What is a GP?

Each treasure hunter (abbreviated GP), inherited from the Great Patriotic War. It has been noted that it has been repeated.

It should be noted that garbage collects food. Try to answer these questions in this section.

It is an explosive item, for example, it is an explosive item, it is an explosive item. Purpose of the explosion of splinters. Carrying, storage, sale, etc. etc. If this is a 100% article no. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Deactivation of GPs

If you’re looking for a vop, you’ll find out how to use it. GP becomes a safe layout (fake). It is also possible to fill the containers. A safe dummy is a GP, it is no longer possible to deactivate it. For example, it is customary to drill rounds. Make sure it is no longer possible.

It should be noted. You can read about it below.

If you’re finding a GP, you must always be able to contact the police station or the FSB. But for that matter, it’s possible that it’s “for the voluntary surrender …”. He wants to go back to ground or gently in a swamp. But remember that transferring a GPM can be a very undertaking. He can not find it. You can try the GP in the fire. But it’s not a problem. From practice, it has long been known that GPs sometimes exploded at the most inopportune moment. It can be a case when it comes to your fire. Remember that it is already impossible to return to such a fire! Accidental mushroom pickers or hunters; a fire may occur.

It has been established that Saperny dumping is a hard pit, clogged with GPs, Not detected by conventional instruments. It has been a great deal of effort to ensure that it’s possible.

Is it possible to deactivate GP? – of course yes! Moreover, almost any GPs can be deactivated. Shot, not shot or rotten. This requires a great experience. And even the most rotten knot (grenade) has a chance to explode and inflict very heavy and even fatal damage. Starting from hitting a shovel or probe in the GP. From 0.001 to 99.2% of each of your choice, regardless of your training. Remember that even the most experienced specialists are undermined.

Soviet grenades

A hand grenade is a rather complicated device, but there are a few simple rules. Russian grenades RG42, UZRG or F1 with Koveshnikov’s fuse are standard finds. But in forensic laboratories during the examination, it’s not unscrewed from them. It is not clear that there is a 5% increase in the amount of heat that was taken. For example, it can be used as a form of cobalt, for example. , have a 95% chance of detonation and. It is easy to remember that it will give a 95% chance of death. It goes something like this? There will be no slowdown here. Just a blast of all joys of life.

It gives you a 50% chance of detonation during the process. . It is a 99% probability of detonation. It is like that it’s coming out. Of course, you have 1% for your complete dampness.

Look at the spring and a drummer on it. Ringing the ring with the ring, which immediately fall off. It will depend on the grenade. And if the grenade is shot? CD is there whole. Grenades. If you are looking for a stick, you can’t stick with it. If the CD was stupidly broke off, then again we have 99% detonation.

I hope you get your hands in grenades.


Sometimes there are fuses from the F1 grenade, which have not been in grenades. In the case of cold water, it was released from the water. In the bonfire, they are pop and snort without explosions. Thundering bag is dampness; when only it’s wetted, it’s possible to keep it cool. But if you’re putting on a straw, it’s possible to cause an explosion.

Successfully unscrew the darkened fuses without white bloom. Damping the CD inside the grenade at 5% will cause the release of the CD. This is followed by the CDM, and the worst case. , they will create a crystalline “bridge” with TNT. Which when unscrewing the detonator will jerk immediately. It is true that when it comes to the threading, it’s true to it. But – the most important thing! There are no external signs of this process. It should be taken into account. GPs with plug-in composite detonators. It should also be a matter of course, it should be noted that it has been a nutritious explosives. The same thing is very capricious.

German grenades

First, let’s talk about knockers. They were not all options. There are anti-tank options. Dozens of knots, turned into an evil fascist sapper into ersatz mines and ersatz grenades, knocks without handles. Do not forget about the instant action with a drummer and CD. Do not forget it, you can’t make it, it’s not 8. Do not forget about knockers filled with phlegmatic hexogen. You want it.

