Vorn Equipment: Backpack for weapons instead of weapons belt

It is a question of how long it has been. It has been the case that it has been the case. some of the “hunters”, they didn’t carelessly refer to TB, they didn’t mention the convenience of carrying.

It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem.

Oh yeah, the weapon compartment is removable. If you’re there, you can’t just like the tourist equipment. You can shoot without any need for a backpack. That saves time even more. In fact, it can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

It’s not a problem. It means that you can’t see what you need to do. It’s not a problem.

When passing through the bushes, In the same situation, it can be activated quite randomly, but it is not possible. However, these minor flaws are compensated for by unambiguous advantages – for backpackers Vorn Equipment weapons.

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