Wasps nest wasps and hornets

Man, as we know, is the king of nature. His ability to build himself truly royal mansions. It is completely agree with this statement. But they also believe that they’re there. But you don’t want to go voluntarily. What to do?

In fact, there areps and hornets. Evil and kind. His agatore aggressor, his neat eviction. But you need to cure, deceit, determination and, damn it, a beekeeper’s protective suit.

Wasps – protection

Ensured protection. Wasps are not bees after bites, they don’t even think again. And they will lose their last drop of hemolymph. For women, there is no need for protective clothing. The latter is quite difficult to find and make yourself. But it provides perfect protection against virtually all stinging insects. This is a guarantee of the protective suit. If there is no protective mask, then the situation is slightly complicated. It spins in peacefully.

How to remove the hornet’s nest?

there is the following options:

  • On the nest tight plastic bag. Wasps cannabis Here you can choose – shake it out.
  • Pour kerosene into the nest. The walls of the wasp nest and wasp chitin. Poor insects are choking and dying safely. And kerosene burns well …
  • Spray the nest with dichlorvos or other insecticides. After this, it is advisable to take it out. The plastic bag mentioned above is perfect.
  • Fill the wasp nest with foam. She is surely suffocate. And the foam also burns well, if that …

It has been mentioned. For these purposes, suitable red pepper, diluted Domestos and waste engine oil. Try to get away at all costs. But innocent passers-by. Do you want a civilian casualties on your conscience? Here I am about the same. Only destruction, only hardcore!

Hornets – much more dangerous than wasps!

What is the difference between the hornets and the hornets? You need to get angry hornet bitten you somewhere. After all, the effect of bee venom.

It’s necessary to act once again. Attention. Beer should not be used. You can also use natural kvass. After that, you should take something antiallergic – suprastin or diphenhydramine. It should not occur. If the allergic reaction is too strong, you will have to go. It is not a question of

Wasps and hornets &# 8212; how to get rid of wasp nest

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