What is a crowd

Anthropologist and psychologist Nazaretyan Akop Pogosovich. Briefly and in the language of the crowd. As well as the methods used by the organizers / provocateurs / special services / social psychologists.

What is a crowd? The crowd is mistakenly called a large crowd of people. This is not true. It is not a crowd of people sitting in the auditorium. Pupils, workers, soldiers are united by one organizational structure. This is a cog in the system.
It’s not a problem. One is a drop in the human river.
Example: A warrior who couldn’t be defeated dozens of peasants. But when the knights tried to unite into one army – they turned into a crowd. It was not necessary to stand in the ranks. While simple uneducated peasants won victories with simple tactical maneuvers.

In this crude example, knights are mobs, peasants are organized structures.

It is a particle of God. It is a small group of people. , rely on knowledge and personal experience). There is a lot of people around them. In the herd.
Nazaretyan’s research showed that the crowd disappeared. Stops thinking and evaluating the situation. “I” disappears and is replaced with “WE”. The framework of morality and rules is erased. This is a case of public motivation. The mind is overshadowed by primitive emotions and instincts. It is a vacuum cleaner that has been supercharged. He is no longer an excited blind swarm. The crowd is dangerous erasing the person in the first place.

What is an emotional infection?

It’s a bit more fun, a bit more fun …

This is an amazing mechanism, conceived by nature itself. During communication, only a third of the information transmitted is words. The remaining two are emotions. We understand the nature of the interlocutor / others. To some extent, we are all empaths.
But the same ability can play against us. The crowd (especially initiated or heated by a leader / provocateur) is a powerful psycho-emotional source. Any passive-minded onlooker is immediately sucked into this “spiritual funnel”. If you’re listening to what you’re listening to, you can feel very bad. All the shields and the body’s conviction: “I don’t stand out, I’m not suspicious …”, etc. If you don’t want to go, you’re no longer part of the herd. Being “not part of the herd” in the herd is dangerous for the animal. And the animal part is well aware.

Conclusion: If you get into an emotionally charged environment Avoid the crowds! You will no longer belong to yourself!

Crowd types

Occasional (random) crowd

“Oh, look, elk on a tree!” – a cloud of onlookers is instantly formed around. A random crowd of people. It is clear that there is no need for information. If an elk passes on a farm, “well, elk, tay elk. And what is this? ”, And in the center of Moscow there will be a rush. Fiction, but expected. In the days of the Soviet Union, people would have been formed …
It can be broken down. I love you can shoot it on the phone.

Conventional (conditional) crowd

This is a meeting for some occasion (convention). For example, a concert, performance, show, event, rally … for example, a symphony. The second group in itself carries a potential threat.
It is a conditional crowd that has been held up. The building is not distributed. After such changes, the crowd can turn from “conditional” into “aggressive”, “panic”, “greedy”, etc.

Expressive crowd

This is a crowd that rhythmically expresses emotions. Any. From admiration and rage. The main feature is rhythm. A chanting slogan (chant) the crowd warms itself up, and the following form:

Ecstatic (from the word “ecstasy”) crowd

In this state, people fall into an even deeper state, make meaningless ritual actions, etc. For example, “the dances of St. Witt “It was a nightmare for people who were so tired. Literally.

Active (active) crowd

The most “decisive” crowd. The consequences of their actions are the greatest changes / damage. Depending on the motive, it’s divided into:

Aggressive crowd

This is a crowd driven by anger, rage, aggression. There is at the expense of the enemy. It will be your choice. He immediately fell into a different form. Begin to rob (“greedy crowd”), or to panic in case of failure.

Panicked crowd

Where justified the justification of the panic. The term “panic” is derived from the Greek god-shepherd Pan. Where is the connection? Introducing: night … Silence. In the barn, round lambs are snoring quietly, tossing and turning. Bad weather is approaching
Babah !!! Sky breaks lightning. Sheep begin to shout, shove each other, run in different directions, stumbling and falling. In the blind, the horror of the horror … Panic, in the word.
It is forbidden to use. Why? It is a heart attack from predatory teeth.
As it turned out, it’s no longer a animal. There are individual and collective panic. Both species are completely infectious and dangerous. This is a person who has lost his time. ) and do not understand at all. There is no need for a “run”, “save yourself”, “run faster” work.
Unfortunately, there has been a far-fetched / fictional / exaggerated threat. It is a fact that it is possible to get out of it. It is better to consciously make a step by step.

Sweeping (greedy) crowd

I’m gonna make it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it. star, distributing autographs … Yes?
This animal property has been successfully used in sales. Artificially creating a rush / shortage), etc. etc.

