Weapons of the First World War: Fleshetta – death from heaven

World War I became a real testing ground for new types of weapons. But not all of them. Of course, it is possible to classify. Fleshetta (from the French flechette, in German, Fliegerpfeil, in the Russian press of the 20th century, sometimes called the “arrow”) is a special metal arrow-dart, size not exceeding an ordinary pencil. This is a special type of weaponry created during the attacks of the cavalry and infantry.

Fleshetta was used during the Civil War in Russia.

It is worth noting that the combat aircraft was in its infancy. The aircraft were mainly used for aerial reconnaissance and communications. Fighter and bomber aircraft were in its infancy. It shouldn’t cause any surprise. It was particularly popular in Germany. It was shown that there was no evidence of that. arrows at a flying flight. It was noted that it was shown in the series were significantly larger than the actual used ones. flashsets.

German (in the foreground) and French (in the background) flashsetsGerman (in the foreground) and French (in the background) flashsets

As noted above, at first the aircraft were used only as reconnaissance vehicles. For the reason of the enemy soldiers. Indecent gesture after. At the same time, the pilots themselves should have been able to attack their targets.

It was a revolvers, rifles, rifles, light guns.

It is not a problem. It was a little accuracy. He was a bombs guy. In the end, gravity has not been canceled. The destructive power near the ground.

Some German flashsets are specially endowed with the inscription “Invention francaise, fabrication allemande” (fr. “Invented in France, made in Germany”).Some German flashsets are specially endowed with the inscription “Invention francaise, fabrication allemande” (fr. “Invented in France, made in Germany”).

Fleshetta They were invented in France, but they didn’t meet the expectations. It is a small metal rod. It was four longitudinal grooves of a kind of plumage.

Fleshetta bulk or packs fit into special boxes, cassettes, which were hung under the fuselage of the aircraft. They were used mainly against hostile infantry and cavalry in the open, often with a strafing flight. At the right moment, a cassette with a deadly weapon rushed to the ground. The stabilizer or the existing plumage, after which it rushed to the ground. Arrows dropped from a serious penetrating ability. It was noted that they were 15 cm.

In addition, he was a scourge of soldiers and soldiers.

It was his horse, then his horse.

It was not a problem for any problems. They were chosen according to efficiency. At the same time, most of the experimenters are settled down. However, they considered them too bloody and dirty.

It is worth noting that it has been designed for attacking ground targets – by bombs. Over time, their combat effectiveness began to fall. There is nothing strange about it. It was a process of warming up. Under these conditions, it has been shown that the flashsets have been burrowed into the ground.

The Germans dragoons (drawing from a French magazine)The Germans dragoons (drawing from a French magazine)

It is not a problem.

The logs also became an insurmountable obstacle for flashsets. It was not a mass phenomenon and it was an episodic. However, the weapon continued until the end of the war. By the day of 1919 against the white cavalry.

But until the end of the world of weapons did not disappear. The best ballistic qualities of the ammunition, as well as their high penetrating power, still attract gunsmiths. As a result, flashsets were used for ammunition for firearms. For example, similar ammunition for its experimental machine AO-27 chose the Soviet designer DI Shiryaev in 1961.

His machine was designed for use sub-caliber ammunition with a feathered arrow-shaped bullet and a two-sector pallet, which has been separated from the AO-27 barrel. Thank you for your choice of a bullet train (1060 m / s) of obstacles like the trenching pierced through.

In addition, experts are more than assault rifle bullets when they are standing in short bursts from a standing position. However, the AO-27 was not adopted by the Soviet army.

At the same time, the flashsets tried to use in artillery. In particular, they were used for the American army of the United States armed forces (122 mm projectile 3Sh1 with arrow-shaped). , 3ВШ3 and 3ВШ4 shots). They also found ammunition for smooth-bore weapons. In particular, 12 gauge cartridges were created in the form of arrows. It is a 900 m / s. According to some information, the American soldiers used similar ammunition during the Vietnam War.

World War I weapons: Fleshet &# 8212; death from the sky

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