What is a tactic: shoot or outwit?

Speaking abstractly, it’s like chess, well, or as a preference – which is closer to someone. As it was right in the movie “The Dawns Are Quiet Here”:

“War is not a mind.

The fact is that perfect tactical situation – This is where the destruction of the enemy took place. That is, it is not a one-gate destruction. Rotation and stirring occur around this situation. In fact, each group tries to outplay the enemy first and foremost by tactical level. That is, to organize an interception or ambush. Catch the enemy at the most inconvenient moment for him (and convenient for him). It has been shown that it is necessary to ensure that it is not a problem.

In fact, this is primarily an intellectual confrontation. It is someone who has been “smarter”, who has been “improving his mind,” Who has great intelligence resources?

All this is made up of individual tactical skills, at the level of the individual group and its members. That is, tactics are not only collected from external factors, such as:

  • terrain influence;
  • climate (seasonality, weather, light);
  • operational environment;
  • intelligence (introductory and group)

It is clear how to make it. And now we are talking about group tactics. It becomes just a group one. It is an individual knowledge. tactical skills, such as:

  • orientation of the technical equipment, GPS and compass;
  • reading maps;
  • of targets and threats;
  • disguise;
  • movement;
  • ability to plot a route;
  • possession of personal weapons;
  • individual skills on specializations (both weapon and additional, providing communication, rendering PPM);
  • possession of additional funds (detection and fixation).

This is not a complete list, but it even makes it clear tactical capabilities groups. And even if there is a “sagging”, it can be leveled.

In addition, we should not forget about the purely group disciplines. Such as:

  • group building;
  • distribution of tasks among fighters;
  • definition of sectors of responsibility;
  • mate insurance system.

It is clear, yes? It is the time when the races, the whole eternity passes. This is a purely auxiliary. Of course, if a person doesn’t know how to shoot, then no. However, it can be up to 300 meters. It is clear that in the direction of the enemy is not a problem.

If you can’t beat him up fire contact tactics, competently combining various elements:

  • Shoot to kill;
  • Fire to suppress;
  • Disturbing fire;
  • The use of machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades and grenade launchers.

It just depends gun possession the skill is “combat interaction“:

  • orientation of the fighters;
  • adjusted communication and signal system;
  • cover and evacuation of a fighter;
  • providing cover to one fighter group.

Assignment of the KKK group (Command – Coordination – Control) are also sent skills.

Do you understand the volume, yes? But we are also defensive. As for the example of the situation, the situations of specific combat missions:

  • Evacuation of the wounded / VIP (CSAR group);
  • Installation of the security perimeter (while keeping the person / event / location of the operation);
  • counter ambush activities.

Or, for example, in general:

  • Conducting exploration (deep, front);
  • The organization of a long-term observation of the object or terrain;
  • It was desirable that it would be unnoticed.

In short, you can create your own task list. It’s possible that And all this is determined tactics. And both the group and the individual.

This is what is called tactics. It has been noted that it can be used to make it out. movement. Tactics, it is everywhere and in everything is the basis. In fact, skill of any level, put on literate tactical actions, it makes it easier to use it. tactical picture of the world.

The person expands his own tactical capabilities and, accordingly.


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