What are the traces of squirrels in the snow: photo

Despite the secrecy of his lifestyle, a typical forest dweller, – a squirrel, leaves many traces in both summer and winter. The hunt for squirrels is done mainly with the help of husky, and traps and traps. In all cases, the hunter must be able to distinguish its traces in the snow or on wet ground. In order to surely recognize squirrel prints in the snow, you can familiarize yourself with what the trace picture looks like from pictures and photos on the Internet.

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Squirrel tracks

What do the squirrel tracks look like in the snowIf a flying squirrel dwells in the forest, its traces can be confused with the usual prints, but the flying squirrels are smaller in size, and the front paws leave an imprint in front, and the hind paws in the back. Flying squirrel is very different from normal squirrels. Its tail is shorter and not so fluffy, there are no brushes on the ears, and on the sides there is a flying membrane that folds when the animal is in a quiet position. It stretches only when flying between the rear and front limbs on each side. Sometimes it leaves an imprint of the whole body on the snow, moving from one tree to another. Unlike the usual forest squirrel, the flying squirrel is nocturnal and quite reluctantly descends from the trees to the ground. If one succeeds in seeing its tracks, they begin and end at the trunk of a tree, while jumping is very short. If the snow is loose and high, there are traces of how the flying squirrel paws along it. Much more often flying dog can be seen by its mark.

Traces of squirrels and other animals

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