Vision under stress

Vision under stress – It is a very interesting and extensive self-defense with weapons. Aaron Cowan (Aaron cowan) Hermann Helmholtz (Hermann von Helmholtz), Bruce Siddle and other sources (original article).

Aaron Kouan serves as a private contract business. It was a patrol of the sniper group. Now an instructor in Sage Dynamics. Below are some of the most interesting moments from his article.

Vision under stress

K.P. policeman after his first shootout:

I groped out of the boar. My first shot was from the hip. Shot him in the stomach, just above the waist. It was stupid. He shot before or after I pulled out the gun. I don’t think it was felt. I just stretched out my arms and shot. Later they told me – I made 12 shots.

Some kind of shelter. I thought my weapon was out of order, or the bullets were stuck in the barrel. I have not heard anything. All I saw was his weapon. Then he fell. I reloaded automatically. It did not happen as I expected. I didn’t see the sight at all. I can’t say for sure.

I asked 110 students for assistance in answering the following questions:

1. picture of the sight?

  • No: 90%
  • I do not remember: 9%
  • Yes 1%

2. You could consciously focus and find your scope?

  • I did not have time: 33%
  • No: 31%
  • Yes: 23%
  • I do not remember: 13%

3. Have you been able to scream at any moment?

  • No: 65%
  • Yes: 20%
  • I do not remember 15%

The Pistols were used: Beretta 92 and Glock 17 with OEM beretta, OEM Glock, Glock Night Sights, Truglo TFO, XS Big dot, Trijicon Trijicon HD, Sawson Precision (fiber optic front).

Previous student shooting experience:

  • 0-5 years: 20
  • 6-10 years: 45
  • 11-20 years: 28
  • 21+ years: 17

I’m looking at what I’ve seen before I can’t see it. Physiology – Stimulation of the environment ) of the target eye muscles

In a stressful situation, the sympathetic nervous system is activated. It is a long-range focusing. It is a great deal of stress on objects near the eyes.

It also expands the amount of light. But this leads to peripheral vision.

Loss of peripheral vision and experience. But in any case, it’s possible to make a difference.

Our vertical field of view is 60 degrees below it. With the tunnel vision, it can reach up to 40%.

There is a loss of depth perception. There is a stereo alignment between the eyes and the eye. It may seem closer than it actually is. Although it is a positive side, it’s a loss.

Advantage of the eyes? I know the question. “If you can’t beat them down, then you can’t get it.” For example, it can be used as a guide.

Thanan more you train act your stress performance It is important that you have to face. Bruce Siddle, David Grossman, Dr. Bill Lewenski, Dr. Joseph Ledoux, and others. This technique is, in fact, it can be used as a method of learning to stimulate the reaction method. skills in conditions as close as possible to real life. It makes it possible to reduce the preparation to a general context. context of the alleged collisions. Maximum return is possible only when skills are practiced and practiced with increased levels of stress.

It is a fact that it is not a problem.

I will give uv words. comrade glockmeister because very relevant:

“The experience of a trained shooter allows you to shoot while“ entering the pyramid ”, intuitively, in English it is called index. those. The descent is selected, eyes still may not appreciate the picture. It is developed by thousands of repetitions of the same kind. “]

It will be your choice. It is not clear that the shooters are practicing. Of course, it’s not possible to notice that you’ve been contacting a weapon.

In the case of arms and arms, make it up to 3 shots. Assess the real hits compared to expected. This can be more complicated than that of the holster after the eye. Another exercise: aim at all. The number of points of interest can be reduced. You can even remove your rear sight.

Of course, the above technique is not indisputable and causes controversy. I take it calmly, as arguing that the preparation should. If you are focused on self-defense, you can’t ignore. Do not do yourself and your students a disservice. Of course, it’s possible to achieve the goal. It has been noted that this can be a question.

Author translation – kneejick1

He added that he needed to keep his mind.

  1. It makes it possible to practice how it can be a bit quicker.
  2. the skill of shooting “offhand”, or intuitive shooting.

It’s not a problem. competitions.

Self defense

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