We carry every day: What is EDC?

EDC (from English – Every day carry) – It can be used for you to use it.
EDC Subjects:

  • compactness and lightness for backpacks bags
  • sufficient strength and significant shelf life
  • functionality and versatility

Those. you can safely carry it to work, study for a walk, to the store. It is the main feature of such items.

Item set Every day carry It can be selected for a person.

It means that you’ll find a girl. What can I say, it can be in pockets, backpacks, bags, etc. For example: matches, a cigarette lighter, a telephone, a wrist watch, a flashlight, a ballpoint pen, a flash drive, a wallet, a passport, a knife, a bottle opener, a player …

EDC kits can be like for different people.

Ready kits

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