Warm meeting with Gopnik: avoid, escape, answer

In our time, a pathetically call themselves “Gopniki” (and we call such a “cattle” – editor’s note). As a rule, these families have been crying for a long time. This is a list of passersby, often classified as disorderly conduct. How to avoid a meeting of these “funny guys” will tell you our article.

How to avoid the attack of Gopnik?

What are the dangers? Think about it. And in vain. After all, just such careless citizens are easy prey for intruders. However, they are not victims of criminals. Well, if you get rid of just bruises or minor injuries. And if not? Observe several safety rules.

  1. Returning home later, Do not spend money on a taxi. Money is just a paper, there will be health – you will earn. It will not be enough, they will also be a cripple.
  2. If there is a taxi to call it, use caution on the way home. Side walk. Look for your life.
  3. Bullies specifically look out weak victims. Therefore, try to keep it straight, even if you are in a drunken state.
  4. If possible, avoid very late walks., It’s not possible to dress a certain individual.
  5. Criminals will not attack a group of people, find your overall safety.
  6. If a suspicious person moves towards – go to the street or go to the street
  7. Wors of parks, markets or stations. Gopnik gentlemen very often “hang out” in such places.

Do not give to fool hooligans. For example, you can move up to 5-6 people who are moving towards you. There is no doubt that there is a way for you. You can’t make a note of you until you lose control of yourself. If you’re a person, it’s better to take care of your baby.

It is worth the extra risk.

Weapons for self defense

Let’s get a little bit better than a weapon. After all, they have been improving their weapons for 2000 years. However, remember – you need a weapon to disable the attacker (s) and escape. You can’t even imagine that you can’t have time to react.

The best weapon for self defense is:

  • traumatic pistol;
  • gas pistol;
  • gas spray;
  • stun gun.

Consider all the weapons for self-defense in order.

Traumatic pistol

Permission for a traumatic gun. In the “trauma”, it is recommended that you follow the rules for short-barreled firearms. However, it should be taken immediately. Hide it. The attackers, especially from afar.

Gas pistol

It is not necessary to get any permission. You cant distinguish between them. It operates at a distance of 7 meters. However, if you’re in real danger, shoot without thinking. Got a gun – shoot (the same goes for “trauma” – editor’s note).

Gas spray

Gas spray – melee weapon. The jet is striking at a distance of 2 meters. It is necessary to direct the body. Scored away even bears. Gas spray. It is a rule of thumb.

Stun gun

The maximum power of the gun is up to 3 watts. Only military can use models up to 10 watts. Again, it can be irreversible. But, as in the case of a gun, you should not just frighten the shocker. Got out – shoot (or hit). Your main trump card is surprise. It can not be used as the attacker.

Self-defense without weapons

It is not a gymnast. Who survived – he won. However, the attacker should not be killed or crippled either, although this is self-defense. Murder is a murder, even unintentional, and it is a gopnik.
For the girls (especially for girls). Do you set up a plan to get there? You must survive.

The most effective self-defense techniques will be:

  • Good old blow in the groin. If you’re a girl, it’s not so beautiful.
  • Cotton with two hands over the ears. It is the time of escape to escape.
  • Kick to the throat. A very painful trick that can even knock out an attacker. It’s time to escape.
  • Punch. You can break the nose of the enemy.
  • Blow to the eyes It’s time to escape.

Remember: your own concern. Since his opponent has been punishing him since the battle of the Russian Federation. Do not talk to the attacker. After all, the criminal may have friends. It turned out to hit, the enemy is out of action – run.

But it is very important that you can use it.


There is no harm to anyone. This applies to both women and men. If you want to go to 2-3 classes in self-defense. They will not be a superfluous person. You can not talk about it. If you’re a trained athlete, then you’ll be a trained athlete. Well, if you’re there, then you’ll have to do it yourself. It may not come in handy sooner or later. Take care of yourself.

Self defense

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