Victorinox Forester 0.8363.3 multi-purpose folding knife, brief overview and user experience.

Nothing else tests hardening as in emergency situations. I think moving to such situations can be attributed quite easily. And if you consider that the move was chaotic and purely female (not in the sense that I carried things myself, but in the fact that the apartment turned out to be purely female), then, of course, there were no tools at home except for the Victorinox Forester knife 0.8363.3. And in general, some very necessary things in the household – in the men’s opinion, of course – things. 

Victorinox Forester 0.8363.3 multi-purpose folding knife, overview and usage experience.

As a result, the Victorinox Forester 0.8363.3 knife turned out to be the only universal thing checked immediately in the kitchen and in repair and construction affairs. This knife was presented to me in Kiev after my interest in this topic. They showed me a set of blades and all its advantages, after which the knife moved into the pocket of my backpack, and was safely forgotten.

Victorinox Forester for the fact that with all the active use, it remains as beautiful and brand new. He weighs a little, does not slip out of his hands, there are no scratches on him, even the corkscrew still shines and pleases the eye, having stood firmly in any situation. I am now trying to solve any difficulty with the help of my magic wand. Of course, now I have woken up a taste for such things, and I want to replenish the collection. Perhaps the following copies of knives will be more beautiful and more convenient, but this one will forever remain the first and most necessary.

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