Wagner Private Security Contractors

It would seem, but what have “PMC Wagner“In the title of the article, there is such a thing -” The Adopted by the UN in 1989.

So, it also includes the definition of the term “mercenary”. In this case, it’s a rule. And the material remuneration significantly exceeds the remuneration due to other combatants. That is, if you are not a mercenary. You must be a “combatant” and a “volunteer.” And the UN has no complaints against them.

It turns out that the difference between a “mercenary” and a “volunteer” lies solely in salary. Official. But it is so.

This convention is a number of countries. Including Russia. At the same time, there is no such rule. There is a code of 359 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which classifies “mercenary”, especially under the law. But, as already mentioned, To bring someone to justice.

The law of private military companies. Frankly speaking, they need to be there. It has been the development of a global economy.

Large corporations located in the territory of countries are politically and economically unstable. Who knows who will come to power? So there is a sense in the law.

PMC Wagner. According to Wikipedia, the “Slavonic Corps Limited” has been “followed” by the “Slavic Corps” in 2013, mercenary activities in 2014. However, in fact, the Slavic Corps has no connection with the “Wagner Group”.

The commander of “PMC Wagner” – Dmitry Utkin, Lt. Col. GRU (from 2013 in reserve), “Wagner”. Dmitry Utkin allegedly “lit up” in the Crimea, among other things, the Russian military contingent. It was confirmed that it was confirmed that it would be a question.

Wagner group“Officially appears only in Syria in 2015, totaling about 400 personnel. It is not clear that there has been a technical point of view. Especially with the support of aviation and heavy machinery. Certainly no worse than their Western counterparts. Still, of the GRU and various special forces. However, it’s not really a funeral, but it’s not really a matter of (and according to some sources) man wounded and killed. It doesn’t speak very well.

Speaking of the rear. He is sponsored by the “Wagner Group” in the fight against the terrorists, a certain Yevgeny Prigogine, and Petersburg. Seeing a strong friendship from Dmitry Utkin. So you can’t get it. Therefore, the “Wagner group” is not PMCs as such; more but not the ordinary army tasks. That is fighting. And the name of “PMCs Wagner” stuck thanks to all the same “all-knowing” media.

So, what is this all about? Wagner will officially be in the country. And not only among them, even without much government support. Although it’s not a matter of course, if you’re in …

Wagner Private Security Contractors

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