What is BP: The history of international paranoia

There is an interesting phenomenon in the Russian Internet. It is called – “survivalist“. So call themselves people who are consciously preparing for the onset of the “doomsday”. In terminology vyzhivashchikoin the phenomenon of the Apocalypse is called “Big Fucked” or simply BP. Starting with communication on thematic forums, the phenomenon has moved into real life – survivors prepare stockpiles of food and equipment, master weapons and vehicles, arrange secret warehouses and caches in case of an offensive BP.

It serves as a recurring theme for trolling them from ordinary people who consider survivors paranoid. In turn, survivors All are called “vanilla”, which gives rise to associations with the terminology of the BDSM community. Some issues that are discussed in the thematic forums survivors, they have practical meaning and can be applied in reality, while others cause wild laughter in an understanding person.

And this phenomenon itself is far from new. From the beginning of the 50s, in the midst of the “cold war”, a real hysteria reigned in the United States about the likely nuclear conflict. Rich farmers and wealthy townspeople dug up anti-nuclear bunkers, stored water, food, weapons, fuel. A striking example of this behavior is the film “Tremors”, where a rich arsenal American survivalist Bert Gammer’s great help to the heroes in the battle with the monsters. However, this is a unique (besides fictional) case. For the most part, all these refuges turned out to be completely unclaimed – in fact, a waste of time and money. Some of them today have Cold War museums.

The history of international paranoia

Present American survivalist today is not extinct. Although it is much less common than half a century ago. As a rule, it is a person associated with a weapon or a hunter. Often, this business involved and collectors of weapons. Well, what did you want? The Survivor – a wealthy man, he can afford to spend a lot of money on his hobby.

In post-Soviet Russia survival as a phenomenon appeared relatively recently. Some believe the reason for its appearance is small, but still the growth of the population’s well-being. Indeed, when there is no money, you need to really survive, and not fantasize about hypothetical disasters. Russia of the 90s of the twentieth century remembers the queues for bread, and empty shelves of shops, and bursting with commodity counters of new-fangled markets, which went like a museum because of empty pockets, and indispensable stocks of flour, sugar, cereals and pasta. The absence of light, gas, water, heat for the “civilized world” is exotic and a nightmare, for us it is a reality lived in sensations.

Currently survival phenomenon widespread in the world. In addition to Russia and the CIS, to the community survivors residents of Germany, France, Israel, the USA and other countries, where, in general, there are no particular reasons for panic. However, survival is an international phenomenon and moreover – survivors from the USA and Europe are often community leaders and mentors. This is easy to explain, given that access to means of survival (which will be discussed below) in such countries is simplified to the limit. Yes, and income, as they say, allow.

BP Scripts

What options BP are considering survivors? Everything. Here are the most likely and incredible scenarios – from a military coup and a civil war to the arrival of aliens and collisions with a cometary nucleus. Mostly plots BP taken from art books and movies that are viewed by the community survivors on a par with technical literature as a source of knowledge and experience. Books like “Marauder»Berkema Al-Atomi, “Metro 2033” Dmitry Glukhovsky, “Postman” David Brin, “Hammer of Lucifer” Larry Niven and Jerry Purnell, “Atomic sleep” Sergei Lukyanenko, are for many survivors desktop By the way, on the passionate love of these comrades for literature and films of the “post-BP” genre, writers and directors annually earn millions and millions of money.

Rather than entertainment, the real scenario is for survivors fantastic disaster involving zombies. Although epidemics and pandemics pose a serious danger to humanity, yet the likelihood of cinema zombies resulting from them is vanishingly small. Rather survivors will have to deal with decaying corpses and people fleeing from contagion than with the living dead. But the warm-up for the mind from a zombie theme is not weak. Two questions are mainly considered: where to flee “in case of something” from the zombies and what to kill these zombies with. In the process of discussing weapons, awesome vandervafli like nails, paired with a flamethrower, a shotgun with a 100-round magazine, thrower of circular saws, etc. are born.

Vundervaflya (derived from it. Wunderwaffe – literally a magical, miraculous weapon) – a weapon that clearly claims to be innovative in the weapons business, a revolution in technology, but not working or working incorrectly. In Russia, the term began to denote almost any type of weapon created with violation of logic, idle, dangerous for its creator, etc.

