Violence against a woman on the street, general measures of protection and prevention from violence on the street.

Violence is the case when it is impossible to avoid assault by paying off values ​​with a criminal. You are interested in it, or rather your body, and not banknotes in your wallet. With their help, he cannot satisfy his passion. Hence the forcedly tougher and uncompromising defense tactics. Here you will not give half the money to save another. Here either pan or gone. 

Street violence, general protection and prevention measures against street violence.

First, a few preventative tips. When walking around the city, choose the safest route of all possible. Even if it will be twice as long. Better to go long than fast, but in the arms of a criminal. Try to walk alone as rarely as possible. Avoid shaded and under-visited areas of neglected parks, squares, construction sites, poorly lit streets, etc. Long hair is combed back or braided into a braid and tucked under clothes..

Favorite painful technique of rapists to grab your locks, wrap on your hand and then, when the victim has nowhere to go, dictate your conditions. Plus, loose hair is an additional arousal factor for some types of rapists. Smoothly combed women are not noticed point-blank, but only show this. Carry stun guns, tear, etc. personal protective equipment. Expensive? Not more expensive than honor or life. In the instant when they begin to rape you, you will be ready to pay a much larger amount, if only left alone.

Remember where your stun gun or spray can be stored, do not stick it far (no further than a lipstick that you use almost every minute), be able to use it correctly and, in case of a threat, put it into action without hesitation. Without warnings, threats and demonstration of their capabilities! Spray cans and stun guns are really effective, only with their unexpected use. You can’t afford a can buy a whistle and attach it to a bunch of keys. If you couldn’t use the can or stun gun immediately, pretend that you have surrendered and while the rapist is working on your buttons and fasteners, quietly remove, prepare for work and put your weapon in motion.

In a situation of lingering attack, try to face a potential rapist. Depict mutual interest, offer to meet for the realization of those very desires a little later, but in more appropriate conditions. Exchange telephones, and it’s advisable to lure the real one from him, and naturally give your own imaginary. Make an appointment for a day, half a day, an hour later. Say that you, too, are burned with passion, but you need to urgently convey one thing, wash, change clothes, etc. In short, with all my heart, but a little later:
“Only you do not leave, be sure to wait! And then you are all like that, you promise from three boxes and into the bushes! ”

Tell us about your difficult female share, maybe he is moved, will regret you. Well, come up with some heart-breaking story. Have you watched “Mary”, etc. TV shows, wanted to be like Heroine? Well, so be it! Does not help? Tell about incurable internal, including female, ailments. And more details, medical details, naturalism. It happens to be a hunter. Past? Then about the “shameful” diseases transmitted by mutual pleasures. Only speak in advance, and not when the rapist is already acting.

Scare, after all, AIDS. Only convincing. With a good acting anguish and confidence in his voice. Just nobody will believe in the complaint. Say: “If you doubt, call the infectious ward of the city hospital, the doctor Ivanova.” This is more specific, here, perhaps, the rapist will think about it. For example, one of my acquaintances showed me a pre-prepared lime certificate (but very effective, with stamps and seals!) That she was sick with this very ailment. The certificate was intended for presentation to future rapists at the place of their action. Who knows, maybe she’s right. Probably everyone, even criminals, believes the piece of paper.

Try ahead of time to besiege the criminal with the message that you are expecting a husband, friend, and even better known platoon of cadets of the police school, led by their commander. In confirmation of your words, look at the watch, knock annoyingly with a leg, look around. And if you saw someone, rush to him with all his might with the words: “Where have you been for so long?” Then, grabbing a passer by the hand, explain everything. Finally, call your non-natural dog irritated.

“Dzhulbars! To me! I told someone! and explain: Saint Bernard is my favorite, such a small puppy, 80 kg of weight. The beauty of that dog! Only a smile spoils the view. Teeth visible. Here are those with a finger. And the strangers are very nervous. Seven people tore … Well, where are you, doggie? Come here! To whom I said! To me!”

One of my friends was saved by impudence. Feeling the approach of misfortune and violence, she was the first to attack.

