Weekend hike

Salute to all, comrades!

Well, I went wild, I love you again, and I love you again! If they just asked. Fair. They say that I am interested in writing.

Well, it means. On the day off, we went camping with the comrade. It’s like “Cossacks for salt”, just different. It was interesting to grub at the exit to test.

Cognac, I pulled, I will not lie. The hike is warm, you can walk. And he decided to throw the Irish Stew into the pot (see Jerome K Jerome). I like nadisto and right, right? For those who are against the cultivated public to help. So, eat at the exit we need:

  1. Stew. 1 bank. (It opens with a miracle shit with Ali for 50 re-she 11c1 card)
  2. Rollton – 2 packets without seasoning.
  3. Dry powdered potatoes.
  4. Maggi seasonings
  5. Frying

For tea you need:

  1. kankhvetki
  2. coffee at the bag. Does not dampen. The powder is better.
  3. Tea. Crumbly

For this, our campaign was over. We sat down. Naughty. Good luck to you, gentlemen, I will not say anything. The bad is always pajalysta.

In short, the sun you !;)

Weekend hike

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