Vepr-12 hunting smoothbore self-loading carbine Hammer of caliber 12 215; 76, device, preparation for work, disassembly and assembly, passport.

and practical shooting in conditions from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees, except for areas with a humid tropical climate. 

For firing a carbine Vepr-12 Hammer caliber 12&# 215; 76 should be used hunting cartridges of the 12th caliber with a non-metallic sleeve up to 76 mm long with the highest maximum pressure of powder gases in the chamber no more than 90 MPa (918 kgf / cm2).

In order to avoid breakage, the striker is forbidden to idle without unnecessarily. To put the carabiner into operation, it is necessary to de-preserve it, i.e. empty the carabiner, accessory and tool from the packaging, remove the protective grease, check the completeness and make sure the carabiner is functioning.

The main technical data of the Vepr-12 carbine&# 215; 76.

Caliber 12
The capacity of the store, pcs. rounds 8
Sighting range, m, up to 100
Mass of a carbine (without an optical sight, magazine, accessories, cover snaps), kg, not more than:
performance carbine VPO-205 3.9
performance carbine VPO-205-01 4.0
performance carbine VPO-205-02 4,2
Overall dimensions of a carbine, VPO-205 version, mm, no more: 1057х75х290
in the folded position, mm, no more: 725х104х290
Overall dimensions of a carbine, VPO-205-01 version, mm, no more: 1147х75х290
in the folded position, mm, no more: 815х104х290
Overall dimensions of a carbine, VPO-205-02 version, mm, no more: 1307х75х290
in the folded position, mm, no more: 975х104х290
Barrel length, mm, not more than:
execution of VPO-205 430
execution of VPO-205-01 520
execution of VPO-205-02 680

The device and principle of operation of the carbine Vepr-12 Hammer caliber 12&# 215; 76.

Vepr-12 carbine The hammer consists of the following components: return mechanism, open sighting device, barrel with a receiver, muzzle attachment, forend, bolt frame with bolt, magazine, trigger mechanism, handle, butt.

Automatic reloading of the carabiner is carried out due to the energy of the powder gases discharged from the bore to the gas chamber and the energy of the return springs. The barrel channel is locked on two combat stops by turning the shutter around its axis with a longitudinally sliding bolt frame. Trigger trigger mechanism provides a single shot.

To increase the corrosion resistance, the bore and the barrel chamber, piston and gas chamber are chrome-plated. On the rubbing surfaces of the assembled carbine, local damage to the protective coating is allowed. In the receiver of the carbine in the performance of VPO-205 there is a blocking device that does not allow firing from the carbine with the butt folded.

It is forbidden to fold the butt when setting the fuse in the “Fire” position. The carabiner has a bolt delay, which allows the movable carabiner system to remain in the rear position when the cartridges are used up in the magazine. On the muzzle of the barrel is a muzzle nozzle-arrester in the performance of VPO-205, VPO-205-01, or replaceable bushings for the cylinder, paycheck, choke in the performance of VPO-205-02.

Hunting carbine smooth-bore self-loading Vepr-12 Hammer of caliber 12&# 215; 76, device, preparation for work, disassembly and assembly, passport DOWNLOAD book

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