Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

The waterproof matches are an invention that really revolutionized the world of outdoor adventures and camping. The pairing itself is a very intelligent invention that allowed us to light fires wherever we wanted, using a simple stick with one end covered with a special solution and a striking surface. The solution is ignited by friction and the small flame that results can be the source of a large fire camp.

Even if matches seem like an invention as old as time, things are not so simple. The first mention of a stick covered with sulfur used to light a fire appears in early China and before that people used the power of the sun to light the fires. They would use a piece of glass to focus a beam of light on the tinder and that is how the fire was ignited. If you ever tried to fire this way, you know it takes more time to light a match.

It’s enough history for now, so let’s talk about our main theme today: waterproof matches. These are matches covered with a special chemical compound to make them waterproof. The waterproof coating usually makes the matches more difficult to light, but will be usable even if they were submerged under water.

Water-proof matches are more expensive than regular games, but you should not go camping or on an outdoor adventure without them. Regular matches are very susceptible to moisture and even if they are not submerged in water, moisture can make them unusable. Imagine that you are in a life or death situation where your plane crashes and you are the only survival in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

The environment is quite humid and during the night it can be cold; In addition, there are all kinds of predators that can attack you. You start to gather some dry wood and look for a place to make a shelter. Once everything is done, you reach the only box of matches you have to light the fire, but you realize that the humidity has left your matches unusable. The night is coming fast and there is no way you can light the fire now. True fear?

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

Another scenario where parties and humidity can ruin your day is when you go camping. If there is a lot of humidity in the air, your matches will not be as efficient even though you kept them in the car, in a safe place. Waterproof matches usually come in a waterproof container especially for this type of situation. The container can be reused later for matches you make yourself.

If you consider that buying waterproof parties is not an investment you are willing to make, then you must learn to make waterproof matches in your own home. Regardless of the fact that you decide to buy or make them, be sure to have one in your survival kit. When the fury hits you (natural or not) you will need fire and without these small canes it is quite difficult to obtain it.

How to do water proof tests by yourself

Making waterproof parties can be a fun DIY project, but be sure to take all precautions before you begin. There are some methods that involve a certain risk factor and do not want to play with fire and flammable substances without taking all safety measures.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

There are some methods with which you can make your own waterproof matches and we are going to talk about the most popular ones.

Water proof matching wax.

Wax is a very good waterproof coating for many things, so you can also use it for pairing. When it dries, the wax forms a protective exterior that does not allow water or any other element to pass through. The waterproofing of matches with wax is really very easy and does not require any investment. You can do this project with what you have in the house.

You will need the following items:

  • a candle or candle wax;
  • matches;
  • a disposable container to melt the wax;
  • a heat source where the wax can melt (a fire or a stove);
  • a newspaper or a large sheet of paper you want to pull to protect the surface you are working on;
  • a hair dryer or anything that blows hot to cold air.

First you need to melt the wax. If you are using a candle, let it burn for a while until you see a puddle of melted wax around the wick. You can use that wax to make your matches waterproof.

If you are using pieces of old candles or paraffin wax, you will need a small container that can withstand heat. Make sure you are not using anything you want to keep. The wax does not wash easily (or very well) from the containers and you will be forced to throw away the container (or reuse it when making other matches). Place the pieces of wax in the container and place the container on the heat source. Wait for the wax to melt (make sure it does not start to boil).

When the wax is liquid, the head of the matches in it to cover the tip covered with phosphorus and about half an inch more. Remove them and dry the wax by blowing cold air with the hair dryer. You must make sure that the wax does not penetrate the tip of the match so you can use it. Also, do not overdo it; If there is too much wax, you will have a hard time igniting the matches and the striking surface will disappear very quickly.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

When you want to use these waterproof matches, you should scrape the wax and then use them. It is strongly recommended that before using these coincidences in nature to test them at home. With home-made waterproof matches, there is always the risk that some of them will not work.

How to waterproof matches with nail polish.

Another great method to waterproof your matches is to use nail polish. Actually this method is more popular than wax coating. Let’s see what it takes to make your games beautiful and waterproof.

You will need the following items:

  • nail polish: you can use clear and colored varieties;
  • matches;
  • a newspaper or a large sheet of paper you want to pull to protect the surface you are working on;
  • a hair dryer or anything that blows hot to cold air.

There are two ways to do it: you can paint the enamel on the tip of the match and a little on the wooden part or you can simply dip the tip in the enamel bottle. Make sure you do not put too much so you can turn them on when you need to. Make sure the layer is even and there are no spaces.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

After applying the polish, dry it with the hair dryer and place the matches in the box. This time it is not necessary to remove the enamel (anyway it would be very difficult to do so), you can simply use the matches as you normally do. Nail polish actually helps the flame burn and the impacting surface does not break.

These are two of the most popular and easy methods to make your matches waterproof. It should be better if you had a waterproof container to hold them, but if not, a regular matchbox should be enough.

Water proof matching with turpentine.

This method is as simple as the last two, but as it is turpentine, many people choose to go with wax or nail polish. Turpentine is not always in the house and, if you need some waterproof matches quickly, you go with what you have.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

You will need the following items:

  • turpentine;
  • a glass jug or a cup;
  • matches;
  • a hair dryer
  • newspaper.

