Useful desert plants

Traveled traveler will confirm it in one of the most difficult places in terms of survival. If you are in Africa, Asia or Australia? But some people have adapted to such conditions. It is a country in the desert of Australia. And not only to survive, but to to flourish.

This is an important role for you to see. It will be discussed in this article. So:


Cereus the giant

Cereus Giant. Do not touch him.Cereus Giant. Do not touch him.

The indigenous inhabitants of the Americas. It is characterized by a thick, fleshy stem, in which water is stored. And the spines that prevent local animals from getting this water. And if everything was limited to some thorns … For example, it can be a problem. Cereus the Giant.

Lofofor williams

Lofofor Williams. It is also better not to touch.Lofofor Williams. It is also better not to touch.

With a kind of cacti – a lophophore. They contain a very interesting substance – mescaline, which is a powerful hallucinogen. So, you need to fall into an inadequate state. So this cute cactus is also better to avoid. Well, or somewhere to hide for the future. However, the author strongly disagrees with the esteemed “mind-expanding” drugs. But we digress.

Prickly pear

Prickly pear

As a source of water, the genus Opuntia showed best. They do not contain any nastiness, they are not large. It is even used for the lost traveler. In addition, there are plenty of water.


Hilotsereus – its fruits are called “dragon fruit” and are actively eaten

If you are looking for a fruit of hilotsereus, you are actively using it. Well, from the leaves you can also get quite drinking juice. But it doesn’t need to be lost.


An extensive root system in desert areas. Therefore, it’s true that the water comes quite close to the surface. Or somewhere near the riverbed. It is often the case of the water that has been preserved. Therefore, remember the following trees:

Desert oak or allocazuarina

Soak up the shovel and …

It can be found in the driest regions of Australia. Water stores in the roots. So take a shovel and dig. If you can begin to suck water. It leaves little to be obtained.

Eucalyptus gum

Eucalyptus gum-bearing – its roots are useful

Again Australia. Due to the extremely deep roots, it is easy to survive. These are the roots you need. It is not necessary to evaporate.


Saxaul – juice

But you can meet him in Asia. Here we are more interested in the trunk and leaves. It is a liquid that has been made. It can be evaporated from them.


Baobab – fluid accumulates in the trunk. If you are lucky to find the fruit

It is not necessary to make it out. But if you find a baobab – you can forget about it. Dripping juice. The baobab fruits will also be sufficiently moisture to satisfy the hunger and thirst.


They need to store it. Plus, they are not as deep as the trees. Most often, there is no need to go. Therefore, shrubs in deserts can be found much more often. Water extraction through evaporation. So we will not give you more details.

This list of course is not complete If you are interested in aborigines – And who, besides them, understands how fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge is sometimes important for survival.

Useful desert plants

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