VSD – not a sentence

The picture of the disease. The term vsd was a sort of “cesspool”, where it was all thrown away.

It means that it’s not a problem.

So, vegetative-vascular dystonia, or briefly IRR – now the terminology is used cardiopsychoneurosis or NDC.

The term “dystonia” is an anim of the autonomic nervous system between the regulatory mechanisms and the sympathetic division. It is responsible for the development of the heartbeat and the number of respiratory movements. It’s not a problem.

It has been noted that the spinal cord has been established. It is not a need to make up your heartbeat, it can help you more often, etc. It is a time when it comes to your diet. ipod

Manifestations of neuro – circulatory dystonia can be permanent or periodic. It is not a reduction in the number of people who are concerned. the contrary, regress. Periodic manifestations of the NDCs are a completely different nature for example, panic attack, fainting spells, etc.

Subjective feelings prevail over objective data. It is a symptomatic of the cardiovascular system that is present, and it is symptomatic of the cardiovascular system. This is a person who has been associated with the clinical symptoms. The symptoms are most pronounced during crises.

The NDC can be combined into the following large groups:

  • Weakness, fatigue, lethargy, especially strong in the morning;
  • Unpleasant sensations or pain in the heart;
  • Deep breath;
  • Anxiety, anxiety, irritability, concentration of attention on his illness;
  • Headaches and dizziness;
  • Excessive sweating;
  • The instability of the pressure vessels.

All of the above symptoms are largely due to vascular tone. Therefore, the following types of NDCs are distinguished:

  • Hypertensive type;
  • Antihypertensive type;
  • Mixed type;
  • Cardiological type.

It is a polymorphic phenomenon that leads to the following syndromes:

  • Gastrointestinal distress syndrome;
  • Syndrome of cardiovascular disorders;
  • Respiratory distress syndrome;
  • Violations of urinary functions;
  • Thermoregulation disorders;
  • Abnormal sweating;
  • Musculo-articular disorders;
  • Impaired salivation;
  • Impaired lacrimation;
  • Emotional disturbances

And some other symptoms and signs of NDC:

Thermoregulation disorders NDCs show elevated or lowered body temperature, as well as chills like shivering. In case of a few weeks, a few months, or even years in a row. This is a complete rest.
Sweating disorders represented by excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), which may be periodic or constant. Increased sweating occurs under stress, emotional or physical stress.

Psycho-emotional disorders NCDs are characterized by anxiety, anxiety, irritability, increased fatigue, low stress, low stress, tear, and fears.

Dizziness and headache when NDCs are noted very often.

Overnight and stop each other.

It can be seen that there has been a significant amount of adrenaline into the systemic circulation. The attack of NDC begins abruptly, suddenly. The person turns out to be a heartbeat, body temperature rises and chills develop. During the attack, a person has a pronounced strong fear. After the crisis, there is a strong weakness and a strong weakness. In the period after the crisis, a sharp drop in blood pressure is possible. In addition, an anonymous attack of the NDC may occur in the form of the vaginal insulin crisis. It is characterized by the fainting pattern, which is preceded by the pre-unconsciousness of the short term, for example, it is not strong. A person may experience a more severe and more severe abdominal tract, decreased pressure, increased sweating, increased sweating, nausea, melancholy and expressed fear. Vaginal syndrome and sympathoadrenal crisis forms. He has a lot of pain, a dreadiness, a dreadiness, a dreadiness, a dreadiness, a dreadiness

NDC and panic attack

Now we have a little understood about this mysterious term NDC. Why do patients misunderstand the doctor?

After all, they are also worried about you – contact good specialists. Not to those who are “expensive”, but to those who know.

Think positive! You know that thoughts are material? Enjoy the sun, smile in the transport, say thank you. Do not raise your eyebrows skeptically, it really works.

Be healthy!

The medicine

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