One of the most popular survival scenarios in Russia is the occupation of its territory NATO troops (see “Marauder”). Still wanting to live with the occupiers in peace and cooperation among survivors almost never happens, one and all intend to “go to the partisans,” which is very good cheers patriots. At the same time, such a scenario is extremely sad. survivors from the countries of this very NATO, so they periodically arrange with Russian “partisans” grandiose holivars, which is magically delivered. Usually, all the trolls of Runet run down to these holivars, so the page to the 50th is no longer clear. Then the admin comes, rubs the comments, punishes the innocent, rewards the uncomplicated and covers the shop.

Scenarios that are not related to the human factor are no less curious. Another thing is that nature, unlike man, cannot be defeated, and it is difficult to fight with it. Drought, frost, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption – the list of disasters is abundant, and for every occasion survivor have a plan. True, all plans are good, until they are faced with reality, but that’s another story.

The trouble of all action scenarios survivors – propensity to universality. Every second person is trying to develop a cunning plan that will fit in any case and will work in any locality. In connection with this, actions are calculated and stocks are made. However, it’s clear to the hedgehog that wilderness survival is different from surviving in the taiga, and mountain trekking equipment will not help much next to a burning peat bog.

Where are you going to be?

Survivors in the mass are divided into two groups – singles and collectivists. Single mother intends to survive himself, with a maximum of family. On other individuals of the human species he does not care. Naturally, his line of conduct is simple and predictable – in the case of BP away from people in the taiga, mountains, desert (to hide in a cave, dive to the bottom in the bathyscaphe, fly into space – underline), and there “lie down on the mattresses.” Reproaches in inhumanity are swept away in advance, the arguments of reason about the impossibility of solitary survival are refuted by examples from the lives of famous travelers, taeks, etc. The loner does not think that anyone, even the most experienced traveler, has a well-appointed comfortable house, where he periodically returns to lick his wounds.

The collectivist is determined to make a big friendly team, and ideally – to create his own commune-settlement. However, with other communes alone survivors they are ready to barter and others to fight. Utopian commune is not taken into account – all constructions survivor slim and logical, they have no place for doubts. It’s useless to explain the fact that all people are different and even among close relatives are constantly quarreling. A characteristic moment: each collectivist believes that he will become the leader of the future commune. The fact that its other members have their own opinion on this matter, he does not think. According to his plan, he is automatically a born leader and something like a religious leader in one bottle.

Jokerville – common in the environment survivors the provisional name of the refuge settlement, as a rule, is far and securely hidden from prying eyes. It is there that stocks are stored and the main equipment. Typically, the pattern to create jokerville the monasteries of the schismatics and the taiga settlements of sectarians.

The illogicality of behavior scenarios in the case of PD is more common in individuals. A striking example is expressed in the common scenario “Earthquake in a city in winter”. Introductory: the houses are destroyed, there is no heating, a lot of people died. Actions lone survivorand: run from the city to the forest, dig a dugout there, eat pasture and hunt. The grounds – in the city of corpses, then there will be epidemics. The fact that corpses do not decay in winter, a lot of food can be taken out from under the ruins, and you can just sleep in cellars with the same success, the loner does not want to hear. Moreover, he does not want to help dig out the survivors and assist them. However, in this he is all. The collectivist, on the contrary, is ready and intent on helping the survivors, but without fail with their subsequent transition to his command. And that the authorities will inevitably arrive with the rescuers, there is no talk.

Part survivors not going anywhere to run. Following the example of the hero “Marauder”, they intend to seize the empty houses and settle down there, strengthening themselves at the place of residence. It is supposed to arrive with inhabitants simply: useful to attach to work, useless to drive on a frost. Of course, the probability of resistance of “vanilla” is taken into account, but it is easily and naturally suppressed. In general, the ease of dealing with reality can be traced in the community amazing: everything happens exactly as planned survivalist, and not otherwise. There is only one chance: this BP, and after its occurrence everything goes according to a carefully thought-out plan.

Survivor’s Bins

Here the flight of fancy is simply unlimited. The most timid and beginners survivors hiding in the closet a backpack with an emergency supply of food, matches, kerosene and medicines. This variant of the minimum equipment is called “grabbed and fled.” More advanced users create in the same pantry hamster stocks of stewed meat, condensed milk, cigarettes, cereals and other products, store water in cans and fuel. Even more advanced arrange a second warehouse somewhere in the country or in the village, “so that the enemy did not find.” The most advanced dig caches, dugouts, bunkers – and there is already someone for that enough money. Some wealthy unicum hiding under the ground army trucks, purchased from conservation or decommissioned in the nearest military unit, tractor and bulldozers, diesel power plants, tanks with diesel fuel. All this costs a fortune, but for survivor the end always justifies the means. To tell the truth, most of his spare funds and so goes to his favorite hobby, but if there is an opportunity to buy something super important and useful, he will immediately brag about it to like-minded people.

