What is emergency stock, survival kit, NAZ. Industrial and self-assembled survival kits.

Emergency reserve is a set of the most effective and simple means or tools for survival, which will either facilitate your existence and help you in an emergency or extreme situation, or accelerate your death. 

Emergency (untouchable) stocks can and should differ, depending on the needs of their owners. Thus, the emergency stock of a Canadian pilot can look completely radically different from the emergency stock in an earthquake in Southern California. However, the fact that we all walk in human bodies on a physical planet dictates the performance of almost identical functions by different components, which may look different.

What is emergency stock, survival kit, NAZ. Industrial and self-assembled survival kits.

An emergency reserve suitable for everyone does not exist. At the same time, there are many individual emergency kits on the market, which for the most part need significant improvement. While some components are not indispensable, not paying attention to a specific situation, people are all different, and therefore they all have different needs.

Many people have too sophisticated requests, but in life-threatening conditions, these refinements will not matter. You will achieve much better results if you build your own emergency stock or survival kit. At the same time, there are certain advantages in collecting emergency stock or NAZ from familiar things.

1. You are guaranteed to be able to meet your own needs with your own emergency stockpile or NAZ.

Most manufacturers sell their products only because of human ignorance, fears and pride. The retail sector for outfits and equipment for people spending time outdoors is a multi-million dollar industry. And the rules there are the same. If you collect your stock yourself, then you can buy or make parts of it yourself. Depending on your needs and better.

What is emergency stock, survival kit, NAZ. Industrial and self-assembled survival kits.
the knife that you have chosen yourself, and not the one that any company offers you. For some reason, considering that it is you who need to put it in your emergency stock or survival kit.

2. You will have a complete understanding of what you carry.

Many commercial emergency kits are sealed for your safety for some reason. And you have little chance to examine their contents before buying without violating the tightness of the package. If you still decide to buy a commercial emergency kit or NAZ, then be sure to gut it and see what you have to carry with you.

You may be surprised to learn that the thing that the manufacturer calls a knife is actually a razor blade. The trap wire is actually two shoelaces, and the signal mirror is just a piece of foil.

You should not buy a commercial emergency kit and immediately hide it under the seat of your car without a preliminary inspection of the items placed in it. Check it carefully, as these items, which you will probably need in a difficult situation, in themselves can be dangerous.

3. You already know in advance how to use the components of your personal emergency stockpile or NAZ.

And although it’s quite difficult to imagine some kind of component that you can’t use, the likelihood that this will happen with your kit assembled at home is much less than in the situation with the purchased.

4. You can easily replace worn or used kit components.

By inventing and completing your own emergency stockpile or NAZ, you can practice the practical application of what you take with you. Until it is completely worn out. With a home emergency supply, buying new or used items will be fairly easy..

Because you already bought them or made them yourself initially. Pre-made emergency kits are usually highly dependent on fancy gadget manufacturers. Moreover, you can buy these same gizmos only somewhere at the exhibition of equipment and equipment in distant Chicago.

5. You will gain peace of mind and self-confidence if you know that your emergency stock or NAZ is part of yourself.

You know that he was prepared as well as possible. And you can apply it at any time you need..

6. You can avoid the fate of becoming a victim of the bad idea of ​​another fashionable, advanced survival instructor with limited or no field experience.

More and more equipment and equipment are developed and tested in offices with air conditioning or other areas with climate control. Without any back thought that this equipment must withstand the most disgusting environmental conditions that may arise in front of the person who bought this equipment.

Extreme temperature extremes often affect not only the traveler’s dexterity, but also the material from which the emergency set or NAZ elements are made. For example, marine flares and lights are often wrapped in plastic, which tears quite easily in a warm room, but becomes very stiff, sturdy and slippery when exposed to cold water.

A test once carried out clearly showed how a soldier of a special forces detachment opened a package with a signal light in seven seconds. While in a warm and comfortable environment. But after he spent an hour and fifteen minutes in water at a temperature of 12 degrees, it took him two whole minutes to break the package. And to top it all off, he was unable to light a signal fire, because his hands were just numb from the cold.

7. And last but not least.

Anyone who wants to cash in at your expense will be especially eager to advertise their products. Agree, they produced a product, and now they want to sell it in order to make money. In order to benefit, many parts and parts must be quickly manufactured and then sold to a certain number of buyers. And the manufacturer will not stand next to you in an extreme situation and support your hand if something goes wrong.

You can buy a good kit, and of course it is better to have an emergency stock or NAZ than to have nothing at all. However, making your own emergency stockpile or changing your store’s purchase is a matter of taking responsibility for your own life. If you travel often in nature, but you don’t have enough time or desire to build an emergency kit that could save your life or the life of the one you love, then maybe your gene pool will end on you.

Factors to consider before buying or collecting your own emergency stock or NAZ.

As noted above, there is no such emergency stockpile or survival kit that can guarantee you to be protected from any tragedy. Even the best of them will not be able to foresee a huge number of accidents of natural wildlife. Trying to insure yourself for all occasions in the wild will lead to the fact that you need equipment that will weigh several hundred kilograms. Therefore, it makes sense to consider what statistically kills the majority of traveler enthusiasts.?

Statistics show that most cases are death from exposure to external influences. Through hypothermia or hyperthermia. Statistics also confirm that in most cases the weather is to blame for the misfortunes that have occurred. Also, the weather greatly affects the success of any search and rescue operation in the wild..

Therefore, the most important components of an emergency stock or survival kit should be able to directly or indirectly control your average body temperature. Remember that the outside world is always neutral. He does not act for you and does not act against you. He just acts. And in our abilities to adapt to him, in whatever form he appears before us.

According to the materials of the book 36.6 degrees. The Art of Staying Alive! .Cody Lundin.

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