“Hi! she cried, rushing towards the criminal who had prepared to attack. You will not know? I’m Masha. Not? Well, Serge, you have a friend. We came to you with him! ”

I wonder which guy doesn’t have a friend named Sergey. The name is not uncommon. In general, so my friend and got out. The rapist did not dare to violence and attack the passion of his friend Sergei. You never know how he reacts to this. He will also begin to sort things out: why was his girlfriend raped without his consent? Some criminals are said to be naturally squeamish. These hunt for clean, well-groomed, smelling cosmetics from Procter & Gamble women. Try to distort your true appearance, distort your face, depict an ugly grimace (only act within the framework of socialist realism, do not overdo it), smear mascara, stutter, lisp, portray a holy fool, etc..

When violence is inevitable and the case is very bad, do not stop before artificially inducing vomiting. Imperceptibly put two fingers in your mouth or provide all the details, an imminent act of love with this citizen is more effective for someone. Yes, do not be shy, it’s about your honor, and perhaps life, liberate your stomach more abundantly, let it be louder, and smear it on your face, clothes, and rapist. What, unpleasant to read? And how unpleasant to see, inhale, feel with your fingers. That’s the calculation. This must be a very temperamental rapist, so as not to cool at the sight of such a partner. Of course, having taken offense at such an attitude, you will probably be beaten, but you can probably avoid violence. But your demonstrative physiological capabilities have not yet been exhausted. You still ate and drank today. Well, we will love each other or change our mind?

It’s permissible, inflicting the most harmless, but bloody trauma on yourself, of taking the criminal to fright, saying that now you will surely die, and he will be brought in for the murder. They say some are scared and run away. They wanted violence and love, but not corpses. If you have good acting data, you can, as some reminders recommend, portray the craziness: drool, scream in a bad voice and demand a third of Antarctica due to you. Such advice to me, as well as the simulation of fainting and heart attacks, seems to be not entirely successful. She is also a crazy woman, who, moreover, is not responsible for herself and is unlikely to tell anyone anything. As well as a woman who has lost consciousness. So this advice, if it works, is far from every violence.

The other thing is that many “professional” rapists suffer from male impotence, and to raise the same potency to the necessary physiological conditions, they need the victim’s resistance to cries, pleas for mercy, threats, etc. entourage. Then they have the potency of hoo! Maybe it was just such a sexual sufferer who attacked you? If you feel that from your resistance he enters into an increasing rage, abruptly change your behavior, depicting passivity. Maybe from such a blow of fate he will immediately have nothing to do violence. Just do not drag out the experiment, suddenly your rapist without deviations?

Violence against women in apartments, hotel rooms and similar places.

Violence committed in apartments, hotel rooms and other enclosed spaces has its own specifics. The most important thing is that there is nowhere to run. The door is locked key in the hands of the rapist. From here it is very important that your relatives and friends know where you went. Not at all to Tolya or Vasya, but the address and telephone. Once in an unfamiliar apartment, go around it, study the “local topography”, that is, how the rooms are located, where the front door, balcony, telephone. Which windows overlook the street, and which overlook the courtyard. Especially carefully study the hallway (suddenly notice where the spare key hangs) and the design of the locks. Who knows how you have to leave here.

If you began to be seduced, try to figure out how to get out of this inhospitable house as quickly as possible. Only not by force (men are stronger), but by more proven female weapons by cunning. Once again, remember the plan of the apartment and the shortest road to the front door. And also, where they saw that dumbbell and that iron, which can be used for self-defense. Then relax. Because the trick can succeed only if you, with your approximate behavior, euthanized the vigilance of the rapist (who would have been better prepared for the action). Well, euthanized? Then it’s time to act. Imagine a fright at a golden ring or wallet with money dropped on the stairs. Preferably with a lot of money. Maybe for the sake of such an occasion they will open the door for you.

If you open, rush to the neighboring doors, ring them, knock with your feet, shout, etc. The more noise you make, the sooner they will come to your aid. Even if no one has left the neighboring apartments, confidently tell the rapist that the police called by the neighbors are already coming here. Perhaps you will immediately fall into disfavor with your unreasonably ardent boyfriend. In an apartment with a locked door, the situation is worse. But not hopeless. I explain what needs to be done. With a graceful movement of the right hand, you need to take that stool out and in full swing. Yes, not the rapist, but the window. To all the glass to smithereens! And a stool outside! It is advisable for someone to head on, so he rushed to look for those responsible. And then, taking advantage of instant confusion, run to the balcony.

