Weapon around us

When I made a license for a traumatic gun, I didn’t spend that much time. Meanwhile, we are surrounded by a weapon of political potential.

1. Guns for spearfishing

Guns for spearfishing are pneumatic and with rubber band. It can be effectively operated only in water. Send a harpoon at 5-8 meters. It can fly further than 10 meters, but not in a straight line and with the loss of penetration.

You can easily kill an adult pig. Checked out in the village.

2. Crossbows

Recursive and block models of crossbows are produced. It’s a little funeral for you to say that “on the knee”.

If you’re looking for something like that?

If you are up to 43 kg / cm 2, you can choose under 85 cm / cm 2 under this weapon.

Special devices will be required, which greatly strengthens the time for recharging. But for the wind of 20-30 meters.

As an example: “Interloper – Tactic” pierced through with a standard tip on an arrow from 20 meters.

3. Luke

As well as crossbows, bows are recursive and block. Have a standard tension force of not more than 45 kg / cm2. This is a distance of no more than 40-50 meters.

The arrows are in the wind. Order, take time.

4. Knives for throwing

In my opinion, throwing knives are a form of effective weapon.

5. Balls and balls from bearings

You can easily pierce your head. Medium-sized balls can be used in case of grenades. The disadvantage is one – their weight.

6. Gasoline for lighters and aerosol cans

For the use of the pyromania, there is no limit.

7. Grinders, drills, saws, etc.

Stopping effect on the attacker.

In general, it would be a weapon! Happy hunting, kaaa …

Weapon around us

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