What is a Camping Bag?

When it comes to the field, the choice is quite wide. The most common solution is tent, but it is useful to know and alternative options. Some of them weigh much less than a full-fledged tent – for example, bivi.

At the time of this writing, I (the author, Karo Ryan – comment perev.) Spent the night under bivi one of them, especially in short exits with one or two nights.

Bivuaczaki There are two main types – and there is no support.

If you walked behind your head, under the flap.If you walked behind your head, under the flap.

What is it – bivuakzak?

To put it simply bivi – moisture resistant materials from below (usually nylon) It is a bag that can hold your skin and a sleeping bag.

Bivouac – camp without shelter Used by military and climbers. “

Everything will fit in a camp bag - a rug, a sleeping bag, a backpack and you yourself.Everything will fit in a camp bag – a rug, a sleeping bag, a backpack and you yourself.

Why use a camp bag?

Bivi If you want to sleep under the tent alone. Bivi This equipment was designed to provide the most difficult conditions for mountain climbing and winter hiking. But for less hardcore travelers, it can serve as a basic hideout.

Of course, he has his “for” and “against”.

Many tourists and travelers clearly prefer & quot; bivi & quot;Many tourists and travelers clearly prefer the “bivi”.

Advantages of bivi

  • Weight: about half a kilo bivuakzaka On the market. It’s a point. bivouac bag, If you can replace it with the same weight and price, or even cheaper.
  • Installation location: If there is a situation? WITH bivi there are no such problems, just deploy it. He doesn’t need all these gadgets. Only a flat area of ​​the mat.
  • Compact size: bivi It’s not just the weight of the backpacker, but it’s also a smaller amount when it’s folded than a single tent. More room for sweets!

Well, it is necessary, how compact.Well, it is necessary, how compact.

  • Comfort: at bivi usually warmer, other things being equal. It is not only free and lighter.
  • Sunset, stars and dawn: If you’re there? Magically.

The bivouac bag.The bivouac bag.

  • Smell: it’s fresh air. Pure, ringing and its a lot.
  • Condensate: this may be a little since you So far, there was only one overnight stay in which the condensate has somehow manifested itself. (See “Flaws”.) For a few minutes after getting out of bivi It was a 99% dry condition, which the tent wouldn’t work.
  • Emergency option: I hope I don’t have a chance to take advantage of this,
  • Lightly came – easily folded: If you easy going, your backpack will fit easily bivuakzaka. My 45-liter backpack with equipment for 4 days of a campaign is located under “hood” bivi (i.e. behind my head). It is not only the backpack from the animals. An additional advantage – it pushes the fabric bivi from your face!
  • Are you afraid of insects? I like to solve the problem of plug and play earplugs. In southeastern Australia, there is little concern for mosquito-borne diseases. However, if your situation is different – just fasten the mesh canopy on your bivi. If he is in your chosen model, of course.


  • Private life: what to say, good luck. Dressing, rubbing the body with a sponge and just being alone becomes a difficult task. For these reasons, if I work as a guide, I take a tent with me.

Yes, there is not enough space to move, change clothes, cook, etc.Yes, there is not enough space to move, change clothes, cook, etc.

  • Entrance and exit: requires training, you will greatly benefit from your creeping skill.
  • Rain, rain, stop: big disadvantage bivi in the rain. The application bivi double-check the weather forecast. If it’s a light drizzle, then it’s a bit more orderly
  • Sitting in the shelter: a bad long stay bivi. Not the best plan for the weekend. Cooking, reading, warming up and everything else that makes our sitting in a scarf bearable – bivi will make NOT tolerable.
  • Condensate: mentioned above in benefits, yes, yes. When the temperature dropped to the bottom of the bag (where my breath went outside) I used bivi The air was relatively dry. I wonder what conditions will be in more humid conditions.
  • Claustrophobia: not everyone likes to climb holes. If you do not like confined spaces, bivi.

And yes, bivi is not for claustrophobes. Especially in the rain.And yes, bivi is not for claustrophobes. Especially in the rain.

As a result, bivi – not for everyone. If you need your choice of tent. However, you can try. bivi.

Source – What is a Bivvy Bag? (And can it replace my tent?)

Bivouac equipment

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