Vegetable nozzles for fishing, species, recipes for making nozzles, bait, combined vegetable nozzles, sandwiches.

Plant nozzles include grains of all kinds of cereals prepared in a predetermined way, as well as some vegetables (boiled potatoes, carrots), fruits (cherries, watermelons, currants, wild berries). And even some algae. This also includes various types of dough, baked in pancakes, pancakes and bread. We must not forget about spices: odorous substances (anise, camphor, dill, etc.) are added to the bait. 

Vegetable nozzles for fishing, species, recipes for making nozzles, bait, combined vegetable nozzles, sandwiches.

All vegetable tips are harvested on the eve of fishing. Here are some examples of these tips..

Vegetable nozzles for catching fish from grain, cooking.

Wheat, raw oats, corn, peas, pearl barley, rice and other hard grains of cereals and legumes are steamed until soft over low heat. Better in a colander over boiling water. This is convenient to do on the inside. Lay the grains no more than a third of the volume, scald 1-2 times with boiling water, draining the water, pour boiling water again, close the cork and leave for several hours.

(no more than No. 3 with a short forend) and catch the wiring.


Hemp is preferable, but fish is also well caught on sunflower, soy, most importantly, that it is fresh. It is cut into cubes with an edge of about 1 cm, shallow grooves are cut along the sides and crisscrossed around with a not too bright thread, under which they hook the hook.

There is another way. In a lead plate of 25x15x8 mm, drilling in the center of 4 mm deep and 8 mm in diameter is done in the center, and a hole with a diameter of 1.5 mm for fishing line is made near one of the short sides. On a piece of kapron yarn (namely yarn), strong hooks No. 8 are tied on both sides. The yarn and hooks are folded together and tied with a sliding loop, leaving leashes about 40 mm long.

Piece of cake 32×15&# 215; 20 mm inserted into the loop and pressed to the plate. In the opposite corners of the piece with an awl, they make punctures and stick hooks into them. In the pond, the lead plate is at the bottom, the cake is on top of it. An approaching carp or carp quietly sucks the nozzle, and finally throws the disturbing soft leashes with hooks through the gills, thus being caught.

Cake is often steamed with a crumb of fresh rye bread in a ratio of about 2: 1, adding well-crushed charcoal until a thick dough is obtained.

Semolina vegetable tips.

Here you can bring many recipes. Boil, stirring, 2-3 tablespoons of cereal, cool and crease, adding dry cereal. When fishing from such a nozzle, grains will separate from time to time, attracting fish. Pour a little water into the mug and pour so much semolina so that it completely absorbs the water. After 10-15 minutes, the mass is wrapped in gauze, tied tighter and kept in boiling water for about 20 minutes.

A quarter cup of water is brought to a boil, sugar is added, the cereal is poured until it absorbs all the water, then it is cooled and kneaded with the addition of oatmeal. Steep semolina dough is soaked in cold water, aged for half an hour, then put in a nylon stocking and washed under a tap until the milk ceases to stand out from the stocking. The mass is removed and washed again. The resulting yellowish gluten is used as bait by hooking small lumps onto the hook..


Oatmeal on a rag is put in a colander, poured with boiling water a couple of times, allowed to drain water and slightly dried. They do so. The flakes wrapped in a rag are dipped for several seconds in boiling water with an admixture of milk. A few pieces are mounted on the hook. You can cook porridge from one “Hercules”, you can add semolina, flour, etc..


Small balls are usually made with the addition of oatmeal, semolina, bread crumb, etc. and brewed in boiling water or sunflower oil..

Vegetable bread nozzles.

There are also many recipes. White or black crumb, better dried, moisturize, wring out and wrinkle until it becomes a dense elastic mass. In foreign literature there is a recommendation to mix a little fish mucus into this mass. The rye loaf crumb is mixed with boiled, salted and well-mashed potatoes, pour in unrefined sunflower oil and crumpled until a homogeneous mass that does not stick to the hands.

The crumb is creased with unrefined sunflower oil and honey, rolled up balls and brewed in boiling water. Immediately before the nozzle, a bread ball is dipped in sunflower oil. A cube is cut from the crust and put on a hook.

Vegetable porridge nozzles.

Wheat, millet, barley, corn, buckwheat, oat, pea is cooked by stirring over low heat until the grains are completely boiled. It is better to bring the boiled porridge to steaming. If there is no special cookware, you can in a water bath by placing a small pan in a large.

The resulting doughy mass is cooled, crushed oilcake or toasted and crushed sunflower seeds, hemp, flaxseed, semolina or flour are added and kneaded until the consistency of the putty. Balls from this test do not fall off the hook, even in fast flow.

The monastery.

So in some places they call a special way cooked pea porridge. Shelled peas are soaked for 12 hours, then they are passed twice through a meat grinder, the mixture is poured with boiling water and simmered for 2–3 hours until a homogeneous mass is formed. Now they increase the fire and, continuously mixing, pour semolina to the formation of a bun. Just a few minutes – and the nozzle is ready.

Oat and semolina trowel is also being prepared. While fishing, the bait is kept in a clean canvas rag soaked in a 10-30% solution of boric acid. Any non-predatory fish pecks well at the mastic.


Pour the cornmeal into half the volume of liquid in a bowl with boiling water, stirring vigorously. When the resulting brew thickens well, the fire is turned off, the mamalyga is laid out on a rag and allowed to cool. You can add vanillin, oilcake to the resulting porridge, dress it with unrefined sunflower oil.

Vegetable dough nozzles.