I hope that this description is enough to start. Teach materiel

It is worth returning to CD description. 8. It is designed to be a fire beam. It is also undesirable to deform it. What will be the strength of the explosion? Let’s just say it is ten times more than the explosion of explosive mercury. 1 gram of lead azide on the surface of a pereshiba 30h60mm board. 0.2 g of lead azide in CD No. 8 leaves several bloody scraps from the brush. KD no. 8 from a standard torsion fuse is from 1% to 80%. This is normal in practice. But if he was soured, I would not advise rape him. But many people are lucky with them at first. By the way, when released it gives a lot of melted aluminum droplets flying up to 5m. And remember – aluminum detonator – lead azide. Copper – rattling mercury, which is 10 times more dangerous!

33 and RPG. Axiom – knocking the fuse is prohibited. Below is a cap under the drummer. Top CD from the rattler. We have 85% of the chance of damping of the primer and 90% of the minimizing of the primer. The handle can be on combat platoon in both 33 and RPGs. And they remain on the parapet and abandoned very well. The main thing is to be very carefully very carefully.

There are also Hungarian grenades … Romanians, Italians, Spaniards, Finns, PMV, rifle, pistol, rifle, cumulative grenades. The main thing is to not regret the time and traffic. There are two rules for handling them. Do not know, do not go. And the second – even if you know, think twice. Suddenly you know not everything? What if there is some other fill? What if a trap? More from the factory? There is something to think about.

On this educational program for grenades, I consider it over.


It would not be necessary to ensure that it can be reduced to about 1.5 kg. That is an explosion. This can be read even in books for ammunition equipment.


Shot or not, different calibers. If the body is destroyed, it can be triggered by the CD itself. In the floodplain, in the forest swamp, fuses rot most strongly. Chernozem also spoils them normally. How do shells lie or stick in the ground? Shot? Do not ass up? Here it is, shoveling it, and stronger. The mortar mines, and there are usually aluminum fuses too. It is 41-42 years old. And they generally stick up with their tails up. GPUs with rotten explosions cannot be disassembled. Too much fun in their percentage of detonation jumps. From 1 to 99. Carry out the shells (only when absolutely necessary) – only horizontally, mines out. Not in the direction of cigarettes and not up sideways. Only where the tail is looking. The percentage of detonation varies from 0.001 to 99%, the percentage of detonation varies by 10%.

If the fuse is a whole? The fuse is cocked, the cigarette sticks out exactly where it should be. The body has long rotted. As a result, we’ll get a little bit of a priest when shears the mines. Therefore, mines lying tails top pull rope. But it should not be noted. Up to explodes 5 meters above the ground, falling asleep happy process watchers with shrapnel. It is clear that it’s clear that it’s clear. Therefore, the mortar-laying mines are dropping back and putting a pole. Let the MOE undermining. Or let the competitors find it.

A cigarette can, of course, be pulled out of the remainder of the fuse. This will make mine much less dangerous. But it is useless. Described above, it will give nothing sensible. Fuse something from this less rotten will not. Secondly, it is a real sapper. And thirdly: it is dangerous. Particularly dangerous, it is not necessary to fix the hair. It is a “device” that can be seen. can go back to the CD. Therefore, I will give this process a 30% chance of undermining a mine, but I will say that it is not necessary. Not impossible, but it is not necessary. Be prudent!

But it’s a bit difficult to beat. Claythorn and then bury it. Neatness first. Easier not to touch, and quietly fall asleep. It may be advisable to carry a sandbag especially for such cases.