Technique BP – another subject of controversy. Someone thinks that true survivor must have a minimum of a jeep, a maximum of a heavy tractor with a trailer. Someone believes in the superiority of tracked vehicles over any other. The rest, having neither “rights” nor cars, stand behind bicycles, scooters, horses and “my legs, legs, carry my ass out of here”. Aircraft and watercraft are discussed less frequently, but also considered as Doomsday transport. About one in ten moves from theory to practice. survivors. And from time to time it turns out shushpantsers amazing by their ugliness.

Shushpantser – variety vandervafli, armored vehicles (usually non-serial), designed to instill fear in the enemy with one of its kind. Usually it causes him wild laughter, which is also not bad.

One of the most popular topics is gunse. Of course, ideal for survivor is an armored floating machine, armed with cannons and machine guns, but this is available to a few lucky ones in the “blessed countries”. Rifle more common – many people spend a lot of time and money to get hold of cherished license for the purchase of a carbine or rifle. Even more common smooth-bore hunting weapon, although real hunters among survivors not so much. At the lower stage of evolution are the owners of traumatic, pneumatic and throwing weapons, which, incidentally, does not prevent them from equal participation in the holivaras “automatic against a crossbow” or “pneuma against a grenade launcher”. The idea to take away weapons from the nearest policeman or to rob a military arsenal, oddly enough, is not well respected in the community and is considered the lot of marauders about whom the talk is ahead.

Steel arms – a separate line. Some individuals, having read Heinlein, choose for themselves the only “survival multiplier“, Which has frightening dimensions and a hollow handle in which the NC is stored. The rest, realizing that the universal is not perfect, collect entire collections from knives for different purposes. Generally, the “correct” survivalist without a couple of knives out of the house does not go. In addition to knives, machetes, axes and katana swords are popular. There are supporters and “military spades”, but they are few. The most gifted, foaming at the mouth, defend the advantages of a battle ax or sword to a firearm, and everything in their position is logical and correct … before meeting with reality. But in reality, alas, steel arms remained the lot of kitchen battles.

Survival knife – a universal purpose tool used by special units of the army and the police, astronauts, pilots, travelers and, in general, those people who have to be (or are likely to be) far from civilization. As a rule, it is a knife with a blade of great length, having a one-and-a-half sharpening and a file on the butt. In the hollow handle is NZ, consisting of matches, fishing supplies and tablets for water disinfection. The sheath (case) usually have a special pocket where everything can be placed – from a mini-first-aid kit to a universal tool-multitool. Sometimes hard sheaths dock with a knife (like AKM bayonet) and form large nippers.

Those to whom the weapon is not allowed or not available, create their own self-made samples. Sometimes there are terrible in execution, but brilliant in theory, samples that the creators of real weapons could use. Much more often deal with vunderwafley This is the case: beautifully, spectacularly, deadly, but unrealizable in practice. Or does not work. That for their authors is basically the same thing. But the work is in full swing, pieces of parts useful for donating details are generally useful, and the next jet-thrower from the garden sprayer will not take long to wait.

Attack on the “cows”

The most terrible holivar begins when survivors meet with their opposite – marauders. “Rob korovanov” in the community of survival is considered a move. Each survivalist I am sure that having locked himself in his crate on boxes of canned food, it is easy to reflect all attempts of hungry robbers to take away his supplies. The logic of these two types is exactly the opposite. The Survivor creates reserves in advance and prepares to protect them from the whole world. The marauder stocks if does, then the weapon, and all the rest is intended in case BP withdraw from stores and warehouses, as well as take away from those who will be weaker.

What are the marauders that survivors, but they are all equally confident in their superiority. At the same time, in the joint elaboration of the scenario “the raiders’ raid on survivor’s hide»Both sides reach absolutely fantastic projects. Marauders usually end up driving to the manor of the defenders heavy armored vehicles and they spread it all over to such and such a mother. And the survivors build anti-tank fortifications, install controlled minefields and artillery. Trolls in such topics are never boring, therefore they are always well fed there. It is surprising that no one has yet thought of using tactical nuclear weapons for defense and attack.

