine Corps. He is a member of the Joint Staff Committee. He is the commander of the Corps and the garrison teams.

Organization and Management of the United States Marine Corps

Atlantic Marines and Marine Corps Command (MARFORCOM)

Headquarters of the Atlantic Forces US Marine Corps (MARFORCOM) is located on the Norfolk naval base. It leads to the largest marines, Lt. Gen. Richard F. Natonski. He also received orders for the crews. MARFORCOM has approximately 45,000 members of the Marine Expeditionary Force, led by Lieutenant-General Denis Hedzhlik (Lt. Gen. Denis J. Hejlik) with headquarters in Camp Lidzhen (Camp Lejeune, N.C.). Led by Major General Richard T. Tryon, led by Major General, Richard T. Tryon, performs tasks in the 2nd.

Pacific Marines Forces (MARFORPAC)

Forces under the command of the Pacific Lt. Gen. Keith J. Stalder (Lt. Gen. Keith J. Stalder) is located in Camp Smith in Hawaii (Camp Smith, Hawaii); 84,000 marines and sailors. MARFORPAC includes the I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), led by Lt. Gen. Joseph Dundorf (Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr.). Headquarters I MEF is located in Camp Pendleton, California (Camp Pendleton, Calif.). Parts of the 1st Marine Division, commanded by Al-Anbar and in Afghanistan. III MEF, commanded by Lt. Gen. Terry Roebling (Lt. Gen. Terry G. Robling), headquarters in Okinawa, Japan. Parts of the 3rd Marine Division, led by Brig. Gen. James B. Laster, are active in Afghanistan.

US Marine Corps Reserve (MARFORRES); forces “North”

Reserve Enclosures The numbers of 39,600 marines and sailors under Maine Gen. James L . Williams), 4th Marine Wing and 4th Service Group. This is a concept of marines, including those that have been taken over for military and other purposes. The American Command North American Command.

Combat Development Directorate (MCCDC)

Management based marines in Quantico, Va., is led by Lt. Gen. George Flin (Lt. Gen. George J. Flynn). The Marine Corps. Brigadier General Robert Hidland (Brig. Gen. Robert F. Hedelund), the administration includes the Combat Laboratory; The concept of future warfare. For example, it is a matter of course that it is the case for the Irregular Forces Center (CIW). He has also been able to follow the rules of the Corps.

Weapons Control Corps (MARCORSYSCOM)

Headquarters located in Quantico. Brigadier General Michael Brugan (Brig. Gen. Michael M. Brogan), In the case of the marine infantry, it has been proposed that Management activities allow marines to better counter various threats; For example, it’s not a problem.

Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

Major General Paul Lefebvre is located at the base. marines Camp Lejeune. The command numbers 2,600 marines and sailors prepared for special operations. The command consists of two battalions stationed at Camp Lejun and Camp Pendlenton, California. Each battalion consists of four companies intended for reconnaissance and fire support. In addition, there is a group of instructors involved in the combat training of foreign units. MARSOC fulfills all obligations traditionally present in the US special forces. There are also a number of candidates for special operations.

US Marine Corps structure

US Marine Corps headed by the commandant, directly from the Navy. The corps consists of headquarters, operating forces, support and reserve. Total number­The Corps is 203 thousand people in operating units and another 44 thousand in reserves.

Organizational Structure of the Marine Corps­nova on the principle of parallel existence­two organizations: administrative, fun­in peacetime, and operational, used­of the Navy.

By administrative organization sea ​​ne­jota usa Includes Atlan Marine Forces­Pacific and Pacific Fleets (regular ground forces and marines),­zerv, ship detachments, ocher units­coastal facilities­denia support, training and combat training­STI and units. The naval forces of the fleets consisted of three divisions, three rear service groups and units.­and three air wings.

US Marines Division

Division – the largest tactical compound ground marine forces. It includes 19,000 people.

The division is armed:

  • 70 tanks “Abrams” M1A1
  • 12 203.2 mm self-propelled howitzers M110
  • 16 155-mm self-propelled howitzers M109
  • 80 towed howitzers M198
  • 72 81 mm mortar M29A1
  • 81 60 mm M-224 mortar
  • 144 ATGM “TOU”
  • 216 Dragon ATCM
  • 208 floating armored personnel carriers and about 3,000 cars

The division includes:

