Waiting for a man-made accident in an apartment, preparing a home and an apartment for protection from man-made disasters.

Well, what if you didn’t have time to escape from a man-made accident, from under a poisonous or radioactive cloud that fell on a city? Only one thing is to strengthen your home from the attack of a deadly external enemy and expect help that will certainly come. First of all, block the enemy’s penetration paths into the house with all those openings and crevices through which poisonous dust can penetrate. 

Waiting for a man-made accident in an apartment, preparing a home and an apartment for protection from man-made disasters.

Cover or seal with paper or a cloth soaked with paint all chimneys and ventilation outlets. Shut windows and doors tightly. In large cracks, push rags, cotton wool, foam rubber. Seal the small ones with paper, electrical tape, adhesive tape, adhesive tape, cover with any improvised plaster, even plasticine or chewed bread.

and cats, if you do not want to subsequently decontaminate them. Let them learn to walk in the house. Better unpleasant odors of natural origin than completely unnoticed by any kind of complex chemical poisonous substance. It is also not worthwhile to open the front door every minute to once again ask the neighbors how things are on the street. For this, a phone or screaming through the door is enough. Do not run the infection into the house and drag it on the soles of shoes in the rooms. If you sit then sit. Until a complete and final victory. Like a fighter in a trench.

And in order not to be afraid that they will forget about you, you can phone the rescue services (firefighters, civil defense, Ambulance, in extreme cases, the police or the district administration) to remind yourself. Or hang from the outside of the door a message that there are people in the apartment. Just write it not on a piece of paper, pinned with a single button, but on a piece of plywood or cardboard, which is nailed to the door with nails. And wait, wait, wait. If you need to leave the room, especially in case of radiation accidents, you need to spread a wet rug in front of the front door, which, having been on the street, thoroughly and thoroughly wipe the soles of the shoes.

Outerwear with dust settled on it is best left on the stairwell, and if brought into the apartment, then only in sealed plastic bags. In all rooms at least once a day it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning using detergents or soap. You can not eat without thoroughly washing your hands, face, and rinsing your mouth with water, and preferably a half-percent solution of drinking soda. You can’t eat vegetables and fruits collected from gardens and gardens that fall into the affected area.

Drink water from open sources and wells. As well as from the water supply, which feeds a reservoir near the city. Eat canned foods, homemade compotes, and bottled mineral and soda water. It is dangerous to buy food sold in the open air, as poisonous dust could settle on it. You should not drink milk and eat locally produced dairy products, as cows grazed on infected fields. That is why it is important in advance, before the water sources are infected or the water supply is disconnected, to create the largest possible supply of water.

It is necessary for cooking, cleaning, washing, use in the toilet. Drinking water should be poured into closed containers (teapots, cans, cans, pans), technical water in a bathtub, basins, buckets, aquariums, washing machine, plastic bags. You need a lot of water, and therefore I can recommend building an improvised container from a large piece of plastic film. Why spread the film on the floor and raise the edges (for example, tied to chairs).

Such a container can accommodate several hundred liters of water. For greater strength, it should be made as small as possible, but vast in area. Subscriber loudspeakers, radios and televisions must be tuned to local broadcasting stations and constantly turned on in case of emergency messages.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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