Vegetable Garden: Asparagus

It is a very unaffordable luxury. This is especially true of food extraction. What is the point to grow something? Potato, Jerusalem Artichoke Bean But here asparagus...

What, in fact, the question. AT asparagus There is a opinion that more energy is spent in the process. That is, at least not rational. Or not?

general information

Yes, a hundred grams asparagus contains only 20 kcal. It is even less than in mushrooms. The body for energy. BUT. Asparagus is quite suitable. A, C, E, B, K, A, C, E, B, K, A, C, E, B need for macro and microelements.

This food is usually consumed by a young shoots head. They taste rather neutral, but rather nutritious. It is not even a culture of consumption. asparagus. But it’s not.

Frankly, simple boiled asparagus for my taste – nothing interesting. Yes, perfectly absorbs sauces. But in itself … Well, at least useful. It creates a rapid saturation.


Asparagus – perennial plant. It is not a time when it has been spent for the planting process.

There are two ways to grow asparagus – from rhizomes and from seeds. If you are able to recognize high-quality rhizomes. The second option is more than 25 percent. However, periodically, asparagus starts to degenerate. As a rule, 5-10 years of continuous shoots lead to a significant reduction in product quality.

Asparagus prefers neutral soils with good drainage and ventilation. Sandbag – ideal, but looser soil will also work. It is not rational, since it is better than the capricious.

Most experienced gardeners recommend planting asparagus before winter, that is, late autumn. It’s easy to make it up. If it goes, then it’s possible to slowly begin harvesting.

One month before disembarking asparagus It is recommended to fertilize the soil properly. 60 grams of superphosphate, 15 grams of ammonium sulphate and 30 grams of potassium sulfate per square meter of planting. And about 10 kg of humus per 1 cubic meter of excavated area. That is, yes, it is abundantly.

When planting rhizomes, it is most often used, they are sprinkled to a depth of 5-7 cm. This will help the roots survive the winter safely. This option is recommended for many gardeners.

Care and cleaning

Asparagus therefore it is not a very hardy plant. It is enough to spud water and weed regularly. Many gardeners recommend fertilizing with mineral fertilizers for 3 weeks after planting, and mineral (phosphate) fertilizers after 6 weeks.

Harvest can be cleaned daily, starting in mid-spring. By necessity, in short. 4-5 cm from the ground level. Also, be aware that the cut asparagus extremely poorly stored. It is necessary to ensure that it is no higher than three degrees and airing.

Vegetable Garden: Asparagus

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