Venomous snake bites, first aid and emergency treatment.

Every year, thousands of people in different corners of the globe become victims of bites of poisonous snakes. Poisonous snake bites pose a danger to humans in the taiga, and in the desert, and in the jungle. 

The availability of medications and especially anti-snake serum certainly reduces the risk of death. And if there is nothing, if there is nothing even to disinfect the wound from a bite and there is no one who could provide assistance?
In this case, only attentiveness and caution in movement and any activity (picking up deadwood, mushrooms and berries, climbing trees, turning stones, etc.) saves from bites of poisonous snakes. Well, what if the snake did bite? To understand whether this snake is poisonous no time to act.

Poisonous snake bites, first aid and emergency treatment.

Many manuals and popular literature cite various ways to deal with a poisonous snake bite..

Cauterization by fire.
Wound cutting.
Poison suction.
Powder powder potassium permanganate.
Taking a large dose of alcohol, etc..

However, all these methods are currently rejected by medical experts, except for aspirating the poison from the wound, and even then with the caveat if the person who does this has no wound in his mouth. In extreme situations, this method is the only one, and if you can somehow protect yourself when aspirating the poison, then only if the bitten in your pocket accidentally has a piece of polyethylene that can be laid between the wound and the mouth when aspirating the poison.

Or if you have a miniature vacuum pump with you invented by the French researcher A. Emmerly. When aspirating the poison from the wounds with the mouth, it is difficult to create the necessary vacuum. Here is the inventor and offers to use a more advanced tool. Experiments have shown that using such a pump, almost all poison can be removed from the wounds..

Venomous snake bites, first aid and emergency treatment.

Title Place and condition of growth Pick time Used part Form of use For what purposes is it used
Dandelion Everywhere May-October Roots Decoction With snakebites relieves intoxication

After the procedure of aspirating the poison from the wounds, the bitten should be completely at rest and drink a lot. Poisonous snake bites and the resulting wounds should be treated as with ordinary wounds. Everything else depends on the amount of poison and bitten organism remaining in the body, its age and mental state. It should take into account severe pain at the site of the bite, swelling and the occurrence of local hemorrhage.

The most important thing is not to give in at first to the panic fear of death and immediately begin to suck out the poison immediately after the bite. But even after the poison is aspirated, some part of it will still penetrate the body and poisoning will nevertheless occur. After a while, dizziness, abdominal pain, vomiting, thirst will appear, the temperature will rise and breathing will increase. Blood pressure will drop. You need to be prepared for these symptoms to help your body fight poison..

How to distinguish a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake, some signs. Small video.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of Survival.
Chernysh I. V.

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