If fly with bakelite. So this is not a fly. Plastic detonators were placed in the batches. German is very sensitive. Shooting a half with such a head off only competitors. It was a little time for you to give it a 10% chance. All because of its sensitivity. But it’s difficult to turn them. The first – you need a key fitted to 0.3mm. It’s a bit blunt from 0.1% -3% to all 85%, depending on your choice. And even if you manage the fuse capsule, it will remain inside the mine. But to pick it out is much more difficult. It is gentle, it gives you 60%, and it picks up a CD with a hook of 60%, depending on your hook. Dig it right away to the glory of future generations of diggers. Let rejoice. And do not even think about picking! 3-5 meters, if necessary, should be in the pit, knee-deep. And if the inscription “MP” is on the plastic, then the mine should not be buried or drowned. If you can find it, it will not jump from 0.1% to 50%. It is difficult to find. And they often burst and crumble, which is very unpleasant. Trying to deactivate such a device. Painfully, they are unpredictable due to their key to simply leakage.

From these statistics, you ask. If you write, you can’t make up your mind. 0.1%. then every 4th (and last) mine is yours.

If you haven’t been in a row, you can’t find it. Can they be considered safe? Completely! They are in boxes, neatly stowed. BUT! Think, well, who were they neatly sprinkled with sand? It is one thing if they are dumped “in a hurry” into the trench. Then it is a militant, and everything is clear there. It is a discharge of less than 1%. For the most part Therefore, he left his feet on the ground before his finished death. But there wasn’t you, but you? This is unlikely. If you’re at the bottom of the water, you’re not given it. Deep save, you know …

Once we caught mined shells 122mm. Apparently – it was a surprise from the partisans. In shells, there was a TNT block with a soured detonator (under the fuck wire). I had to check it out. But having uprooted one shell, they were immensely surprised. Under it was a F1 grenade. It was simply thrown together. Only then noticed. We also noticed that there were no checks in it. But the cap kept. It was carried away from the gully. It has been a lot of effort. It was clear that it was clear. Since then, I realized that time is not power over ammunition. We also had one case in practice. We found a signal, a dug a hole. There damn German anti-tank. Beneath it is another. And one more. And one more. And there is a figure of eight and a cord. Az23. Without cap and string. Rather, rotted rope. The nail was unscrewed Lucky us. But even in the 70s a crow would feed well.

Found fifty-fifty dollars without dets. In order not to pull them out, they decided to burn them out. Lit a fire, stand a meter away, do not touch anyone. With the words “well, we are breaking through dugouts” in the nearest bushes. I’m not really lost on a lot of time, I’m not really lost on my life. Three minutes – no reaction. Mines thrown out of the fire on the meter. In 19 mines, 15 vyhibnik (15 later found only 5) worked. Moral: even burning the safest POPs can sometimes be dangerous.

By this way, remember that this is MD-5.

In our places, they declined. Moreover, it was said that it was a freshly sacked sleeve, respectively, not shot. Once again, I’m taking it out. What and other advise. I’ve been able to check out for those who’re bored. And the collection is replenished and alive.

It is not necessary to take into account the capsule and the fungus. A cylinder – a cap with a kerf. So when fired, it settled on this cylinder. Springs are not there. It’s easy to get 80 percent off. It can not even be deactivated. Be extremely attentive!

Once it’s been a grenades, it’s a bit like it’s gone, it’s got it, it’s a … it is clear that this process is 100% safe, but I’m looking for a friend , let’s go, enough tea to drive. It was on, after the forest was wet. I’m not able to explain, I’m not able to explain, but I’m not able to explain. Well, there were no fuses in them. It has been found that it has been a metal detector.

Not long ago, I came across two beautifully preserved 82 mm. German mortars, on one even native color. With fine aluminum fuses. Started toad choke. I thought for two reasons:

  1. Plastic capsule.
  2. This life is not worth it.

Threw one into the fire. Worked expelling cartridge. The capsule made of itself felt. It has been noted that it has been taken for a long time. It was burning and slowly flowing out. I’ve not been able to remember how much time has passed. With great hope, put the second mine. Then there was an impressive explosion.

From this we can draw conclusions. You shouldn’t be able to find out how to read knowledgeable people. It is better to buy.

I discover explosive objects?

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