Water and food in an emergency car kit, kit, NAZ, packaging preferences.

A person can live quite a long time without food, therefore, in terms of the presence of food in an emergency car kit or kit, let’s say a little, but something must be done, and then we will limit ourselves only to general recommendations. 

Water and food in emergency car kit, kit, NAZ, packaging preferences.

A set of products to carry with you should be lightweight and compact. Its constituent elements should have, as far as possible, long shelf life, be neutral to the effects of low and high temperatures. It will be just a shame, for example, when you open a can of canned meat, which has been lying all summer, and it turns out to be spoiled. For the same reason, don’t put chocolate in the emergency kit. One of the options may be the acquisition of several packaged freeze-dried products, they are quite affordable and their choice is now quite large, and the shelf life is from 3 to 25 years. Boiling water is required for cooking.

It is limitedly recommended to purchase and put into an emergency car kit or kit, packaging of some army dry rations, but it also contains canned food, and most of its components require heating or diluting with water, which is sometimes not very convenient and sometimes out of place. Therefore, when picking an emergency car kit, you should stop for example on products such as.

Dryers, bread rolls, crackers.
Dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, dates, prunes, apples, etc.).
Nuts, seeds, roasting, kozinaki.
Dry pasta (vermicelli) type mivina.

Water and food in an emergency car kit, kit, NAZ, packaging preferences.

The total number of products is an individual matter for each. In addition, it will not be out of place to put a reminder, for example, in the memory of a mobile phone, and check the quality condition of the products in the emergency car kit at least once every two to three months, or better often.

Water in an emergency car kit.

How much and what kind of drinking fluid you will take with you on your trip is each individual choice. However, it should be borne in mind that tea (both black and green) Ikofe, have some diuretic effect, so on long trips it is worth giving preference to mineral water. Simple or carbonated does not matter.

Water and food in an emergency car kit, kit, NAZ, packaging preferences.
bottles usually have a wide throat, which will greatly facilitate the process of filling it in some source found along the way.

Miscellaneous in the emergency car kit.

Each person has his own opinion and his own opinion on what items should be in the car in case of an emergency or unforeseen situation, or just in case. Without going into details, we list some useful and in our opinion the most popular things.

Towing cables It should be moderately long (4-5 meters), bright and noticeable, meet the requirements of the rules of the road, with a tensile load slightly larger than the total mass of your vehicle. It is advisable to avoid buying cheap and frankly Chinese-looking tow ropes.
Cigarette Lighter Wires in warm time, they’re not really needed. Usually needed in the winter, when the battery suddenly died, it’s cold and you need to urgently go somewhere. You should buy wires with as large a cross section as possible and a length of three meters.
Jackknife small, durable, in accordance with the law, a blade up to 90 mm. So you in which case avoid accusations of carrying and storing knives. The scope of application is the most diverse.
Tool its availability and quantity depends on the general technical condition of your car. In most cases, multitool is enough for minor field repairs, for example, Leatherman or SOG.
Shovel in the summer, like a small infantry, in the winter snowy. If you are stuck somewhere on a lane or you need to dig out a car from a snow drift or a snowdrift.
Spray can WD-40 universal penetrating fluid. Useful for defrosting door locks in winter.

Water and food in an emergency car kit, kit, NAZ, packaging preferences.

Emergency Car Kit Storage Location.

It all depends on the imagination and personal preferences of the car owner, but in any case, it is desirable that this is an easily accessible place. Agree, it will not be convenient at all to get a box with emergency dialing hidden somewhere in the far corner of the trunk in the cold. Especially if you first need to unload on the road all the things packed for a long journey.

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