What is a mobile bath: how to make the right choice

After long ascents or rafting, many kilometers of marches of throws and the conquest of mountain peaks – the body just needs a good rest. Perfectly charges the battery of vitality – bath. Where to find her on top of a mountain or in a thick taiga forest? Take with you!

  • What is a mobile bath?
  • 2 Popular brands of ready-made baths
    • 2.1Altai
    • 2.2Nova Tour
    • 2.3 Mobiba
  • 3 with your hands
    • 3.1Tent with a finished stove
    • 3.2Tent with frame and homemade stove
    • 3.3 Home-made tourist steam room from improvised means
    • 3.4Video – Homemade bath for trips to nature

What is a mobile bath?

A mobile bath is a portable structure, which by its properties corresponds to the classical, usual to us, immovable wooden structure. Such a structure has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider them in more detail.

Altai mobile bath from the company teplodarThe advantages of the stove for a mobile bath “Altai”:

  • The furnace keeps within a traveling bag, and inside it the disassembled modular flue is located.
  • The legs of the furnace are securely fixed both in the assembled and in the disassembled state, which allows the whole structure to resist tipping over even with strong wind.
  • The stove is equipped with a fireproof glass door, with the result that the fire illuminates the space of the mobile bath.
  • The whole set of mobile bath easily fits in the trunk of a car.

The manufacturer’s website https://www.teplodar.ru/ also presents other products of the Teplodar company, ranging from stationary stoves for a bath and ending with high-quality universal boilers for heating suburban housing.

Nova Tour

The company Nova Tour offers a product of light construction, which is characterized by ease of assembly and wear resistance. In the proposed bath there is no frame – this is probably the only negative nuance. Travelers will have to collect the frame on the spot from scrap materials, or purchase the finished structure separately in the store.

The design of a mobile bathIn the rest, the mobile bath from Nova Tur, pleases consumers with excellent quality. Its undeniable advantages and features include:

  • Ease. The sheathing material is polyester in combination with nylon threads;
  • Heat resistance. Its main purpose – heating, bath performs perfectly. The material of Poly Taffeta from which the bath is made is durable, resistant to UV light and moisture;
  • Tightness. The double plating design, double-sided zipper at the entrance – all this creates ideal hermetic conditions;
  • The presence of window openings. The small windows in the bath provide natural light and help ventilate the room at any time.


Mobiba company offers a wide range of portable baths, differing in shape, volume and design. Appreciated the baths Mobiba youth. The company has in its range of designs, both for individual use and dimensional baths for a large company.

mobiba mobile bathMobiba baths have the following technical and quality characteristics:

  • Aluminum frame. In the manufacture of used not ordinary aluminum, but a special alloy, which is durable and lightweight;
  • Fabric base – Oxford. This material is durable and resistant to moisture;
  • Double coat layer;
  • It is possible to use the heater for heating;
  • Variety of colors

Manufacturers recommended for use inside the baths of special wood-burning stoves.

Ready-made mobile baths are convenient, but not always affordable. If you still decide to buy a branded bath, pay close attention to the quality of construction and material, and also examine it in the assembly. Too long and complicated installation process is a significant disadvantage.

There is, however, an opportunity to save on the purchase of a bath, not at the expense of quality. You need to assemble a portable structure yourself. If you follow simple rules, you will get an excellent mobile bath without a hole in the budget.

Do it yourself

The standard portable design is as follows – a folding frame, a tent made of waterproof material and a stove heater. We offer you a selection of the simplest and at the same time reliable projects to create a mobile bath with your own hands.

Tent with a finished stove

tent with a ready stoveThis bath is a tent without a bottom, with a stove located inside. To build it you will need:

  • Aluminum tube. Diameter up to 12mm;
  • Metal grommets;
  • Awning with a protective skirt;
  • Glass cloth sleeve;
  • Kamenka;
  • Chimney

The build process is as follows:

  • Creating a frame. To do this, it is necessary to bend aluminum tubes into arcs, arrange them perpendicularly to each other and fix them with eyelets;
  • Overlay awning. The process starts from the top – the center of the awning is fixed at the place where the tubes are crossed, then the fabric is evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the frame and secured with locks and hooks. At the end of the tent floors are fixed on the pegs;
  • Skirt overlay. It is located around the perimeter of the future bath and is pressed down. This will provide protection against blowing;
  • Installation of the heater. The stove should be located no further than 11 cm from the edge of the awning. For greater heat radiation, it is recommended to put bricks or stones on the stove.

Tent with frame and homemade stove

This version of the bath-tent differs significantly from the previous version using not the finished stove, but its own arrangement. Materials that will be needed for assembly:

  • Aluminum tubes;
  • Waterproof tent;
  • Skirt

By its configuration, the build process is similar to the previously described option. There are only some technical differences. The phased process looks like this:

  • Creating a frame. The tubes are bent, superimposed on each other and secured in the center with wire, tape or rope;
  • Overlay awning. The material is tensioned around the perimeter and secured with locks, hooks or zippers;
  • Build a furnace. On the ground are laid in several layers of firewood and stones. After the fire is kindled and the stones burn hot, the burning can be stopped;
  • On the heated stove, the assembled frame with an awning is transferred and fastened with eyelets, lined with a skirt to protect against blowing;
  • The entrance of the bath should be located in the opposite side of the stove.

Self-made tourist steam room from improvised means

Of the recipes presented, this is the most time consuming since all the attributes of a bathhouse are assembled by hand. By its structure, this bath also has a frame, a stove and an awning.

The process of creating such a mobile bath looks like this:

  • Creating a heater. It can be built in two ways. Either in a dug hole lay a layer of stones, and not wood, on top of a flat boulder. Either on a flat surface immediately put the stones, and then the wood. During the combustion process to maintain the required temperature;
  • Frame installation. In this case, instead of aluminum tubes, you can use flexible elastic branches of trees. They must be installed in the same way as the previous recipes;
  • Overlay awning. Instead of shopping cloth, you can use polyethylene (in several layers), tarpaulin, Taiwik, etc .;
  • Reinforcement can be made with a skirt made of the same material as the awning;
  • To increase the comfort inside the bath, you can make a log as a bench, and cover the earthen floor with spruce and oak branches

Mobile outdoor bath, assembled by all the rules with his own hands – this is a great way to improve your health. When using suitable handy materials, such a mobile bath also saves a lot of financial resources.

Video – Homemade bath for trips to nature

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