Victorinox Swiss Card Quattro Review

Multi-penknives of different companies. Over the long time of existence, survivors.

Swiss Champ and Cyber ​​Tool knives are in the first place. At the same time, they easily fit in your pocket. It makes it so easy. It can be understood that it can be cleaned.

But today I want to tell you about the interesting tool. Swiss card from the same company Victorinox. The tool is far from the first, and, I hope, the informative acquaintance.

So let’s go.

Swiss card, It is blue and red. The considered option consists of 13 tools:

  1. Letter opener
  2. 3mm screwdriver
  3. 5mm screwdriver
  4. Phillips screwdriver 00-0
  5. 1-2 Phillips screwdriver
  6. Pin
  7. A file with …
  8. … with a screwdriver
  9. Tweezers
  10. Toothpick
  11. A pen
  12. Ruler (cm)
  13. Line (inches)

Let’s take a closer look …

The saw, the tweezers and the toothpick are the same as the Victorinox knives. Therefore, I will pay less attention.

I tried to cut a 7-core paracord with a knife. He coped with the task well, although not very carefully. Therefore, it is not a problem.

Screwdrivers proved to be worth it, but it wasn’t magnetized.

But it is not clear due to its very small thickness. It will be use it.

But the main advantage of the card is its size. It is fits perfectly in the wallet among other cards.

Let’s sum up

Of course, the card for survival can not be called. It will come in handy. Thereten is a thin, flat, sharp, etc.

It is a pleasant gift for both men and women. Indeed, in other sets

Victorinox Swiss Card Quattro Review

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