What grills are there, which grill is better to buy, spherical, ceramic, gas and electric grills, advantages and disadvantages.

The question of which grill is best to buy is far from simple. The assortment in our time is very wide, starting with small disposable grills and ending with large smoking machines. 

What grills are there, which grill is best to buy, a spherical, ceramic, gas and electric grill, advantages and disadvantages.

One important issue is the need for a cover. Due to the fact that most people buy grills with lids – barbecue, the method of grilling in the American style has become very popular. In the past, the method of cooking on an open grill (barbecue) was more popular..

Grilling dishes with a lid has many advantages. One of them is that you can decide for yourself whether to use the cover or not. That is, you can use the barbecue as a simple grill, but still grind it. This will allow you to cook large pieces of meat or whole fish in indirect heat from coal or other fuels located at the bottom of the grill.

What grills are there, which grill is better to buy, spherical, ceramic, gas and electric grills, advantages and disadvantages.

This takes a lot of time, but often gives simply incomparable results. Heat and smoke under the lid handle food well. If you wish, you can place the grill in the center of a regular fire and cook a juicy chicken or big fish. Use a thick-walled grill if possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain a constant temperature inside it. In addition, light grill models are short-lived.

Spherical grill.

There are many different types of grills. Since the 1950s, grills have been produced with lids to achieve a smoking effect. Weber has introduced on the market, among other things, its world-famous version of the spherical grill called “Satellite”. Because it was very similar to the Soviet spacecraft of the same name.

This model of grill has a lid, and it is designed to ensure that smoke and heat are held inside. Using the valve, you can adjust the temperature and amount of smoke in the grill.

Ceramic grill.

Ceramic grill, inspired by Asian traditions, is very similar to a Weber brand grill. The pioneer here was the company that released the Big Green model. Ceramic grills, which come in all sizes, are characterized by thick walls and a heavy lid. They are airtight, reliable and easy to configure. This brand is for those who love and often grill. But they are heavy and difficult to move.

The problem with spherical grills, whether they are made of metal or with ceramics, is that they do not regulate the height of the grill. But it, in principle, is solvable if, during preparation, products are moved from one zone to another. In indirect heat (without coal) and with direct heat (above coals). There are also grill models with curved rectangular caps, in which, unlike spherical grills, you can adjust the height of the grill.


Smokehouses are used not only for smoking, but also as a barbecue. They are quite expensive, large and bulky, often elongated, with a pipe, and are more suitable for professionals. The simplest smokehouse – upright, cylinder-shaped, often made from an oil barrel.

Gas grill.

In a gas grill, heat is produced by burning gas. Unfortunately, such a wonderful smoky aroma, characteristic of grills working on high-quality coal or wood, will not work on such a grill. But if you use briquettes or low-quality charcoal in an ordinary grill, you will not notice a big difference with a gas grill.

Gas fans quickly warm up and maintain a uniform temperature. There is also no need to use ignition fluid, and you can save on fuel. However, caution is required when using gas. In addition, a little sense of authenticity is lost, as when burning coal or wood.

Gas, coal, briquettes are not renewable energy sources. Therefore, they negatively affect the environment. Some gas grills contain lava rocks. It is a volcanic material with many pores, and therefore it evenly distributes heat.

Electric grill.

Another model that is not very popular: an electric grill. It creates heat by heating a metal element. Approximately the same principle is used in ovens in the “grill” mode. Such grills do not give a good result, but they can be used where for some reason it is forbidden to make fire.

Alternative grilling methods.

Do not neglect the small portable grills. There are many models on the market. They are united by the fact that you need incredible resourcefulness in order to manage to put all the prepared products on one grid. If possible, you can quickly quickly fry a batch of meat, fish or vegetables, and then let them reach readiness on top of the next portion.

Ancient grilling methods.

There are more ancient methods of cooking on the grill. For example, you can dig a hole in the ground, fill it with burning coals. Then put on top a large piece of meat or even a whole carcass wrapped in leaves or aluminum foil. Top it all with earth. Thus, food is cooked slowly using indirect heat underground.

This method was often used by ancient peoples before ovens and electric stoves appeared, but even today it is used. For example, on the Arabian Peninsula and in Latin America.

Another ancient way of cooking is to dig a small oblong hole in which coal is poured. Food is cooked in direct heat. Also, do not forget the old method, which is to slowly but surely rotate the skewer over a burnt fire.

This is a whole art that is often used in restaurants where grilled chicken is cooked. Or if you are frying something on skewers over an open fire. This results in a very tasty crust and a light smoky aftertaste.

Based on materials from the book Grill, machinery, equipment, menu.
Jens Linder.

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