War and hunting. It seems similar, but can they be compared?

What will the conversation be about? As usual, about the burden army life.

It turns out that it turns out to be a bit taller. And if, for example, airsoft player You must be able to make it, and you can make it. It’s a real situation. But with hunters all harder. They go for a long time. But there are a few critical moments.

I do not know how much I carry hunter, but I think knowledgeable people will enlighten us. And about the volume, and about the weight. And that’s the way it’s carried around.

But I understand a little bit of simple and vulgar army “life.”

In addition to the backpack, a bunch of interesting things.

Present pride domestic defense industry, combat kit “Warrior”, which weighs 20 kilograms. That is, a person just hangs 20 kilos. By the way, especially our developers are proud that “Warrior” a third lighter than the previous generation kit “Barmitsa”. By simple calculations one can understand that “Barmitsa” ,which for the most part is currently in service, weighs about 26 kilograms.

This kit includes:

  • clothes
  • helmet
  • body armor
  • means of communication
  • protective equipment (shields, knee pads, elbow pads, glasses), unloading system (for 24 kilos of usable mass, remember this)
  • 50 liters knapsack (empty)
  • sleeping bag
  • other useful travel supplies.

So what do we get at the output?

At the exit, it carries around 40 to 50 kilograms on himself. That is a person works in this. Runs, jumps, climbs, crawls, walks and crouches on all fours. And also shoots accurately.

Speaking of aptly shoots. AKM-74 3.4 kg weighs “empty”, and with cartridges, if memory serves me – 3.7. But! As a rule, an under-barrel grenade launcher is screwed onto the machine. GP-25 or 30. This is another plus one and a half kilograms of weight. And, often, Pbs (Silent Flameless Shooting Device), which weighs 300 grams. What is the total? 5.5 kilograms. Mind you, is not ergonomic and comfortable. rifle, made by a loved one. This is the kondovy and bedded angular Kalashnikov. In which from such “weights” the concept of “balancing” becomes an illusion.

By the way, these 5.5 kilos can add on to weight wearable gear, we did not count weapons. Against this background, it’s not a rule of thumb, it’s a completely ridiculous thing.

Total, on the average, 45 kilograms, without a satchel.

There is a knapsack.

With this i’m talking about normal arrow, gunner, neither about the grenade nor the gunner They also have a hard job.

Oh, and by the way, I said this officially established Combat kits. How many can be set, “No. 1”, no one can say. For it can consist of the devil knows what. As a result, the final weight can vary greatly.

That is, the weight is estimated? Do not look at the horny tone, I am not scoffing at all. Seriously. That is not, if we the hunters they keep 45 kilos on themselves during the whole exit, then I shut up, take off and eat my hat.

But I’m honestly telling you how to use it.

Now further. I do not know how many pass there per day the hunters. I really don’t know. It is not a problem.

But is it difficult? The group can go three kilometers a day. But it means that all these three shells are crawls on the belly. In the snow, in the mud, in the grass, in the grass, in the grass And maybe thirty years to wave. This is not the case, but it’s not a problem. .

With the halts, everything is also not so simple. The group has a schedule. To settle down to settle down !!! If it is late It is a race to take a drink. .

With the laying of the route, everything is also ambiguous. On the one hand, the commander also understands everything and tries to find a simpler route. It is clear that by the enemy, he has been crammed surprises. This is a golden meander between the tourist trails and a swamp along the neck. Truth, as usual, somewhere in between. On the route there are both.

(Still, still in my head):

Guys. No need to compare the hunt, as well as airsoft, paintball, hardball, and other games.

There with freedom everything is very bad. If you’re on hunting, do not wear it, say it’s a fleece jacket The most maximum – you will get pneumonia, which is unpleasant, but is is treated. But what is a piece of equipment? Taking it out of the bulletproof vest, were not born from scratch. “It is hard for them” you see. They are the scoop of the worst. Well, yes, yes, it is a bit thicker than 9–12 kilos of body weight.

Therefore, on hunting you can afford to go in the “search” mode. If only because it is physically easier. If you’re an athlete, even if you’re a hunter, So there is still powder in the flasks and balls in bloomers. But this is not the case. These are different conditions, even at the elementary level. physical endurance.

There are no limits on the size of the backpack for women. the shoulder are hell and pi ** et. After that, the concept of accuracy of the hands goes to the sunset. You can’t give you a minute to get there. minutes of increase in retention. Well, 10, but this is the maximum maximum.

It is a funeral effect. weapon to the noticed target. It is a direction.

Now about psychology. Everything is simple.

It will be necessary to fight for our lives, and then it will be something to talk about. It is a bird that hasn’t gotten it. SCHAS WILL BEGIN But it’s rusty somewhere in the seventh-sixth citizen in Zelenka. The group passes 90, if not all 100% of the route. The group has been returned to the location. Everything else is constant stress, constant expectation of attack. Constant expectation is that:

– “Now it seems they will kill”
(c) Treasure Island

Therefore, no hunting cannot be comparable in intensity to fighting. Therefore, it is completely incorrect.

Something like that. Once again, please do not be offended. I do not mock and do not scoff. I explain. I explain how I can. In another way I do not happen.

War and hunting. It seems similar, but can they be compared?

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