Utensils for a hike: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

As well as, the main thing, what is a tasty, nourishing hot porridge or rich soup to cook in nature? For experienced tourists, this question is not worth it, but for beginners, the dishes for a hike and her right choice is a very relevant question.

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  • Primary requirements
  • 2The main set of dishes for a hike
  • 3What material to choose
    • 3.1 Plastic
    • 3.2Aluminium
    • 3.3 Stainless steel
    • 3.4Titanium
    • 3.5 Cookware for burners

Primary requirements

A set for a single hike is quite simple: a kettle with a lid that can serve as a plate and even a frying pan, a smaller kettle for tea, a fork-spoon-knife, often in the same package. The main thing is that it is all light and compact, do not dangle or thunder when carried and serve for a long time.

set of camping utensilsA set of dishes for a group hike is basically the same, only everything is somewhat larger and in a different quantity. To be more precise, everyone can take tableware, including plates and mugs individually, but a common pot, kettle and frying pan must meet certain requirements:

  • First, the volume. It depends on the number of tourists. It is calculated quite simply. A pot in which food will boil for the whole group should be bought at the rate of 0.5 l. for everyone. If the group is large and you get a huge, almost very heavy pan, it is better to take two or even more kettles.
  • Secondly, the same ease. To drag the dishes in the campaign will have someone one, and this is an extra pair of kilograms, and even more.
  • Thirdly, compactness. Manufacturers making tourist tableware have taken this fact into account, and most of the sets are not only manufactured with combined handles, but they have the principle of nesting dolls. In the stowed position, such kits are the size of the largest pot, since all other accessories are designed in such a way that they fit easily and conveniently in it.
  • Fourth, the material from which the utensils for hiking are made should not only be lightweight, but also durable, durable and environmentally friendly.

The main set of dishes for the campaign

All of the above points suggest that the set of tourist dishes should include items, without which simply can not do, without unnecessary frills, jewelry and non-functional additions.

  • Bowler or pot. The same container in which the main course for all members of the group will be cooked on a campfire or burner. The ideal option would be the one when the kettle has a universal lid used as a frying pan. It is not forbidden to take a small brazier. In carrying it is unpretentious, and the fried fish will always be welcomed with joy and gratitude.
  • Dishes, in which soup or porridge will impose or pour tea. Mugs, plates.
  • Cutlery.
  • No more than a pair or more thermos.

Everyone can take the rest, like, herring bowls, carafes for water and vases for fruits and flowers individually, but in this case he risks all the others being so amused that you can safely forget about any kind of tourism.

What material to choose

Another important question, the answers to which may be several. Tourist dishes can be made of four materials: plastic, aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. It is worth considering each option in more detail.


Naturally, putting it on fire and trying to cook something in it is not worth it. But to eat from plastic dishes is quite convenient. It does not heat up much and is therefore comfortable to hold. Good and easy to clean. And it is quite light. In this case, we mean not disposable plates, which can be purchased at any store. This option is only suitable for a one-day picnic, and then only if people are responsible and take all the garbage with them. Modern manufacturers produce plastic tourist utensils that can last more than one year.

plastic dishesAluminum

It has undoubted advantages. Coppers and pans from aluminum easy, practical and inexpensive. Ideal for cooking on a fire. Easily washed and cleaned from soot. Disadvantages also have a place to be. Too hard cleaning with abrasive cleaners can damage the special coating and harmful substances can start to enter. Also, aluminum over time can lose not only shine, but also shape. However, if you handle such dishes carefully, then it will last long enough.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel dishes are heavier and more expensive than aluminum. But it is less susceptible to mechanical damage. To cook in such dishes, we need some skills. Due to the slower distribution of heat, the food burns quite easily, so it is necessary to stir it constantly. But you get used to it quickly. Otherwise, this variant of tourist tableware can go on hiking with you for more than a dozen years.

Metal dishesTitanium

The most expensive version of the tourist metal utensils. But the easiest and at the same time durable. To bend a fork or a spoon can not even the world champion in weightlifting. In addition to the high cost, there is another very significant drawback: porridge in a titanium pot burns almost instantly, and it means that it will have to be scraped off almost daily.

Cookware for burners

If you are going on a hike to an area where a fire will be problematic, it is worth taking a tourist burner and an appropriate set of dishes with you. In specialized stores, you can easily find a set for two people, which does not take up much space, as it fits into the largest container and is designed specifically for the burner. It is stable, equipped with removable handles and non-spill covers. It is usually made of anodized aluminum with non-stick coating. With this set of problems in the preparation of the most complex dishes should not arise.

Eating on a camping trip is not just replenishing the body with necessary calories. This, if you will, is an obligatory daily ritual, accompanied by jokes, gags and raising not only strength, but good mood. And the correctly chosen dishes play this far from last role.

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