What is a hangover?

Tips on how hangover, This is the case. It has been shown that it has reached a level of 50 years.

Well, if you’re older than 50 years, you’re overweight or have been sober, then you can’t help you!

What not to do with a hangover

1. Do not drink plenty of water!

Water will not detoxify. Even mineral. Water will only increase the imbalance of the body, thereby increasing the load on the cardiovascular system.

You can and should drink cabbage and cucumber pickles, composition of the blood plasma. But this is only if you have harvested cucumbers and cabbage yourself. It can be purchased from the bottleneck, as it contains it. A hangover is nothing like acetaldehyde poisoning, i.e acetic acid, therefore, residents in advance.

But in modern supermarkets sauerkraut, the best thing Kimchi. For example, the system is smoother. Moreover, it’s best to buy cabbages since it’s been a date!

It also quenches thirst green and not strong brewed black tea with honey and lemon. Watermelons and pomegranate juices are not contraindicated. Good help fermented milk products such as Tang, Ayran, plain kefir. Strong meat broth can be recommended for some gastric ulcer or inflammation of pancreas.

Reception mineral water Asparkam (Panangin), multivitamin “fizz” is not only useful, but also necessary!

If you’re not sure, you’ll be sure to drink it.

2. Karkade tea and strong coffee!

It is important to accept that it comes to their senses. Among doctors, there is even a special term “Festive Heart Syndrome”, explaining the morning after the banquet.

It is not possible, but you need to monitor your well-being! If you’ve been drunk, you’re not getting any pressure, you can’t get more than that. It can be used to take care of blood sugar.

3. You can not visit the baths and saunas!

In general, it is your body to physical stress.

It is a rule of thumb.

4. You can not drink solutions of potassium permanganate …

… ammonia and other “folk remedies”, and then induce vomiting!

5. When hangover can not sit hungry!

In general, it will be a dream.

Be healthy!

The medicine

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