Ways to become necessary at work, consolidation of the found work place.

So, the work is found. Now the main task facing the former unemployed is not to lose their jobs. How? It is best to be and remain useful in the production where you are involved. Why do your best to improve your professional level. The more difficult it is to replace you with another employee, the higher the likelihood that another reduction will not affect you. 

Ways to become necessary at work, securing for yourself a job.

Master technologies that others cannot or do not want to master. Relearn. Monopolize newly acquired means of production. You will have few competitors. We do not like to work out twice as much for the same salary. But if you learn new technology faster and can work on it better than others, then as long as it remains in service, no one will touch you. Make a career. Take key positions. Let them try then to do without you..

For example, if you work in a commercial company and were able to move from a position as a cleaning plumber to the chief accountant, you are almost 100% insured. Chief accountants are not being cut. They know a lot. What others do not know. They know too much to be offended by dismissal. Under the threat of reduction, start long-term projects. Best of all is something like the construction of the Cheops Pyramid. To be enough for many years. Just be sure to tie them on yourself. To no one else. Or with no one else. If the partner involved in your project agrees to work only with you, then what kind of reduction can be discussed? This approach allows you to save not only administrative, but even production jobs.

I know one very cunning plumber who, even in the current, chronically unemployed time, works in almost ten places. Because he created and secured these places of work many years ago. The technology of his success is simple. He was hired by the organization for obviously low-paying posts. And delighting the authorities, he plowed as the devil of the month and a half. He dragged the welding machine back and forth, cut pipes, put plugs, changed valves. And then he stopped going to work. Naturally, he was fired. And they hired a new plumber in his place. And then it turned out that the new plumber can do nothing. That is, he seems to be experienced, but in this case he is somehow helpless. Whatever makes it wrong.

I don’t understand anything, he honestly admitted. Need a scheme of the whole system.

There were no schemes in place. Or she was completely untrue. To establish the water-sewer truth, full-scale geological surveys were required.

Am I crazy, working part-time, working here from morning to evening? the new plumber was indignant and left.

And the other came and went. Because the plumbing was completely neglected and confused. I had to bow to the previous plumber.

I could say he. But for the extra money.

The authorities were indignant, but quickly dawned that hiring specialists who could solve a water rebus would be much more expensive. And capitulated. Then the prudent plumber, working less, began to get more. And he was no longer afraid that he would be reduced from the place of work. I used my free time to search for and secure a new job. Of course, far from everywhere his reception yielded results. But those five to ten works that he constantly had were enough for him. The general scheme is clear? Well then, act.

And if you are not able to come up with a long-term project or confuse something so that only you can unravel, then it remains to use information as a lever of pressure. Rather, negative information on their leaders. Why do you have to wash the back of the bathhouse, pour vodka, and all that jazz in the free time from the main job. To find out something, publicity of what this boss is afraid. Among scouts, this technique is called compromising.

The dirt is pushed into daddies and put on shelves, after which you can be calm for your future in work. True, we still have to manage to come up with the appropriate legend of cover, successfully throw ourselves, be able to infiltrate the enemy camp, enter into confidence and not reveal ourselves ahead of time. In addition, such scouts are sometimes neutralized by force. Well, yes, this is the cost of the profession.

What illegal methods of work can not afford? Then there are measures of indirect psychological impact on flattery, understatement, the execution of small assignments, demonstration of dog loyalty, possibly with a wagging tail that is knocked out from under his pants, etc. I agree, it’s unpleasant. But being unemployed is also unpleasant. But all else fails. For the same purpose, exit all groupings, except for the group of your boss. Do not engage in local intrigue. Even the most innocuous at first glance.

That’s the intrigue that lives according to its own underground laws. And if you did not organize it, then you will never understand its ultimate goals. Or maybe this conspiracy plotted against the courier is actually plotted against your boss. And the courier is an ignition fuse. If you want to continue working on this job, avoid intrigue. Be especially careful at the new duty station. There, in order to understand who is friends with whom and against whom one is friends, one must live at least six months.

Hence, do not rush to accept the friendship offered to you so as not to be mobilized into the camp of the enemy. First, figure out who you should be friends with and who not. In the meantime, be with everyone equally polite, equally helpful, and equally aloof. Do not poke into other people’s fights if you do not want to be extreme. If you begin to be actively involved in internecine wars, pretend to be an impenetrable felt boot, which in this case is understood as a ram in inorganic chemistry. They will torment you a little, and then they will lag behind. Perhaps this will slightly lower your rating. But I think it’s better to be a little stupid than a lot of unemployed without a job.

If, in spite of all your efforts, you are threatened with dismissal from your job, then, as I said, before you are asked to write a statement, start arming yourself with legal knowledge. Find out what you are entitled to, what not. What is allowed to your superiors in relation to their employees, what is prohibited. Go deep into the procedure of dismissal from the workplace. And wait for the mistake from the employer. Rather, in this particular case, the employee. Wait patiently. In no case not showing their knowledge. Or do not wait, but using the legal lack of education of the authorities, provoke him to that mistake.

And when you get fired from your place of work, cling to highly probable procedural inaccuracies and file a lawsuit. Demand reinstatement, payment of all amounts due during the absence of work, and compensation for moral damage suffered. And when they restore you, warn that the next time you will not give up so simply. Perhaps after that you will be left alone. There are people who like this earn their living.

Not working. In principle, not working. Rather, they work for no more than a month in one place, and then they end up suing and re-judging endlessly, receiving compensation from the employer who violated any forgotten paragraph of the labor law for the time that they did not work. Although they were not going to. On average, a very good salary is obtained. Perhaps they are right. Knowledge must be paid high. And they are in the field of labor disputes docks. Where to another lawyer. So it cannot be said that they do not earn. They simply earn not with their hands, but with their heads.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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