  • Headquarters with the staff battalion. The headquarters battalion consists of five companies: the headquarters battalion, maintenance, road transport­Noah police. It is designed to support the organization of communication between the headquarters and the organization of communication.­Ktov and service headquarters divisions.
  • Three regiments of marines. The three MP battalions and an anti-tank platoon with 24 ATGM “TOW”.
  • Artpolk. It includes a battery, an instrumentation reconnaissance battery, and five artillery battalions. It is intended for the support of the forces of the marines.
  • Separate battalions: tank, light infantry, reconnaissance, floating armored personnel carriers and engineering
  • A battalion of marines in combat vehicles LAV consists of a headquarters­vy mouth and company of weapons. In the battalion about 1 thousand people. The battalion is armed with combat vehicles, the ATU “Toy”, anti-aircraft self-propelled guns, command and staff vehicles, etc.
  • Tank battalion consists of headquarters and headquarters­Noi company, four tank companies and counter­kovoy company. Hell In total, the battalion is about 1 thousand.­century. The battalion is armed with 70 M60A1 tanks and 72 “Toy” ATGM.
  • The reconnaissance battalion includes a few companies. About­total number of personnel is about 450 people­trap The battalion is designed to lead so­reconnaissance­division mandates. The battalion is capable of­pour up to 48 reconnaissance groups of four people each.
  • A battalion of amphibious armored personnel carriers consists of a headquarters, a staff company and four mouths.­armored personnel carriers. In total in battalion 208 floating bro­LVT-7 type net transporters of various types­readings
  • An engineering company and four sapper companies. He carries out the ing­Blackjack and sapper support for operations of the Marine Division. Total in the battalion­over 900 people.
  • The light motorized infantry battalion includes 110 LAV combat vehicles in various versions (56 infantry fighting vehicles, 8 self-propelled mortars, 16 ATGMs, 8 control vehicles, 16 engineering, 6 repair ones). It will increase to 150 vehicles.

Modern combat units marines, organized as an aeronautical force (MAGTF), represent a variety of scale formations, command and combat support units. Maritime Expeditionary Forces (MEF) – has a 20,000 and 90,000 Marines with a 60-day support. It’s not a true contingent of all marines.

In combat service, combat units are consolidated into expeditionary brigades. marines (MEBs), numbering from 3,000 to 20,000 marines, secured for 30 days of hostilities. The smallest formation, the raids and the urgent operations, is the expeditionary detachment (MEU). The standard composition of the expeditionary strike group. The MEU performs a wide range of tasks, including local hostilities, peacekeeping, security and stability. Thus, 2,800 marines of the 13th expeditionary detachment are currently involved in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Units reinforcement regular forces mor­Atlantic and Pacific Fleet infantry include:

  • 3 communication battalions
  • 2 radio­battalion
  • Motor transport battalion
  • Military police battalion
  • Service battalion­bov naval forces
  • Recon companies­ki and others

These units are used for­of the expeditionary formations, creating­in accordance with the operational organization.

Marine Corps Aviation

It is a component of the marines.
In service with aviation marines on­There are planes and helicopters that can be used.­use both from coastal carriers, helicopters, helicopters, etc.­There are 1,100 combat aircraft and helicopters in the aviation sector of the marine corps;­lowered into three wings, including groups and squadrons. 2nd air­At the naval air force bases­are you in the states of north carolina and south caro­lina. Fleet 1st and 3rd Aviation Wings: 1st – at naval infantry airbases in Japan, 3rd – at airbases in California.

Marine Corps Division.
The aviation wing includes: one or two transport groups­no-assault helicopters, air control group­cie, service group, squadrons – headquarters­nuyu, intelligence, electronic warfare and refueling aircraft. The number of personal co­The number of combat aircraft and helicopters is up to 400 units.

The aviation group includes a squadron­and four or five assault and assault fighter squadrons.

Pilots Marine corps fly on:

  • F / A-18C / D Hornet attack aircraft,
  • Stormtroopers AV-8B Harrier II shortened / vertical takeoff and landing,
  • MV-22s,
  • CH-53E transport helicopters,
  • Universal UH-1 and Helicopter
  • Combat helicopters AH-1.

EW EA-6B and EA-18G aircraft used in conjunction with the Navy.

Armed storming­There are 20 A-6E Intruder, A-4M Skyhawk or AV-8A / AV-8B Harrier airplanes in each squadron, 15 F-4J, F-4S Phantom 2 each, F / A-18 “Hornet” and KC-130 tanker trucks.

The F-35 aircraft has been shipped together. takeoff and landing will replace Harrier.

Group of transport assault helicopters­assigned to transfer from ship to shore lich­composition, as well as­same for rendering direct fire under­handles ground forces landing. The group, as a rule, includes the staff and about­service, basic service, three-couple­re squadron of transport assault helicopters (CH-53E Super Stellner, CH-53D, C Stel­ner ”, CH-46F“ Sea Knight ”, UH-1N“ Iroquois ”- up to 100 units), helicopter squadron of fire support­Zhki (24AH-1J, T “Sea Cobra”) and reconnaissance­but the adjustment squadron (18 aircraft OV-10 “Bronco” and 12 UH-IE “Iroquois” helicopters).

The aviation wing has two es­quadrille reconnaissance aircraft RF-4B “Phantom-2” and aircraft EW EA-6V “Proler”, which are­give visual and photo prospecting, identify and­crush the enemy.