The issue of fortification in the light of the presence of “Korovanschiki” marauders is particularly acute. In the caches, some keep hanks of barbed wire to enclose their possessions, not realizing that they will stop only stray dogs. Others, more afflicted by the disease, buy electric barriers that kill all living things, but consume huge amounts of energy. Still others are inspired to study various improvised explosives and combustible mixtures to incinerate the adversary on the spot. Most of these pribluds exist only in the authors’ imagination, but some try to put ideas into practice, which sometimes leads to sad consequences in the form of severed hands or a prison term.

In one marauders and survivors usually converge – they are powerless against the regular army, so if a miraculously surviving tank regiment with the support of attack helicopters attacks them, then you need to throw everything and flee into the woods. As a more favorable option, the establishment of a kind of Makhnovist republic is considered when the military protect the community from marauders, and the rest of them are fed for it. One of the arguments in the holivar, by the way, is almost always the army’s past or present interlocutors. One phrase “Yes, I served in special forces!” Replaces a marauder or survivor whole division. By the way, about the birds …

Forum rambo

It’s about skills. Only a few of survivors have a valid experience of warfare, or at least tactical training. Slightly more people actually lived in isolation from civilization for two or more weeks. Just as many like to go hiking, kayaking and kayaking in the mountains. And the rest never left the limits of the big city and are essentially office plankton. The average frost of 20-25 degrees makes them move along the streets by rushes from the store to the store, but at the same time it is a trifling way to survive the winter in a hut in the middle of the taiga.

Of course, there are no faces on the Internet. Therefore, the average survivalist He has excellent possession of all types of weapons, runs like an elk, sleeps in a snowdrift, has a black belt in karate and in one type kills all living things. He has experience of at least a dozen local wars and conflicts, and if in Angola there were really so manysurvivors, she would have cracked in half. He knows how to drive everything that goes, swims or flies. From nothing is able to do anything. Will eat a live cockroach or a viper and will not frown. Constructs a perpetual motion machine of the second kind in five minutes on the knee. And so on.

It is very interesting to listen to the advice of such people. An experienced tourist immediately understands everything and does not even try to prove something. After all,survivalist able to sleep on bare stones, make a nod (hunting fire from a single log), do a handful of dried meat per day and a sip of water. (By the way, the issue of nutrition is so interesting that there will be a separate conversation about it.) But when the question arises of the practical application of all the skills,survivalist usually multiplied by zero, because his hands are sharpened solely under the keyboard.

When a holivar with marauders arises, the labor survivor begins to beat his chest, tear his vest and grab the serborez, with whom he went through two wars and the February revolution. Of course, the experience of shooting the bottle in a dash and waving legs in karate classes automatically means being ready to take the head off to a living person, enter into a hand-to-hand fight with the bear and bare hands to disperse the crowd of hooligans. Especially powerful are loners – these are generally King Kong driven for Mozhai with pissing rags.

As an exception, it is possible to name those who really check on themselves the extremes of their hobbies. These are usually laid out photos from winter outings, where they boil tea from a lingonberry leaf (dug out from under the snow), sleep near the nodia (having correctly installed wind protection, without which the nodia is death), catch snares of squirrels and hares (and take off their skin) . But such characters are usually survivors second grade on the forums and a target for witty comments labor-survived.

Food of the gods

About nutrition after BP usually goes most legends. The most lazy talk about the mythical “military stores” of flour and canned meat, which are very close – come and take as much as necessary (see “Marauder”). The question of who is waiting for them there, swept aside. Others rely only on themselves and their stocks. They stock up absolutely everything as food, using their own and other people’s recipes. At the same time, there are so many myths about the storage of products that 90% of the stocks simply disappear in vain, turning into a fetid protoplasm.

Number one is canned and sublimate. Someone buys ready, someone makes them himself. The advantage of this skill in our difficult time is – after all, the factory canned food is less and less edible every year. With sublimates easier, but they cause a lot of controversy. By the way, the myth of the eternity of the storage of stews and sublimates is a myth and there is something with which survivalist for some reason, he encounters his own experience, stepping on the same rake. Stored at home (in the country, in the bunker), the stock of products has to be constantly updated as the expiration date expires, which is a lot of money. And those who continue to piously believe that the domestic stew is stored for dozens of years – waiting for a little surprise at the opening of the can.

