Useless survival knowledge

We live in a wonderful time. You can get it. Want to know what kind of budgerigars? Here’s a bunch of manuals, read, sneak in. Do you want to understand the Korean mythology? Do you want to wear underwear? This is a complete list of video instructions, instructions and brochures for survival masters in the wild.

But for some reason, it doesn’t work. So, they push us useless knowledge or is it something else?

I have one friend – a real storehouse of useful information. It seems that understands almost everything. How does it help you?

But when it comes to real application of skills, it becomes sad. It is a dream, it is still a ghostly dream. So it turns out that the friend is filled useless knowledge. Although he himself justifies himself, they say – “yes, I simply have no time. But when I really need it, “

Or another example. Conversation urban fighting tactics, It is a clear zombie apocalypse, he even has a weapon. But when I’ve seen that I’m a little bit like a weapon, I’m not sure I’ve seen a suspicious clap on the street.

Yes, then I reproached it for a long time, but it is already a post factum. If it was a real curiosity

The body is not able to feel sensible. Consciousness, as it is controlling and analyzing function, is stupidly turned off and illogical instincts take control. And whats the situation? It’s obvious. “But this is only the first factor.

The second, no less important – the lack of skill. You can watch the jungle hendrix performances for a couple of days. You can read books on Kadochnikov system otgresti in the gateway from the guy who useless knowledge not burdened, but can be given in practice.

You can not know how.

That is why every knowledge needs to be fixed. In practice. In training. Until everything works out to automatism. It will not be established in the subconscious, it will not become part of it. In this case, under stress, it knows how well. It should be noted that it’s not a problem.

Only training can turn useless knowledge in saving skills.

And yes, be ready. It will make it possible for you to keep your hands on it.

But if you really want to do it, then you don’t give up. But then, when a situation arises, you will clearly know.

Useless survival knowledge

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