A squadron of tanker aircraft (12 KC-130F “Hercules”) carries out refuses itself­years in the air, and also transports personnel and military equipment.

Marine corps reserve

Reserve marines 4th aviation wing and the 4th logistics service group. Reserve units and units are deployed in 45 US states. United States of America.

Marine Combat Combat Use­Rived as part of the operational units: expeditionary divisions, expeditionary bri­reptile, expeditionary battalions.

Over 50 thousand people is operational with­togetherness marines and includes:

  • Headquarters,
  • Division MP,
  • Aviation Wing,
  • Logistics group­niya and unit gain.

The number of more than 16 thousand people has been a tactical formation of a regimental assault group.­Jota with reinforcement units, mixed aviation group and rear brigade group­service. On Armament Ebrmp­M60A1, up to 60 field artillery guns, over 200 ATJS “Toy” and “Dragon” launchers, over 200 airplanes and helicopters, up to 100 amphibious armored personnel carriers, etc.

An expeditionary battalion of up to 2,500 men is a tactical subsection.­and includes a battalion paratrooper group (a battalion of marines with units of usi)­), a mixed aviation squadron and a rear service battalion group. Ebrmp main armament cannons: 5 tanks M60A1, 6 field artillery guns, 40 launchers of an ATGM “Toy” and “Dragon”, up to 10 helicopters (up to 6 Harrier airplanes), etc .

This is a series of command and training units. In particular, it’s important that you’ve made it up for a few days. Each year, about 10 thousand marines are trained in the battles­new – in the jungle.

It is a six-month maritime infantry unit.

It is an integral part of the fleet of the United States. Periodically expeditions­The Marine Corps Battalion is located on the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

Expeditionary formations of the marines are being transferred to various areas of the globe.­These are consolidated into independent formations to operational fleets. As part of the regulation­The American Navy has an eye­Lo 70 landing ships (universal assault­ships, helicopter carriers, ship docks, tank landing, etc.) capable of simultaneous delivery and disembarkation of the Neora­The coastline is approximately the same time as the expeditionary division of the marines.

To ensure the fighting of three ex­Marine Corps brigades carry out­storage of military equipment­nicknames and logistics equipment on three squadrons of ships-skla­Dov, which are deployed in the East Atlantic, Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific.­This will be the case for brigades will­The BTA aircraft has been a rebate.

Shooting arsenal and uniform of the US Marine Corps

It can be used as a substitute for the use of the marines.

Marines small arms

Automatic rifles and guns:

  • M14
  • M16
  • XM22 / E1
  • Mk 16/17 Mod 0 (FN SCAR)
  • M4 / A1 / E2
  • M27 IAR Infantry Automatic Rifle


  • Colt M1911
  • M9 / A1 Beretta 92
  • Mk 24

Sniper rifles:

  • M21
  • M24 (XM2010)
  • M82 and M107
  • M110

US marines uniforms

The uniform is used to distinguish marines from the US Armed Forces. The dress is the most recognizable uniform (the service uniform) and the service uniform (the service uniform). They are not wearing stripes (with some exceptions).

There are three main types of uniforms:

Dress Uniform. It is a formal flag setting for the ceremonies that it has been used for. Three types of this uniform are used: Blue (blue, the most common), Blue-White (blue with white, summer) and Evening (for formal occasions). Officers (or non-commissioned officers) May wear a dagger (Mameluke Sword, a non-commissioned officers of the NCO Sword) with this uniform.

Service Uniform. It is not necessary to ceremonial, occasions. With this uniform, marines can wear both a cap and a cap.

Utility Uniform. Designed to be worn in the field. MCCUU (Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform) MARPAT (Marine Pattern) consists of camouflage pants (for wooded (woodland – green / brown / black) or desert (desert – tan / brown / gray), MCCB (T-shirt, Brown Corset Combat Boots), T-shirt. Arrow Forces; camouflage was on top), it’s a different style. ) with a smooth front emblem Enclosures (previously used metal emblem). Wearing this uniform is in.

Subordination and employment

To turn to the soldier’s private marines Only “Marine” is accepted. Juniors in their rank and rank and elders, The officers of the lower ranks look like this: men – sir (sir), women – ma’am (ma’am). But during the initial training period, recruits turn to all the other “sir” (or “ma’am”) servicemen.

It is a training process that has been carried out for 11 weeks, as physical, combat and shooting training and conducting exercises field conditions. Recruits from the Eastern Region come to the training center in San Diego. The Eastern Region includes the 8th, 9th, and 12th areas. From six to ten recruits are recruited in each district.

It has been the standard marine contract reserve. Marines can choose between self-preparedness and training. Recently, however, the “active” reserve has been less frequently. The corps has a shortage of communications and intelligence specialists.

US Marine Corps &# 8212; history, structure, weapons

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