Number two is pasture. Someone thinks that he will be able to feed himself on hunting and fishing, someone is hoping for mushrooms and berries. It is considered a bad form to not know two or three dozen edible plants, and do not care that on such a diet, even a mammoth will be bent in no time. Survivors are going to live like that for years. Well, of course, food can and grow yourself. They are going to grow anything: potatoes, peas, beans, wheat, rye, barley, oyster mushrooms and even edible insects and (do not puke!) Maggots. And what – the protein …

Number three is exotic. Various homemade and factory nutritional mixtures are extremely popular among survivors. For example, special high-energy rations for the army, designed for long-term autonomous. And the fact that after eating them for a week, the stomach is extremely long and painfully restored – no one is particularly interested. The most advanced in their “family” recipes make hellish mixes of nuts, raisins and chocolate – very nutritious, but … Have you tried to eat chocolate and nuts for a month in a row? Also in the course of food and food of American Indians – Pemmican, which every worker knows about.survivalist, but few have seen in reality. Powdered dried meat with dried fat, pounded into powder, is certainly nutritious, only a modern person cannot physically eat it for more than a day.

Usually rare survivalist I read at least one book on nutrition and the science of proper nutrition. Therefore, when calculating food stocks, the nutritional value and the presence of the necessary elements in the calculation is not applied, and the task set (to eat satisfyingly) is not considered from a medical point of view. But about scurvy survivors have heard and are ready to fight it – including a decoction of pine needles, although the famous Kolyma prisoner Shalamov was bitterly convinced that the decoction was useless.

The law is not for us

Most survivors fiercely, madly hate the state and the authorities. But, as you know, no matter how we love the state, it is important how it loves us. Perfect BP script for the survivors is complete destruction state institutions: army, police, laws, etc. However, this option is almost unattainable – after all, all these “institutions” live next to us, walk along the same streets, and their complete destruction is a death for mere mortals. Is that in the deaf villages survive people.

If the institutions of power do not disappear, sooner or later, but they will begin to act. And in terms of organization, the state always gives light to individualists. The servicemen have a law and an oath, many have been hammering it in military schools for years. Of course, part of the army and the police will scatter, but only a part. The rest will prefer to receive a small but real ration from the power of the term “free” to hide in the woods from their own colleagues.

Planning your actions in case of a catastrophe, survivalist rarely takes into account the logic of power. But this is a force, and an organized force. For example, in the event of a war or natural disaster, survivalist always hopes to take his stocks and hide away, and in especially neglected cases – to isolate himself from the whole world with barbed wire. For some reason, the state – this is a strange thing – does not share such convictions and intends, on the contrary, to mobilize its citizens. And those who deviate from this “holy duty” are called a bad word “deserter.” And to stand on ceremony with them in wartime, no one will: to the wall and the point.

Even if the result BP will be the complete collapse and destruction of the country, the government will resist this to the end. And the first victims of it will be exactly survivors, as actively evading their duty. And it doesn’t matter whether to consider this debt present or invented – the authorities have their own laws and their own logic. And this logic requires, in an emergency, to first take away and collect, and only then distribute. And neither singles nor collectivists who simply want to sit on their stocks do not fit into this scheme.

Is there any benefit?

Oddly enough, there is, but only if you read thoughtfully and skip over the ears of candid slag. And correctly use the knowledge gained. Well, in fact, isn’t it useful to be able to find edible plants or navigate through the stars? Collect and disassemble weapons, drive a car, build simple shelters from cold and rain, cook food – all this, and much more, can be learned from survivors.

By itself, every advice and every method proposed survivor, should be tested and tested in practice. And if it works, why not? Knowledge is not superfluous. The main thing is not to take everything else seriously. Useful skill – in the jug. Brad about the arrival of Nubiru – in the furnace. With this approach survivors – “This is not only valuable fur.”

The danger of survival is that it is contagious. It is worth thinking about that BP the thing is in principle real and inevitable, read a couple of relevant books, watch a couple of movies about zombies – and you got. There is a fear of tomorrow and an overwhelming desire to somehow get ready, to reduce risks. The first bell – buying in store salt kilograms and matches in boxes. Next, go on increasing.

True, it does not always work. Survivors never become cynics and fatalists. Rather, they are dear to marauders. “We will all die someday” – they say, watching the hamster attempts with a grin novice survivors. After all, making plans for the future is a meaningless thing, as evidenced by the whole history of mankind.

What is BP: The history of international paranoia

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