Rebel crowd

For a number of signs indistinguishable from the usual aggressive crowd. However, this is a completely different type. Interestingly, justly indignant people behave differently. It’s a “greedy” or “panic”, then it’s a group. People united by an idea (rather than rage, malice) quickly show signs of organizational structure. There are leaders and responsible persons (for the supply of food, communications, medicine, for example).

Crowd control and manipulation

Very interesting about this, said Akop Pogosovich himself. He recalls how after each pogrom, officials shrug, they say, “the crowd is uncontrollable.” Then move on to the provocateurs. This is all provocateurs, they brought the crowd. And here you need to put on the barbed wire. More. So that it was unstable …
And the provocateurs managed to control the crowd. What is she then “uncontrollable”?
More than five hundred years ago, European institutions developed the mob manipulation techniques. Neither the methods nor the people (oddly enough) have since changed a bit.

It can be predicted. It is a woman who is on his own! They also need to do something.

There is a way for a crowd control. If you’re ready to make a reservation. The question is what, how much, how much, or not.

The spirit of the “out of the control” (not uncommon under alcoholic or narcotic intoxication) They just shout “Come on! Krasava! So them !!! We are with you, ”etc. Then, behind the core, onlookers more or less freely accumulate.
Consider the options for influencing the aggressive crowd.

The transformation of “aggressive – onlookers” through the core

An example of the most unreliable and dangerous, but the most humane method. In the crowd, everyone has his strength and impunity due to anonymity. Operators, people with telephones (with a camera) are installed on the crowd. I was just standing. In a bottle of juice. Peach. “Experienced teachers, for example, rarely say” class, quiet! “- there will be no sense, they say:“ How long is it for you? ”
It was not a great deal of danger.

“Aggressive – onlookers” through the periphery

Again, you’re bored! Somewhere in the five hundred meters accident. Moreover, the more spectacular – the better (as people like): the timber truck collided with a cistern with a beer. The people in tears (how many woods are gone). The periphery is more interesting. It is clear that there will be no need for defense forces.
Humanely (without an accident) mega-stars. The task to catch the attention. By any means. It’s not the same. Can not be solved by arms.

“Aggressive – Panic”

Quite an extreme and cruel method. But there is no choice. The dangers are as follows:

  1. but unlikely, but also go to the attack
  2. there will be a lot of victims (trampled, strangled, wounded). These victims are provoking.

Again we are ready to storm. Splash it out, shout something classic like: “They will shoot !!!” Oh god, we’re all gonna die! I do not want to die !! ”, Then a couple of pops of firecrackers (or real shots) …

“Aggressive – greedy”

Rough and dishonest method. However, it always works flawlessly. The trick is a switch. For example, it’s official, or a supermarket, or a bank … you. It is a sign on the Xbox. The freebie has not been canceled.
For some people, sometimes they wondered out, for example: he was asleep and the villain disappeared.

“Aggressive – expressing”

The expressing crowd is rhythmic. Aggressive – no. Surprisingly, if it’s a rhythm – it will become expressing. That is a mob rushing to arrange lynching and outrages. Suddenly, loud and groovy music (rhythm and starts to dance). Music can hold for as long as necessary. Up to complete loss of strength.
Military engineers couldn’t be confused with sound cannon.

“Aggressive – aggressive”

You should take your hat off A.N. Tolstoy, Sorokin, in the novel “Going on a Chill”. This successful example is also considered in the works of Nazaretyan. It was a battle of his life. Retreat or defend there is no possibility. “With your words!”, “It’s your enemy!”. Specified here was torn to pieces. Dead man turned into a leader of the uprising.
The concept of consciousness is very hypno-assertive. This means that he becomes inspired. The herd needs a leader. Therefore, it is very dependent on provocateurs, commanders. Having been given the order.
This method is very dangerous. It is often used to prevent pogroms / killings is not peaceful. Crowds point to one enemy, then to another. Substituting less important objects.


It is an understanding of its psychology. Depending on the type and level of change. It is necessary to understand it. It is necessary to choose the psychology of animals.
It’s easy to manage.
It has been agreed to leave. It’s not a move. Do not try to manipulate the crowd yourself! This is the work of experienced psychologists. Trying to subjugate people (if you’re pupils), you can’t only get them. The best way to protect yourself from the aggressive crowd is:

  1. keep cool and composure in any situation
  2. Do not go to the crowd. Do not attract attention.
  3. avoid large crowds. Even though it is a lot of fluffy kittens can turn into a deadly crush. And the thoughtless actions of some insane (drunk) cause panic altogether.

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