Water-repellent impregnation do it yourself

I think you need water-repellent impregnation. Another thing to buy it. It makes it impossible to buy anything for a long time. It is a very good idea. It becomes clear recipes water repellent from improvised means.

There are three effective ways to create water repellent at home. You can’t find in the wild. Seriously, we can not replace it with soap. It can be found. So.

Option 1

We will need:

  • laundry soap – 500 grams
  • soda (linen) – 500 grams
  • rosin powder – 500 grams
  • acetone or ethyl alcohol – 500 mg
  • water – 5 liters

Soap grind to the state of chips. You can use a grinder. Water is heated, but not up to 100 degrees, but up to 70 – that is, we barely bring it to a boil. Dissolve soap chips and soda in it. Because it dissolves poorly in water, it is good. Pour alcohol with rosin into the water and mix everything thoroughly.

Water in water for 12 hours (no less). After that, remove, slightly (just slightly) and horizontal surface. It will evaporate with water, so it will absorb much more liquid. It doesn’t affect the color of the fabric. Of course, water repellent but it will not be 100 percent effective, but it will be dry.

If it is not a hand, it is not necessary to take care of it. It can be a lot of time. It can be obtained. Soda can be obtained from the ashes of burnt algae. By the way, this is quite an interesting point. This is a recipe for soda (sodium bicarbonate), and not for soda (sodium carbonate). It was just like clothes soda, which is much easier to get. So we will use for our water repellent it was her.

Option 2

We will need:

  • water – 10 liters
  • laundry soap – 500 grams
  • alum – 500 grams

It is wrinkled out. Thereafter we’ll dissolve it.

It is another way to achieve that it is a spray gun. It doesn’t clog the exiting hole. Spray is needed until the liquid begins to flow. Next, give it a little dry.

Option 3

We will need:

  • water – 6 liters
  • alum – 150 grams
  • lead acetate – 150 grams

Actually, the method is good because you need to water repellent Ingredients can be found in the wild. Difficult, but possible. It is a poisonous substance. Clean the dishes thoroughly. Yes, and work better with gloves.

Lead sugar is an old sweetener obtained by boiling grape wine in lead cauldrons. It is difficult to find the salts. As for alum, these are complex salts, here are some. Most often, alums are found to be quite natural.

So, in one vessel dissolve lead acetate (lead sugar) in 3 liters of warm water. In the second – alum in the same amount. Remove the precipitate and pour the solutions together. For the day. After that, dry the fabric without squeezing. It is not resistant.

Ps. Oh yeah, gentlemen, no one says that This will not work. However, it will be possible in practice. It was easy.

Water-repellent impregnation do it yourself

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