Of the many and varied recipes, we give only a few, so to speak, basic ones. Butter dumplings are made and cooked until ready in sunflower oil. Knead the flour on raw egg white and add honey. Cool dough is made on fruit and berry juice, better strawberry. In a quarter of a cup of water, dissolve a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of vanillin, knead wheat dough and grind with unrefined sunflower oil until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

It is convenient to store the dough in a tube from under the toothpaste. At the tube, the back is opened, thoroughly washed inside (preferably with potassium permanganate), stuffed with a tube of dough and rolled up again. Now you need to unscrew the cap, press gently – and the portion of the nozzle in your hands.

Sweet pastry.

Sprouted barley is first dried, then lightly roasted in the oven, then thoroughly crushed in a coffee grinder, mixed with a small amount of flour, mashed boiled potatoes are added and everything is well kneaded. A dumpling is formed from the resulting dough, cooked until tender, removed from the water and knead again, adding a little honey or syrup, as well as a few drops of anise oil or crushed anise (fennel). Such a dough is made no later than a day before fishing. This bait is designed for carp.

Garlic dough.

Take 100 g of white bread crumb and two peeled medium-sized boiled potatoes, pass several times through a meat grinder, add three cloves of finely chopped or minced garlic, a few drops of vegetable oil and mix thoroughly. This dough is an excellent nozzle for bream and roach.


Knead the dough from 2-3 tablespoons of wheat flour and bake on both sides to a dense crust in a well-heated pan, greased with sunflower, and preferably hemp oil. The bait will be safer to sit on the hook, if then the pancake is kneaded, and then fried again – and so on 2-3 times. Please note that the pancake meal commercially available is not suitable for this purpose, because it contains an egg yolk and the pancake from it turns out to be nosy, crumbles, does not hold well on the hook.

Some anglers do the same. During frying, pancake is pressed into it with a thin layer of ordinary medical cotton wool. Such a “reinforcement” of the pancake also contributes to the fact that the nozzle is better held on the hook.

French pastry.

Coarse flour is poured into cold boiled milk with constant stirring. The resulting thick, doughy mass is placed in a skillet and knead over low heat until it reaches a sufficient density. Then add cool boiled chopped yolk, a little boiled potato to the mass and mix everything.

Curd dough.

Crumbly cottage cheese is ground with a spoon of honey in a small amount of water, slowly brought to a boil, adding as much wheat flour during cooking to make a viscous dough. This attachment is especially effective when fishing for carp and bream. But tench is not indifferent to another bait. It uses sour curd, which stood in a warm place, which is kneaded with the pulp of white bread. The plates from this dough can be put on a brick, sent to the oven, oven, and removed when they turn slightly yellow and will smell good.

Egg Yolk Dough.

Fresh white crumb, two boiled egg yolks, boiled potatoes are mixed in a small amount of water until a uniform soft dough is obtained, into which you can drip a little vegetable oil.


Cook until soft, then rinse so as not to stick to the hands. Cut a piece and hide the hook in it. Boiled vermicelli and other pasta are also used as bait..

Carp Attachments.

Knead a cool dough of 50 g of sunflower halva, water, flour, raw yolk of chicken egg and starch. Carp is perfectly caught on such a nozzle.

Vegetable nozzles with alcohol.

For ordinary dough, slightly flavored with oilcake and two or three drops of brandy, there is an active glutton.

Fish bait.

Sometimes it seems that the fishermen feed the fish better than they feed themselves. Of course, this is a joke. But in every joke, as you know, there is some truth, and how many fishermen, so many recipes for bait mixtures for fish. It is noticed that there are such components of bait that, regardless of the reservoir, season, water temperature or any other factors, it is better to lure a particular type of fish.

What this is connected with is completely incomprehensible. So, bream like millet porridge, ground corn and corn breadcrumbs, “Hercules”, oatmeal and egg powder. In roach bait, sunflower meal, milk powder, anise, sugar, fennel or thyme must be present. In bait for carp and crucian carp should be cake, corn, cocoa and peanuts. According to European rules, the use of peanuts when fishing for carp is prohibited due to the fact that this fish loves him very much, but is difficult to digest and is sick.

These lists can be continued, but the point is not this, but that the tastes of different species of fish are different. The same applies to the animal components of bait. Moreover, the tastes of the fish vary depending on their size. Components such as milk powder and egg powder are usually effective for catching medium-sized fish. Larger specimens prefer corn, potatoes and grains of cereal plants. And sometimes it seems that even in the same species of fish, but in different bodies of water the tastes are also different.

Combined vegetable nozzles sandwiches.

So, in recent years, combined vegetable nozzles – sandwiches – have become very popular.

Maggot Crank.

At first, maggot is mounted on the hook, and a bloodworm on the sting. A well-proven tool for catching roach, bream, crucian carp and some other cyprinids. Suitable for fishing from under the ice.

Larva of a thistle with a bloodworm head.

On a thin hook, the larva moves to pry, and the head of the bloodworm remains on the sting.

Dung worm with bread crumb.

The worm bites in the usual manner with an open sting, on which a piece of bread crumb or pea-sized dough is planted.

Small dung worm with canned peas.

On the worm, one canned pea is placed on the sting.

Maggots with dough.

In the beginning, maggot is planted, and the hook tip is covered with a piece of dough the size of a pea.

Hercules flakes with dough.

The steamed flakes of “Hercules” are shifted to the hook hook so that their edges are puffed to the sides. A piece of dough is placed on the sting. The nozzle is good for catching crucians.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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