What is a “bushcraft”?

Art is immortal. Especially immortal art of survival. Alexander Sukhomlin

Bushcraft – from the Dutch “bosch” (forest) and the English “craft” (in forest, in nature).

It was a time when it was in the wild.

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Entered into wide use due to television programs. Ray mears, dedicated to the art of survival in the wild.

It is still not going to be true.

Literally “Bushkraft” translates as “Forestry skill” or “Skill.” Canadian instructor in forestry and extreme environmental conditions Mors kokhansky. You have been a tourist.

It should be noted that the concept bushcraft – It can be noted that it can be workers forestry, etc.). Of course, these are the most sudden abortions. What is it?

In the forest with a minimum of tools and amenities. You can make a difference. , mallet, you can use the available spare parts). This is a memory of every nation on earth. It’s a bit like that. But it’s like the science of life.

There were others, if he wrote a book about bushcraft, there was an american trapper Horace kefart – traveler and writer. Practitioner of life in the wild. He spent a lot of time in the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina, USA.

Horace was educated as a librarian, and from 1890 to 1903 Louis, Missouri. During this period, he became fascinated with the study of wildlife, and often went outside. This is a guideline for all countries. Soon he began to feel discomfort from urban life. If you’re in the middle of the North Carolina. It is a lifestyle lifestyle. Studied crafts and skills; Kefart has been written on wildlife subject.

His books And still bushkrafta or forest skills. In 1906, Kephart’s First Book, The Book of Camping and Woodcraft; A guidebook for those who travel in the wilderness. ”This book has been repeatedly reprinted for various kinds of” young naturalists. “

He also wrote books about the area in which he lived. In 1910 – the book Camp Cookery (Cookbook of the Tourist and Survivator) was published. In 1913 he published the book Our Southern Highlanders. This is the Smoky Mountains National Park. Unfortunately, he didn’t, because April 2, 1931 got into a car accident.

According to the national park, it was after him. It is considered a great deal.

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