Viper bite. Chronology and consequences (photo report)

Any survivor clearly knows how to behave if his the viper bites. But it’s all about the hard way. Photo report. Next – only his own words, opinions and impressions.

Then on the dates and with photos.

This wasp bites more painfully. Blood flowed from the wound for 10 minutes. The wound was open.

15 minutes after the viper bite

After 5 minutes, I felt that I had to grow a little arm, then shoulder, then second shoulder. For all of 15 minutes. Then the second shoulder was released.
A little dizzy, but I blamed it on the excitement, it took literally a minute.
After half an hour, the brush sweeps up noticeably. bite spot. Removed all rings and bracelets. Would have to cut it.

+45 minutes from the bite

An hour later, the brush is sweetened.

1 h 20 min after the viper bite

Head a little leads, but not critical.

+2 hours

Volokolamsk, TsRB – injected prednisone in / m 2 ampoules (2 ml). They have nothing to do with such a case. They have been in the hospital with them. Refused. Sign refusal could only cross ?? I couldn’t hold the handle.

We are going to Moscow. It is quite normal to steer.

+4 hours of viper bite

The emergency room clinic in Moscow ~ 4 hours after the bite. The hand is turning blue on the sly. An ambulance was taken from the cliff. On the way, they took one drip.

Acute poisoning for mental patients (all adults with snake bites in Moscow). So it is not boring unequivocally. At admission they take absolutely everything. Phone can not be used. If you’re I was returned to every penny. But it’s not possible to say that we’ve got it.

Immediately drove another 3 droppers, antibiotics, and, serum. There are more muscles.

A day after the viper bite

There was a bruise on the entire right armor. Squeezing something.

+1 day. A bruise appeared at night.

From the hospital released on the third day. Bbw in the leg. He continued to apply for treatment. Poison viper It is a skin effect.

Discharged with adventure. I’m not a bit addict

Home of the wild heat, I was walking in a T-shirt. Epicno: shirt, leotard and hand, istykannaya needles. “PPS members”, “If you,” show PPS members “. Given where the statement is – a controversial statement.

On the third day serum injection site. This is normal and for a long time. I was not mistaken … It hurt for about a week.

At home, the treatment was prescribed as follows:

  • Liaton ointment – for the whole hand whenever possible (I smeared it before bedtime);
  • Aspirin ass – according to the instructions.

The pictures of the days with moment of bite.

+3 days

The whole hand is one big bruise. Not that say hello, hold something painful.

+5 days

+8 days

New hematomas appeared.

12 days after the viper bite

It was still painful to greet my hand. The expander was able to squeeze in only two weeks. Full restoration of the hand took about 3 weeks.

by Nikita Kiselev

As you can see, even if you’ve seen it as much as possible, you can. And then come back to normal for a long time. So be careful, colleagues. Much easier to prevent viper bite, than to deal with its consequences.

Viper bite. Chronology and consequences (photo report)

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