Von Tempsky Bowie

Company “Svord Knives” teamed up with “H.L. Dalis “to create a historically exact copy of their long-standing legendary project – the blade Von tempsky bowie. As part of the Gold Rush publication, this unique knife was released in a limited edition of 25 copies, but the creators are not going to stop there.

The blade was named in honor of Gustav von Tempsky, the Prussian mercenary. “He goes where he wants to go, and where there was work for adventure seekers,” says John Blumenfeld, President of H.L. Dalis. And although von Tempsky traveled around the world, he left the greatest mark in New Zealand, where for a long time he led the struggle of local forest rangers against the savage Maori.

In Temponsky won in California during the “Gold Rush”, where he first met with the type of “Bowie” blades. And he didn’t just get acquainted, but perfectly mastered the technique of ownership, making this knife something like his “trademark”. Therefore, as the opportunity arose, the adventurer ordered a batch of such blades for his rangers to the New Zealand blacksmith, supplying him with personal recommendations.

“Svord Knives” was not only able to recreate the original model Von tempsky bowie, but go a little further. A new batch of knives from the “Gold Rush” can even be worn in a historically accurate way. “The fact is that there were no separate belt mounts at that time, and the sheath was simply supplied with a protruding piece of leather with a button, due to which they clung to the belt,” explains Blumenfeld.

Blade Von Tempsky Bowie immediately became popular among reenactors specializing in the 19th and early 20th century. As numerous societies began to use it in their speeches, along with replicas of ancient weapons. But unlike them, this blade can actually be used in business. Made from carbon steel L6, 11 inches Von tempsky bowie as effective as 150 years ago. “They were deadly then they remained deadly now,” commented Blumenfeld.

Brian Baker started making knives back in 1983. According to him, he learned the secrets of steel hardening and particularly effective forging from a master from Czechoslovakia, with whom he had a chance. And then he found the strength and ability to establish his own workshop, in which, together with a small team, he still works near Auckland, New Zealand. Historically credible projects such as Gold Rush Von tempsky bowie, special attention is paid.

After the first batch was literally swept away by connoisseurs and enthusiasts, “Svord Knives” and “H.L. Dalis decided to soon release a new batch of blades Von tempsky bowie. True, instead of copper inserts brass will be used, but everything else will remain the same. The quantity and estimated price have not been disclosed yet.

You can add that even a replica of this knife costs about 200 bucks. A full-fledged knife, respectively, is more expensive. But you figured out the approximate cost. As for weight, the analogs are pulling grams at 770, which also gives some idea of ​​the blade.

Video attached.

Source – Gold Rush is for Svord Von Tempsky Bowie

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