Wearable radio stations

I got into social networking sessions, swoop radio, militarism and preparation / survival. It is not a trump. It can be a question.

First, it’s important to understand wearable radio stations, in future events. It can also be about abstract events, even in the bezponem form so beloved. But any abstraction is reduced to quite certain phenomena. That is, we are not discussing a meeting during a riot. We are discussing the “provide interaction” of the amorphous radio communications. The concept of the range, however. The Territory of the Terrain. In general, the organization of radio communications is the cornerstone of future communications. He has been incapable of the discipline.

The main tasks of communication

So what are the communication tasks?

  • According to correspondents
  • Correspondents – one, one, one, two, two, ten.
  • In terms of frequency of traffic of messages.
  • This is a course of implementation of the exchange of news.
  • According to the type of surface of the steppe.
  • Agreement, well, we finally reached the range. It can be a large city.

Do you understand our radio communication task? The degree of its importance. In these conditions. Number of required wearable radio stations and the possibility of their service. The need for repeaters and / or remote antennas.

What to consider

Once it is the enemy overhears. Even if we have digital wearable radios We recommend that you use your computer’s licensed encryption key, even in this case.

What brings us to the most important thing – the organization of communication. It’s necessary that you have received the radio sign. It’s not necessary to ensure that it’s not a problem. Code tables – at least the most naive. Bring them to each participant. It is not a question.

It is not possible to guess which “pshh … and .. and ..” causes some “khh .. and .. and ..” – Granite or Camille. If you want to nicknames. Do you want to make a call?

Frequencies to choose with sophisticated cunning. Does the adversary use a digit through a repeater? If there are only two correspondents. Change your frequency for you only known schedule. Interceptors as you can.

It is a time when you can sleep or sleep.

Also need to understand the place communication devices and wearable radio stations in user equipment. Some of the Akum, spare antennas, headset type accessories, etc.

Common image wearable radio station (“Walkie-talkies,” as it is commonly called among experts). The carrier. “Shine” So do not.

Need to lay radio for BP in a pouch, protecting it from rain and dirt. It is necessary to place the antenna. It is necessary to connect your audio to the headset, and to your earphone.

It is necessary to establish the current connection. It can sometimes be necessary to prevent interference, thunderstorms, etc.

If we talk about themselves portable radio stations – unequivocal answer “Which is better,” unfortunately, no. There are no options available, but there is no cost. A separate category are wearable radio stations so-called military purposes – dust and sand protection. Examples of such military radios You can look at our partner site.

There are several models that are available for users.

And further …

A very significant moment is not only practical, but also theoretical knowledge of the materiel. You must also be able to move away from the power lines. It is not capable of principle. It is necessary to increase the power. You can’t push anything in your pocket / pouch. In terms of interference, and not in the microphone. Understand you stick out the back of the tree.

It is reasonable to approach the issue. Do not take waterproof single-band wearable radio stations It’s not.

If you take the Chinese crafts for $ 30, then you can’t charge it. (and taking it into account, it will not be significant). There are no rules for their greenhouse ”options. It can be used to choose digital stations. A digital mode requires a digital repeater.

It doesn’t increase smoothly, but in steps. Yes, you can slowly bother you, and then patrols, etc. But there is no need to make your communication system. It’s possible to make a difference.

If you’re on the phone, you’ll be on the phone. You can try this out.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ll get one. Capabilities of your radios for BP never be implemented at one hundred percent. You need to be able to do it. Here is a purely amateur radio approach when planning communication. Just because one task displaces another. Here is an explanation of why redundancy is sometimes multiple.

But why all these difficulties? If you don’t need to splash into a drink. Even a cheap one will help you portable, and why there is no sense of a digital proprietary station.

Information security

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