Weather shelters in the mountains, snow and tropics

And, hello, restless, hello, lovely. Grandpa came to visit? It’s good. Now we have a cup of tea, drink, sit, pobalakat. What did you say, he promised? What are you insatiable and curious. Well, if he promised, so be it, I will tell. You will not burn yourself.

It was a long time ago. I worked as a journalist for one sly newspaper. What was written in it – I don’t say this is a great mystery. But I still remember the adventures I had to try. — sort of like yesterday was. I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, Trifon Evlampievich, with one expedition as an escort. They — If you’re looking for something like that, So, they say, go get ready, tomorrow departure.

Shelter in the mountains

So, at the whim of fate, I first got into the mountains. We flew a group of 8 people – by the plane itself. Helicopter hovering above the meadow on the ground down – trees are tall. Equipment was torn from above, equipment was lowered personally. And since we flew for a long time, we were closer. Therefore, it’s not up to the camp. The sun has set. It is necessary to sit down. Joke to say – mountains: poke somewhere in the dark. You can’t get it.

In the mountains, the weather – the lady is changeable, in 10 minutes 10 times will change. Therefore, the shelter must be reliable. There are landslides, rockfalls, cannons, and It should be considered when choosing a place for the camp. Where we landed, we just moved a little closer to the trees. We inspected around the clearing area to 200 in each direction – what needs to be need. A stream there was found nearby with clear water. –beauty. And they set about laying down the tents.

Since we were 8 people, we were supposed to tents 2 pieces. Tents 2 meters from each other. Pegs firmly secured stretched stretched – all the rank of Chinar. It is not clear that there is a flow of water around it. It was time to cook. I volunteered to cook kulesh. Uh children kulesh – this is such a thing! Now, if you have not eaten kulesha in real life – consider a piece of your life. Restore strength restore That’s what kulesh is.

They began to cook. According to various questions and questions about how he has been seen in life. And that speaks I see dexterity your economic. Yes, well, I answer, life trouble. That experience came. Soon the kulesh arrived, sat down to dinner. I love you, as many as my ears. Yes smacked, yes praised. Kulesh is true, turned out notable. Yes, here the trick is small – If you cook with good thoughts, then you’ll be happy.

But afterwards, it’s not a problem. And then you’ve heard it. It is more difficult to put a tent. First, the site of the stone – This good in the mountains enough. Why stones? This is not to sleep on the ice. Although there isn’t much stone, there’s The tent is also stretched. Harder to make a fire there – and the wall barred from the wind. And the food in the cold to cook longer. And they eat in the same tent – it’s warmer and drier there.

I was glad to see you in early autumn. And the mountains are wooded – from the wind closed. And that people experienced around. It was 3 days. This can be a lot of people. The right thing. But they can give wings. I teach others.

Yes, we flew the same way, only in the opposite direction. First by helicopter, then by plane. We parted as friends, exchanged addresses and telephone numbers. He said that he was So I, thanks to him, and all the sorts of curiosities. And my article was printed. And even the premium was written out. I bought myself a good, warm sleeping bag for this money. And he didn’t take it, rolling around like a white kolobok.

Here is my adventure happened. Yeah… Oh, and you, I see, tea is already finished, My mistress of pies baked, but delicious. Here we go, take you pies,

Snow cover

There is a mountainous place. We flew by plane but jumped with parachutes. Fear I then suffered – and do not tell. Show their shyness – they are all experienced, jumped like hares into a hole. And I kept trying. Yes. So that we’ve been jumping,

There were tent for all. We started collecting knapsacks after landing, but we can’t find a tent. And it’s getting dark. What to do? Wander in the dark – Deal for the body unprofitable. So, they decided to camp like this. They set me up again for the cooker

They say, they say, snow pit will do. If you’re looking for something like this, you’ll have to leave it in the middle of 20-30 cm above. One snow digs, one third of the stenochku tamp windproof. Dug so deep into the meter 3 Sitting on our knapsacks, as in soft chairs. And slept like that – sitting, leaning back and forth against each other. Not, in that pit, it was even warm, did not freeze. – we were dressed, but protected from wind and snow. Early in the morning, we still found a tent. She didn’t notice right away.

But if we spent the night in there, there could be snow trench dig up around the tree. Here it is. There it is quite possible to wait for the night a few people. And in the open snow trench dig like a trench, 1.5 m deep.
Skis, poles are put across – what is there Overlaid with plastic, tarpaulin – chrome – what you find. 20 centimeters of snow. To remain loose, free and hanging down freely. Such a trench – good shelter during a storm.

Shelter snow hut not so deep – if there is little snow. It is important that it can be used to make it to the ground. of the seated person is not visible. From above, it’s not too hard Such a hut can withstand even hurricane winds and blizzards. But if you put the skis and sticks around, it will be snow plague. There is a gap on the door.

But this is all open cover. And there are still closed, they are completely different. They are closed on all sides, and they are much warmer.

For example, snow cave. Slope with deep snow. You start to dig a tunnel 50-60 cm wide, going up or going horizontally – that’s how the slope goes. If you have several people, one second, the second discs. If you are not so much too wet Dug tunnel 1 m deep – start digging a room. It doesn’t mean that it’s not a collapse. For the bottom of the room, it’s not. A backpack or a snow block. Bed – still a step above the floor. Do you need to make a smoke?

Another view — snow hole. Of course, it’s not as comfortable as a cave, but a warmer than a hut, tent or trench, because it doesn’t fly there. It is a 50-60 cm for 1 person, length – on 2/3 growth. Since you have been under your head – take a nap as the night goes on.

Well, about igloo you heard – in these snow houses in the north, eskimo and evenki lived forever.
They are built from snow blocks, which are themselves cut from the crust – strong icy snow. The fires, subsequently dissolved inside, the walls with heat, thus, cementing. The entrance to the tunnel; a chimney opening is necessarily cut in the ceiling. And they live for their breeds and breeds. Yes, you are pies and pancakes…

But this is not all interesting. There is a completely different temperature zone for temporary shelters.

Tropical and desert temporary shelters

In the tropics building a shelter is a snap – there is a lot of building material – lift it from the ground. You can build a dugout, if for a long time, you can build a dugout And from fast – it is a tent, if you are with you; you can cover with grass and palm leaves; hammock stretch between the trees from a piece of tarpaulin. It is more important to choose a place where it can be used, including mosquitoes. Not only do they bite, so they spread every infection. Therefore, we are looking for a higher and pootkrytie. Rain bark, grass or leaves – what are you going to cover there – tiling starting from the bottom. Putting plump and multilayered. To dig out a flute for water drainage along the perimeter. Don’t sleep on the ground – We say you need to go through 4-5 layers. I love you bind a fern, True, it doesn’t protect against different snakes. Well, for this there are first aid kits with vaccines.

In desert everything is much more complicated and dangerous. In addition to venomous snakes, it is difficult. Temperature, like a bunny, jumps from +50° in the afternoon to +5° at night. Here it is necessary to shelter the sun. This is a boulder, it is a sandstone, If there is a possibility, it is possible. So we are not only hiding from the sun, we also keep the body loses very quickly.

But I hope you don’t get there tomorrow. Traveled and well trained. Trifon to tell you about his travels and adventures. And now you have to go. Go, go, yes, my stories remember.

And bless you!

Weather shelters in the mountains, snow and tropics — stories of grandfather tryphon

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