Water and food

In terms of survival water extraction, Drinkable is often unacceptable.

The simplest method of disinfecting water is boiling. You can disinfect water with pantocide tablets or an emergency kit. In this case, the exposure, during disinfection, must be at least 30 – 40 minutes. on the volume of water up to 750 cm3 (on a tablet of pantotsid or 3-4 drops of 5% iodine tincture).

There are several layers of sandals that can be wrapped in a piece of parachute fabric. It is not suitable for drinking; such water does not quench thirst, but also accelerates dehydration.

Such water is subject to mandatory desalination using a chemical desalination plant. In no case should for thirst quenching use ice or snow. Thirst they do not quench. It should be noted that it should not be possible to hold it. It contains ice, it is a green ice.

Top up emergency food supply In terms of survival, it is possible to collect food plants, animals, animals, animals, animals, animals, animals, animals and other animals.

It should be remembered that it can be heat treated. In addition, there are several watering times.

A sign of the birds and nuts is their birds pecking. If you want to eat it after 1-2 hours.

We shouldn’t hunt for weak and sick animals, especially rodents. The carcass should be skinned away from the parking lot.

Water and food

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