Place the turpentine in the glass container (half full) and be sure to place the newspaper underneath. Turpentine can destroy wooden surfaces forever.

The process is simple: deepen the matches in turpentine, it is recommended that you leave them in turpentine for about 5 minutes. After removing them, you can dry them for about 5 minutes or you can put them in the newspaper and wait for them to dry naturally. If you choose the second method of drying, you should leave them for about 20 minutes. In this way any excess turpentine will evaporate.

The parties that are waterproofed in this way will resist for several months.

Advice on how to safely use waterproofing methods.

Although you only use items you can find in your home, there are still some precautions you should take:

  • If you use the method of waterproofing wax with wax directly from the candle, make sure that the candle is not lit when you deepen the matches. The flame could burn your fingers;
  • Make sure the wax is not too hot after it has melted. The hot wax burns your skin;
  • Make sure that the container with melted wax sits on a straight surface and that there is no possibility of tilting it;
  • Do not put turpentine in a plastic cup because the chemical will melt it;
  • Turpentine has the property of eliminating any moisture content of wood, so waterproofing with turpentine is a highly effective method;
  • You can cover the matches completely with wax, to make sure that the moisture does not rise through the stick;
  • Turpentine is poisonous if swallowed or inhaled for a longer period of time, so be sure to reduce your exposure time;

The main idea when waterproofing your matches is to handle things very carefully. Also make sure there are no small children or pets nearby when you do. You need to be in a place where things stay, so that nothing bad can happen.

A good advice is to always have a striking surface with you. If your matchbox already has one, you will have one for backup.

How to buy waterproof matches

If you are not playing with wax or turpentine and your nail polish is almost finished, you can simply buy waterproof matches. You can find them at any specialized store, but there are several products that deserve your full attention.

Coghlans waterproof combines 10 pack

This is a package that any survivor would love to have in their survival kit. There are approximately 40 sticks in each box and the package contains 10 boxes. It also includes a front and waterproof heads. Users are extremely happy with Coghlans waterproof matches and have been tested to a large extent. According to the tests carried out by the users, these matches went on without problems after two minutes underwater. Also, if the box is soaked in water, the matches will light on the first try.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

The only problem is with the box and the front that, if it gets wet, is unusable. It is strongly recommended to carry a backup surface with you so that, if the box disintegrates, you can still use the matches. Another solution is to buy strike matches anywhere.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Fantastic waterproof and windproof survival matches.

If you want to buy waterproof matches, you should consider buying some that come in a waterproof container. It makes it easier to keep the games together and you know that the box will not disintegrate in the first bathroom.

This pack is perfect for hiking, camping and emergencies. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to light the fire on a wet day when everyone is wet and cold. You need that fire to ignite and burn quickly, so these matches are the best option.

Even better, the Fantastic Wind and waterproof survival matches burn in the strongest winds and intense rain situations. They are coated with a layer of wax for greater impermeability and are packaged in waterproof containers. They are colored in bright orange so you can easily find them in your backpack or in your survival kit. The striking surface is incorporated so that you are not in a difficult position if you forget the backup.

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

Users tested these fantastic waterproof matches and the results are highly positive. The combustion time is 6 seconds for the covered part of phosphorus and 2 seconds for the wooden part, so the total time is approximately 8 seconds. Also, you must be prepared to light the match, put it on the fire and wait for it to burn. It is not easy to turn them off once they are on.

Because they have that wax coating for extra protection, you need to scrape the tip so that the phosphor part is exposed. If you use them as they come, you will ruin the surface suddenly and your matches will not light up.

Users have confirmed that these are the best matches that can be had when trying to start a fire in storm and rain conditions. They resist in the wind and the rain allowing you to make that fire. Be sure to include them in your survival pack and never leave home without them when you go camping or on an outdoor adventure.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

UCO Stormproof match kit with waterproof case

This package consists of a waterproof container with 25 matches and an integrated front. The burning time of these matches is 15 seconds and they burn with wind and rain. The package comes with two additional forwards and can reuse the container to adjust up to 40 matches. The container has some protuberances on the outer side so you can get a good grip even if your hands are numb, cold and wet. In addition, the container is waterproof. The users performed tests in which they submerged the container in water for an entire hour and the matches remained dry inside.

The surprising fact about the UCO Stormproof match kit is that it will burn under water (not that you want to light a fire underwater). Well, we would say that these are actually the real waterproof match kit that every survivor must have!

Waterproof Matches: How to Make Them Yourself And Where to Buy

It is not recommended to use them inside the house, because once they are turned on, they will not be turned off until they burn completely. They are your best friends when you try to light a fire after a whole day of walking in the cold and intense rain. We all know that rain has its special way of penetrating your equipment and your backpack, so the waterproof container is very useful in such a situation.

It is recommended to use these matches with balls of cotton deepened in Vaseline. In this way, even in adverse weather conditions with not so dry woods, it is possible to light the fire.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

In the end, after all this talk about home made waterproof matches and those you can buy, a question arises: which ones are better? Well, there is not a correct answer for this; For example, if you go camping and take the car, the homemade waterproof parties are a good option. They are cheap and easy to make. Also, your life does not depend on making that fire in bad weather.

If you are going on an outdoor adventure, we recommend you buy waterproof matches. Buy some different products and try them to make sure that when your life depends on them, they will be ready for the task.

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