Weapons for self-defense: is a shotgun a good choice?

Shotgun for decades was considered the best and universal means to protect private property. There is something charming in the sound of the cocking of the pump, which immediately gives confidence in their own safety. Or at least the opportunity to stand up for her. But in our time, a shotgun, as a weapon for self-defense, is increasingly losing its position. It is slowly being squeezed out by a variety of pistols that can be used both in confined spaces of premises and in open space, as well as numerous AR-platforms that are becoming cheaper, more versatile and customizable. And on their background, tangible returns, low rate of fire, and a small shotgun ammunition somehow lose.

But let’s try to figure out whether the shotgun is really ready to give up its positions to heavy-duty pistols and fancy carbines? We think not, and here’s why.

Shotgun is such an effective short-range combat weapon that during the First World War, official representatives of Germany protested against their use. Yeah, the army, which poisoned the enemy with mustard gas and filled it with fire from flamethrowers, strongly protested against the shotguns. Double standards or real recognition of the effectiveness of a shotgun?

The standard shotgun cartridge allows you to send to the target 9 cartridges with a diameter of 8 mm at speeds that most modern pistols did not dream of. This, of course, will not drop the target by 5 meters, as they like to show in Hollywood films, but the energy of each such cartoony is comparable to the energy of a .32 caliber bullet, which is already a lot. In addition, as a result of a single shot, several wound channels are formed, so the chance of inflicting real damage on the target and increasing it repeatedly increases. So even though a shotgun shot doesn’t throw the aggressor away from you, this will be enough for the aggressor to forever engage his craft.

Of course, this firepower has its price – a small number of charges. Although there are opportunities to expand the capacity of a shotgun shop using a shop extension or even drum shops, most of these accessories are rather cumbersome, inconvenient and difficult to use. So those who decided to use a shotgun as a weapon for self-defense would be forced to reload it two or three times more often than those who armed themselves with pistols. However, this moment is somewhat offset by the killing of shots. Even if you fire from a standard 9-mm pistol, in twos or threes, you will have time to produce 5 or 6 volleys, and it’s not a fact that they will be accurate and stop the target. And even one hit from a shotgun can guarantee the instant transition of the aggressor to the “passive” state. Yes, and aims from a shotgun, due to its design, easier, so that the shots will be more accurate.

One of the biggest problems of a shotgun, as a weapon for self-defense, is recoil. It will always be present and interfere with training, as well as in a situation of self-defense, and some may even develop a fear of shooting with a shotgun, or rather, fear of a noticeable blow to the shoulder, which can be obtained in the process of shooting. Fortunately, for a long time there are options and methods that reduce recoil, both constructive and just special cartridges with reduced firing range or caliber, which do not give the same impact, due to which they can be used in a variety of situations. In addition, it is precisely such shotguns recently given preference by police officers. Still, a shotgun should not break a shoulder when fired, as stereotypes are repeated about it.

Another good lesson learned from the experience of numerous shotgun shooting enthusiasts is the fit and optimization of the weapon. Judge for yourself, for one standard training the shooter can spend almost 500 rounds of ammunition. And each of them will give a good return. It distracts, causes physical inconvenience, and at a certain point may cause health problems. Therefore, most professional shooters customize weapons for themselves. Change the pistol grip (if any), butt, handguard … Yes, even the magnitude of the powder charge, as long as the return does not interfere. And it helps – even the 12th caliber is no longer felt in such a destructive way.

In addition, the shotgun is really versatile. Today you can use it as a weapon for self-defense, and tomorrow – in wider application roles. So if you have to do with only one weapon, they must be exactly a shotgun, with numerous accessories that allow you to quickly adjust it to a specific situation. Although without it, he copes well with his tasks.

Like it or not, a good shotgun is cheaper than modern pistols and AR-15 rifles in the basic configuration almost two times. And this is not something primitive and simple, but a reliable and powerful weapon. And with the money saved you can buy accessories and other pleasures for which, otherwise, the funds could not be enough.

Is a shotgun the only effective weapon for self defense? Honestly, no. But it is quite a versatile and powerful tool that certainly will not be superfluous with the active defense of the house. And to say something concrete about the features of the situational use of such a shotgun, you need to try it in action. In training, in a sense.


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