What is a wearable emergency stock (NAZ)

If you’re on a trip, you could lose all your equipment. However, if it’s not a problem, then it’s recommended.

Wearable emergency stock (abbreviated NAZ) – It is a list of conditions.

Individual NAZ

NAZ weight should be minimal. Each element is also selected according to the ratio of efficiency and weight. The container is durable and sealed. All elements of the NAZ meet the requirements of simplicity and functionality.

Is outside the backpack, ideally somewhere on the belt. In the case of loss of a backpacker, it can be thought out.

Contents of NAZ and description of items:

  1. Torch – LED, small size. The LED flashlight has been compared with incandescent bulbs.
  2. Liquid compass. It is an azimuth pathway. The liquid in the compass amp;
  3. Candle – paraffin. It can be used for lighting and lighting.
  4. Lighter – gas. The gas lighter has pros and cons. It is very difficult to ignore. Therefore, matches are also taken.
  5. Multitool It is a significant number of various tools. The main components are: knife, pliers (combined with nippers), screwdriver, scissors, saw, bottle opener, file, awl, magnifying glass.
  6. Wire saw. Building a shelter or for fuel. The saw is quite light compact.
  7. Akvatabs or manganese. Designed for disinfection of drinking water.
  8. Whistle. For example, the signal for generating audible signals. Sharp and uncharacteristic dl. It can be used for any conditions; it will attract a significant amount of energy.
  9. Hunting matches (in sealed packaging). Serve as a reserve for lighters. You can be ordinary, if they soak with molten wax.
  10. Fishing gear. Hooks, fishing line, sinker, leash.
  11. Sewing supplies. Nylon threads, needles, pins. It can be used for repairing clothes or shoes.
  12. Signal mirror. Light signal reflecting light rays.
  13. Wet wipes – with antibacterial effect. Used for cleansing from dirt and disinfection of wounds, abrasion, etc. d.
  14. The bactericidal adhesive plaster. Designed to close small wounds and abrasions, prevents re-infection of the wound.
  15. Condom (plastic bag). Water tank, if you put in a sock. The condom is pulled along and filled. If you need it
  16. Dry fuel – in a sealed package. Simple, lightweight, compact, powerful source of heat. It will help you make a fire in any weather.
  17. Signal hunter (rocket launcher). It is intended for multi-color signaling.
  18. Wire. 1.5-2 m wire length can be used in a difficult situation. If necessary, you can repair shoes or clothing. Used for various fixtures. The wire is light and does not take up much space.
  19. Rope or nylon cord. Used for household needs, with a diameter of 4-6 mm (bowstring for bows, stretching for tents, fixing of various objects, drying equipment, linen, etc.).

Ready kits

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