Wenoka Dive Knife – Underwater Hunter Knife

Knife for spearfishing Wenoka Dive Knife can be called a very good piercing-cutting object. The knife is of high quality and versatility. Used for about 30 years. However, the knife has been used not only by divers.

It is not a problem. Wenoka Squeeze Lock, which fixes the knife in the sheath. But if necessary, you will easily get it. You need to squeeze on the handle and remove the knife.

It has been a regular success that it has been cut straight. There is a flat screwdriver.

Wenoka Sheath – a separate topic. They are universal and can be attached:

  • On belts (lap or other) for a clip;
  • On the buoyancy compensator;
  • On the scuba inflator hose;
  • On foot with a mounting kit.

And now we turn to the details of the knife. Wenoka Dive Knife

Blade type Stylet
Blade length 7.6 cm
total length 16.5 cm
Knife weight 136 g
steel grade AISI 304
Sheath Shockproof plastic
Available colors Black + Gray / Yellow / Red / Blue
Warranty 2 years
Price ~ 75 $

It is suitable for you.

Wenoka Dive Knife &# 8212; underwater hunter’s knife

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