Ways to make a fatal mistake

Imagine that as a result of a serious technological, natural or economic disaster, the infrastructure of the city has been destroyed. There is no medical assistance, law enforcement agencies do not work, stores are closed and every man for himself. Moving around the city, you find a hidden firearm. Most people will say that finding a barrel in such a situation is a success, since survival with a weapon greatly increases the chances. Is this really the case?

The rule of survival with a weapon number 1: Do not know how, do not fight

Having a hunting license and knowledge of basic safety does not mean skill. The ability to properly and safely handle weapons is achieved only by long-term training. If there is no skill, then the firearm found will be a threat to you and your companions.

Rule number 2: In war – as in war

If you are on the territory where there is at least a minimal probability of armed clashes, then do not touch anything. Nothing and under any circumstances, the more unattended unit of firearms. As the experience of the Chechen wars, Afghanistan and Beslan shows, everything can be mined, ranging from scattered bricks and debris to children’s toys, personal belongings and furniture.

We recommend limiting movement in the territory of armed clashes, if possible. If it is impossible to stay in place, then move slowly and carefully, if possible shining a path in front of you with a laser pointer, or at least feeling a twig on an outstretched arm. If you find a mined object – do not touch anything, do not clear it and try to find a workaround.

Rule number 3: Do not become a target, do not attract attention

Militants, marauders and even government services perceive an armed person as a threat and target. These people are more, they are better prepared, they know what they are doing. In a situation of survival in an unknown territory, a person with a weapon will first open fire, and then they will talk.

Therefore, if the first two rules did not work and you took the barrel, then here is the third: carry weapons only secretly.

Rule number 4: The weapon may have their own owners

Heroes of computer games and survival films take and use everything that comes to hand. In fact, only an urgent need and a deadly threat can justify the use of things and values ​​that do not belong to you.

Misappropriation of someone else’s weapons equates to marauders and bandits, but neither the law nor other survivors love them.

Rule number 5: Remember the law!

No catastrophes do not cancel legislation and article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation as amended by Federal Law of 07.12.2011 N 420-FZ: “Illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of firearms, its main parts, ammunition … shall be punished by restriction of liberty for a period of up to three years, or … “and further enumeration of punishment options. A person who voluntarily surrenders a weapon is “exempt from criminal liability.”

Found an unknown weapon? Remember the place, and better take a picture. At the first opportunity, tell the police representatives about the find.

The question of using weapons in a situation of survival is not obvious, and in general is very complex. On the one hand, survival with weapons seems to be great to make life easier, on the other – it can do a lot of harm. Therefore, we must look at the situation and remember the above rules.

Weapon survival: 5 ways to make a fatal mistake

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