Or to that broken window, accidentally hooking another glass on a chair with a chair. Lean out and scream with good obscenities: “Save! They are killing! ”It is“ killing ”, not raping. Passers-by do not consider violence in our country. Violence is considered a pleasant pastime. If you are trying to be pulled back, cling to the windowsill, kick, bite. Now that war has been declared, one cannot retreat. Now to the end. When they begin to beg you to stop screaming and breaking glasses, do not relax. Ask to give you the keys to the front door, and leave for the back room yourself.

But then do not leave the window. Ask passersby to go up to the apartment door and wait for you there. But it’s better to give them the key and ask them to open the door from the outside. As soon as you are free from captivity, go and ring the doorbell and ask for a telephone and to witness an attempt on your honor. But only on condition that this violence took place. Because, if this is only your imagination, you will have to answer before the law. Why it will be necessary to bring bodily and clothing damage. And, sorry, traces of dishonorable love. And this is not so bad. The trouble is clarification of relations with that slandered and almost put young man.

Recommendations for women during rape.

Now a few words about what to do when it comes down to business. Before sexual assault on you. The most reliable way to apply karate is fast running in any way you like regarding the rapist. In one embodiment, in pure form. In another with a preceding blow. The blow should be unexpected, the most traumatic for the enemy and only one to defeat. Then, while the rapist comes to his senses, rolling aside and sprinting with a subsequent exit to places of potential crowding, shouting for help, breaking glass and window displays, obfuscating traces or hiding.

It depends on the place, time of action, imagination and strength. In addition to hitting the pain points described above, a woman can use her teeth. The abuser’s physiognomy is nearby, so don’t hesitate, grab his teeth on his nose, ears. Only stronger. Even stronger, right down to nibble. Or you can go to another place so that there is no need to go to the criminal trade. Here is the case when measure seven times badly. Cut once here! And then you can measure. Speaking of place. Due to the physiological characteristics, it is extremely sensitive in men. If detailed, then most of all the testicles. And if you act on them correctly, then you can take control of the situation in a literal and figurative sense.

I will retell one note published in Komsomolskaya Pravda. It was called brilliantly: “Drawn for this very thing.” A girl, walking along a deserted night street, was attacked by a rapist, a healthy man. There was practically no chance of a successful outcome for the victim. At first, the girl relaxed, snickered, portrayed humility, and at the most unexpected moment grabbed the rapist for … exactly what he was trying to use. She grabbed her fingers and what is there. The man howled, but could not do anything, because she did not open her hand. And so, without unclenching her death grip, she delivered the offender to the nearest police department.

Imagine the picture that the police saw: the “ambal” howling in pain wanders with his pants down to the knees behind a fragile pretty girl. Which asks where the rapists are being handed over here. Police unsuccessful sexual maniac rejoiced, like mother dear. The poor man was released from the tight embrace of his failed victim and escorted to the bullpen. And then brought to justice. For this the most. Well, does such an example inspire hope? And now the statistics. Every fifth woman who was attacked by a sex offender escaped thanks to active resistance.

But far from all who escaped violence, reported the incident to the police. So the real numbers are much higher. Hence the only conclusion resist. In almost all cases. “Almost” I leave for cases of armed violence. Shouting and fighting here means risking your life. Frightened by the noise, the perpetrator may use a knife or gun. Here I can not give definite advice. In this situation, it is up to the woman to decide what is more important for her: life or honor. If life must be silent, not to annoy the criminal and treat what is happening as if it were rock. If the honor of fighting a mortal battle. But a very short fight in one or two hits.

Knock out the rapist with your fingers, open the throat with a fountain pen, hairpin, manicure scissors or a nail file, sharp heel shoes. Too bloody tips again? I agree. But if, sparing your scrupulousness, I will call for mercy, you will lose a life. They want to take your life, which means that you have a moral and legal right to answer the same.

In conclusion, I will give another, from the series “could have been worse,” advice. If the violence nevertheless took place, try to remember the signs of the offender, including those hidden from prying eyes: moles, scars, tattoos. Everything, up to a specific smell from the mouth. And by it, including, you can subsequently identify the offender. Remember how and where you damaged him. This may also come in handy. Do not forget to go to the emergency room and record all the damage to bring them to the police and the court.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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