Water production on the coast

What does a person need for full survival? Uncovered sources of food and water. This is the perfect place. It will be a small coastal area. That’s just it. Wicked irony is not it? Around full of water, but you cant drink it. And you can not categorically. The body needs 160 ml of liquid. This is because the kidneys begin to fail. Therefore, it’s your main goal. At least 2 liters of water can be consumed per day.

There are several ways to solve the problem of drinking water. Moreover, it can be used as a condition, such as, for example, food poisoning.

Natural sources of fresh water

Rivers flow into the sea. So if you find a river delta or a creek – consider the problems you no longer have. Not only to boil. Or take some effective filter. It is necessary to boil water, because microorganisms are much more common than in the sea.

Rain and other precipitation

This option is even better, because rainwater is always clean. You don’t even need to boil it – you can drink it right away. Therefore, you must always be able to get rid of it.


The essence of the method is simple. It is much less than that of the sea. Therefore, it accumulates a few centimeters thick, lenses. That’s it, they need to look for. To find out your coastal dune and begin to dig a well behind it. It becomes a wet sand Otherwise, you can dig up your work. In addition, it must be remembered that the level of groundwater varies by sea level. Therefore, it is advisable to have some clean fresh water.

Dew and condensate

In the air, especially the sea, there are always cold water. Sheet of polyethylene – ideal. You can collect about 100 ml of water in one morning. Not much, but such a trifle can save lives.

In addition to natural condensation, it is possible to build a simplest desalination apparatus, operating on a similar principle. It is done this way. On a well-lit area put on a large tank with sea water. In its center is a circle. The tank is filled with water. The whole structure is covered with a sheet of polyethylene. Actually, everything. We can only wait.

Heat evaporates seawater, which condenses on a colder polyethylene and drips into a mug. You can even do without a large pot. It makes it so much that it is a cup, a polyethylene and a patience.


Or otherwise – distillation. But it is completely independent of the sun. You will need the following things – a kettle, a pipe, a hose, a bottle of water. Actually, we construct the simplest distillation cube. The steam goes through the tube, cools, condenses and flows into the bottle. In about 40 minutes you can get about 350 ml of absolutely pure drinking water. It is important that it can be used. otherwise it will fall into the storage tank. Actually, everything. A large amount of firewood. It is a good idea to pay attention to the rescuers.

As you can see, it is not so difficult. Yes, you will need to work for the sake of survival. It doesn’t make you feel like it.

Water production on the coast

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