Video games about post-apocalypse

In the second half of the twentieth century, during the Cold War This led to the emergence of a new subgenre of fiction: post-apocalypse. It implies the development of an alternative history if:

Nuclear apocalypse

It is a cute “red button” for a couple of countries, This will mean that it has been declared open. Total: nuclear armageddon. (“If you’re a yellow and yellow mushrooms grow on the horizon,” he says, ”he says.” (C) People’s omen) But there are survivors after it. But just once a little survive. It’s time to go. Money becomes cartridges, food, parts, medicines. Anything that can come in handy in the new environment. And the conditions are unenviable: ruins, radiation, cold …

There are plenty of examples of games. But the most famous example is the collection Fallout. Starting from another two-dimensional turn-based strategy, released on a team of Obsidian Entertainment. But recently there was also a new one. Fallout, There are many ways in which the issue of rebirth of humanity can be met.

The North American continent into a burned-out radioactive desert. Although it’s not true that there’s been some time during the 1950s, it’s not true that it has been a distant future.

The zombie apocalypse

Scientist will introduce something wrong in the blood. Hen’t behaved zombie apocalypse, You can run, you can shoot, throw, fight, even if you’re going to has checked in general, how do you bite yourself? And, of course, survival in the new world. Cities are now occupied by the zombies, now they are the owners. Hide for zombies.

I think you are the zombie apocalypse. No, this is not Plants VS Zombies, still try. Dead Island? Nice try, but there is a famous option. Yeah right that’s Resident Evil. Developed by Capcom, it went a long way until 2012, it was an action by the action / Shooter / Survival. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was released. It was compatible with the gaming platforms. The main villain in the game is Umbrella Corporation. From it comes all the biting, tearing and infecting evil. Needless to say, science doesn’t work for the benefit of society.

Biblical apocalypse

Something that is happening biblical apocalypse. This means the Horse of the Four Horsemen (War, Hunger, Plague, Death). Each horse has his own hair in the mortal world. There is also a mention of the Riders in the Fallout game. However, we consider the game Darksiders 2.

It is a scrapping of the death of the scythes of death. Yes, we will play this time not for a mortal, but for death. It is a smart guy in a mask with a bit of a humid. We are looking for a war in the first part of the game. Different secrets, secret levels of the game – even the main story lasts. And even longer.

Well, in the future, we’re Hunger? Plague? Nah! (further to read aloud with a pathetic loud voice) His name is Discord! This guy is still called the Horseman. GG will be a very impressive combination of weapons, weapons, combat techniques and capabilities.

Viral apocalypse

There will be some kind of new evil sore. This sore infect little man. The little man sneezes in the subway and the infected will be more. Then another. And further. If you’re referring to the Plague. Well or whatever epidemics. As a result, people are as good as cattle, plants, are dying like flies. Waterborne creatures through animals, water rodents, birds, animals, of course, through humans. The initial symptom of insomnia, such as coughing, paranoia, insanity, necrosis, dysentery, CNS failure, and so on.

It is not clear that there is a problem. You can do it in the simulator game Plague.Inc. It has been a small number of bacterium-sore cases.

In the end of the day there was a choice. carried out epidemic of course The game is synchronized with, where you can follow the updates.

Alien apocalypse

It is not explored by mankind. In our stereotypes, there is a long hair. Wildly clever climbing in three-toed handles. How to get it right alien invasion.

There are thousands of such invasions. In addition to the above image, it does not depict. There are two main ways of development of this planet. Click on the movie “Independence day“. Well, of course, in the field of the gaming industry, it would be a crime to circumvent such scope for various subjects.

And we consider the most classic option. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Appearing in 2012 from Firaxis games, is divided into two components – global strategy and tactical operations. For example, the enemy “needs to clearly and distinctly state what is wrong. Well, in fact, set out. A team of brave fighters landed in It has been shown that this is the case.

It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. Other versions of the universal final – the sea. Who is that much. However, computer games. However, it’s not mentioned either? =)

Video games about post-apocalypse

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