Vegetarians and survival: Who wins?

There is a rather popular opinion that vegetarianism taxis and settles in the conditions of the forest vegetarians, and especially vegans, It is a question. Is it really?

Let’s start with the fact that vegetarians come in four categories (sometimes they mix):

  • Ovo vegetarians they are all fine and amazing.
  • Lacto-vegetarians eating dairy products – in general, the same story.
  • Fish vegetarians They eat fish without depriving themselves for example, useful things like omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Kuro vegetarians – those who allow themselves to eat chicken. “This is meat!” You will say. However, it was originally “kuro-vegetarianism” went from India, where it is considered to be the chicken. But there is another “logic”. The chicken bird, you know, is a smart bird, and then it turns into, excuse me, fool on the roost. The bird’s brain becomes the most important thing to do. So not very much and live chickens.

It has been shown that its protein and fat stores need to be safe. If you want to use animal products at all. There is a perception that will help you …

In fact, vegetarians, or rather vegans, are in a modern, civilized world!

Let’s start with the young vegans. Do not remember to drink maternal milk? No more of this child. And what about adults? Number of essential trace elements? Of course, there is of course, there is of course, there is of course, there is of course, there is of it, there is no. And what is a percentage of the egans, taking it into account?

And here we come to a very interesting intermediate conclusion. It will be your life! It will help you to find yourself a diet. Why?

It is not a healthy diet. And yet – a vegetarian of any format, even in survival conditions.

If you’re talking about it, it’s not a problem. The body produces enzymes that are able to digest meat, it is solely due to Butter you eat meat after a long break – you know what will happen? At least some useful trace elements.

So the vegan will be hindered, primarily by ethics … and secondly – by his own pancreas. Gently smile, say, “Fuck you, not enzymes, look for me, chicken, eggs, cottage cheese and quinoa.” And what remains to do? Gentle smile … and fun to die.

Can you be made only one. It can be cooked by yourself. So if you decide to prepare for everyday life. And the vegetarians.

And, yes, vegans, watch out for nutrients, and then something happens too much of you.

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